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Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity and increases love and nurturing. It is a protective stone keeping the wearer from harm. Jade is believed to attract good luck and friendship.



Keywords: Good Luck, Prosperity, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Dreams, Compassion, Justice, Courage, Harmony, Generosity, Humility, Wealth, Longevity.

Jade is a gemstone with some unique symbolic energy. It also has some exceptional myths surrounding it. It has beauty and wide-ranging expressiveness. Furthermore, this stone has held a special attraction by mankind for thousands of years.

In Chinese tradition, Jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity. They are wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty and courage.

Today, it is still regarded as a symbol of the good, the beautiful and the precious.

Jade has been a part of Asian philosophy for centuries, appearing throughout history. Often called the “dream stone”. For it has an ability to help in accessing the non-physical spirit realms. It is also a protective stone and acts to ward against negative energies.

This is a stone that can help you to meet your goals and dreams. It instils resourcefulness and allows you to see past self-imposed limitations. It also helps you to manifest your ideas into the physical world.

Jade is considered a very lucky stone. It also facilitates peace and harmony. Especially between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. When all these aspects operate in harmony and balance, goals become easier to reach.

It is believed to promote courage, compassion, generosity, humility, justice, wealth, and longevity. Further leading to a richer and more fulfilling life.

Jade is an olden love attracting stone. It is also an excellent stone for business people and musicians.


This stone is the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity. It helps to bring serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. A stone of balance and healing, it also alleviates anxiety and fear-based emotions.  It vibrates in perfect harmony with the Heart Chakra.

The soothing green colour of Jade makes for a wonderful healing stone. It helps the body in self-healing. It also works through any underlying non-physical reasons for disease. Jade is well known as a stone of the heart. It strengthens it as well as the kidneys, stomach, spleen, nervous system, and immune system. It promotes health in the organs that purify the blood and provides for strong healthy hair.

Jade carries very calming vibrations that are beneficial in many ways. It is very protective, gentle, and powerful in dealing with children’s illnesses.


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