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Agates are grounding stones, supplying physical, emotional and intellectual balance. Agate works slowly but with great power. It also has the power to harmonise yin and yang. Agate gently builds self acceptance and self confidence, along with spiritual growth and inner stability.



Keywords: Grounding, Balance, Harmony, Courage, Inner-Strength, Solutions, Stability, Communication, Protection, Spiritual Growth.


Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind, and spirit. Further, it has the power to harmonise yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity.  Agate also enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension, and creates a sense of security and safety.

Agate gently facilitates self-acceptance and builds self-confidence. It also encourages quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.

It is excellent for healing and improving relationships. This is because of its harmonizing qualities and its emotional energies of removing and releasing resentments and bitterness.

This is a very protective stone and is especially protecting for children.

Agate can cleanse and stabilize the aura by removing and/or transforming negative energy. It can strengthen the body and its connection to the earth. It also increases energy. Agate enhances healing of all kinds. It is particularly helpful with tooth and gum issues, strengthening sight, stomach problems, physical endurance, insomnia, strengthens the blood vessels, and is very useful for skin disorders.

Different types and colours of Agates will have additional properties to those above.


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