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January 1. A day that so many of us resolve to follow through on our New Year Resolutions. A New Year, with new beginnings. Also an opportunity to put the past and things that no longer serve, behind us. A chance for a fresh new start!

The New Year can provide the circumstances to move forward into bigger and better things. As well as fulfil our New Year Resolutions. Further, it allows us an occasion to use our intention to build a brighter, better future; as long as we follow through.

So! Here we are a few weeks into this glorious opportunity and what have we done?

Sadly, during this time too many of us just made idle wishes we will never commence; let alone follow through with. Just as many of us made elaborate plans and then lost motivation with the first obstacle. Or just as many petered out and fell by the wayside of their best intentions.

Some made solid plans and are steadfastly sticking with them. To those who have already tasted sweet victory with their immediate resolutions—Congratulations and well done. Now you need to be sure to keep it up and stick to it for the rest of the way.

There is a purpose behind my writing this today and having us revisit our New Year Resolutions. Perhaps we discovered them to be fairy tale wishes, or at best, ill-formed. Some may even have been way beyond our realistic capacity to achieve. Some of us may have even passed the whole thing off as a bit of a waste of time; while secretly hoping for a greater future. Possibly all of us could use some help to determine what is important. Likewise, to maintain the motivation to see things right through to their completion.


We now have the opportunity to put our resolutions right

None of this matters for we now have the opportunity to put our resolutions right and make this a great year.

Whether we are succeeding or failing with the resolutions and plans we made, we now have the chance to make, re-set, or improve upon what we have already done.

Healing crystals can enhance and support your New Year Resolutions, or any plans you may make. Crystals can amplify your intentions and provide energetic support for your goals, whilst inspiring you to take action every day. The key to success lies in setting the right intentions. Then making and following an action plan for the year and planning for any resistance to change.

Let’s start with one little tip, a small paradigm shift that makes a huge difference; it’s far better to be “moving towards” success rather than “turning away from” failure. Next, don’t overdo it; just pick one or two things that you really want to embrace in your life this year.

So, let’s say you want to lose weight; you can also make your goal into a positive affirmation. Now instead of making your resolution “I’m giving up take-away”, make it, “I enjoy eating healthy foods each and every day”.  Make it short and simple. Something you can use as a mantra whenever you feel your resolve slipping.


Crystals will support your intentions

Crystals will support your intentions, also buoy up your motivation and willpower, and assist with any challenges you may face.

First, choose a crystal that best aligns with your intention. For example, if your goal is to lose and then maintain a healthy weight, Amethyst would assist you with making wise decisions. It will also help with achieving the calm and balance necessary to move toward what you want. As well as allow for breaking free from harmful addictions and habits. Carnelian or Sunstone could help with the needed motivation to keep you on track. If exercise is the goal, then Bloodstone would enhance your endurance and persistence.

You can obtain great benefit by writing your objectives out, and then placing a crystal point on top of your action plan. Help bring your New Year Resolutions intentions to life, with a Citrine point. A Clear Quartz point

to provide clarity to your intentions and continuously communicate these to the universe; even when you are not thinking about them. A Rutilated Quartz point to endow a feeling of support from the universe. Each day, you can revisit your written goals and refresh your mind as well as recharge your resolve with the crystal energy needed to help accomplish them.

One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to consider any resistance to change. Also to plan for conflicts that may arise and prevent you from accomplishing them. To help you manage this situation, a double terminated Clear Quartz is ideal for when these times arise. Holding the crystal, or rotating it over your chakras can also be helpful. Meditating with it may clarify your resistance and reveal the necessary steps to accomplishing your goals.


Achieve your New Year Resolutions with crystals

You can achieve better results with your New Year Resolutions with help from crystals that support your intention; also sustain your ability to manifest; as well as resolve any conflict and guide you to reach your goals.

Read below to choose which crystal best matches your New Year Resolutions and intentions:

Agate: strength and courage, protective energies, balancing and accepting emotions.

Amazonite: calm and soothing energies, luck with your hopes and dreams, starting over, a new beginning, being your true self.

Amethyst: achieving balance, wise decision making, breaking free from addictions and bad habits, furthering your spirituality.

Angelite: relieving anger and tension, spiritual inspiration, encouraging faith and forgiveness.

Aquamarine: luck in love, clear your mind, enhance meditation, release anger, positive changes.

Aventurine: manifest prosperity and wealth, changing your job—improve your employment, luck—especially in gambling.

Black Tourmaline: release negative energy, protection from psychic attack, points toward solutions.

Bloodstone: increase energy and endurance, courage and determination.

Carnelian: strengthens motivation, increased self-confidence, find your personal power, evolve your creativity, weight loss, and exercise.

Citrine: manifesting your dreams, prosperity, positivity, and joy.

Clear Quartz: amplified energy levels, focus, magnifying intentions, clarity, balance, and harmony.

Fluorite: clearing confusion, wise decision making, expanding the mind, release of negativity, increased concentration.

Garnet: increasing energy level, grounding.

Hematite: grounded and focused, connecting to the Earth, releasing negative energy.

Howlite: a clear mind, remove clutter and obstacles in your life, purify your thoughts and actions.

Jade: attaining goals, abundance, discharge self-limiting thoughts, living from the heart.

Kyanite: surfacing and dissolving old beliefs, amplifies your natural ability to manifest, control in life.

Labradorite: bringing miracles, discovering your true self, finding your life purpose, uncovering your destiny.

Crystals support your intentions, and also sustain your ability to manifest!

Malachite: steadying your mind, focus, overcoming ADD or ADHD, transforming your life.

Mookaite: new beginnings, new journeys, and new creations, shields from negativity, minimises worry about past failures that can distract from achievement.

Moonstone: re-structure your life at all levels, bring your hopes and wishes to the fore, calm your emotions and remove negativity.

Ocean Jasper: positive feelings, allay stress and worry, happiness, high spirits, optimism.

Onyx: shielding from negative energy, alleviating feelings of depression, stress reduction, calming your fears.

Pyrite: making wise financial decisions, overcoming financial hardship, improved willpower and motivation, achieving success.

Red Jasper: motivation, manifesting new ideas and projects, speaking out, becoming more active.

Rose Quartz: loving yourself, finding love, opening up to love, attracting a harmonious long-term relationship, healing from emotional wounds.

Rutilated Quartz: willpower, starting over, healing from a loss, connecting with your angels.

Selenite: inspiration through prayer and/or meditation, finding divine wisdom, healing.

Smokey Quartz: release of fear and anger, overcoming negative emotions, letting go.

Tiger Eye: personal power, the willpower, and motivation to achieve, replacing negativity with positivity, creativity. 


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