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Crystal Kits

Crystal kits – each contains 5 selected crystals that are appropriate for the chosen condition or situation. Plus you get a lovely bag to hold them in, along with an information card highlighting the stones strengths and benefits.

You can receive the benefits your Crystal Kit by placing it under your pillow, in your pocket or in your handbag. Also, they can be used by anyone, of any age.
These kits also make perfect gifts for family and friends. What an excellent way to share the beauty of crystals and their healing properties.

Browse our extensive range of kits below. Colours of bags may vary from the ones displayed.

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Allergies Kit


Allergies Kit:
Aventurine - assists with allergies and sinus problems
Aquamarine - good for hay fever and throat problems
Moss Agate - boosts the immune system
Carnelian - provides relief from allergies and hay fever
Iolite - assists with sinuses and respiratory ailments

Anger Kit


Anger Kit:
Chrysoprase - prevents speaking out of anger, assists in accepting others
Lepidolite - reduces anger and negativity, balances emotions, brings objectivity
Howlite - eliminates rage, anger and selflessness
Agate - helps overcome stress, bitterness and anger
Rhodonite - lessens anger, resentment and anxiety

Anxiety Kit


Anxiety Kit:
Rhodonite - reduces emotional imbalance and anxiety, promotes serenity
Hematite - harmonises the mind, reduces anxiety
Jade - the ultimate stone for calm and serenity
Howlite - calms the over active mind, brings patience
Amethyst - relieves stress, brings calm and contentment

Asthma Kit


Asthma Kit:
Malachite - encourages reduction of asthma
Amethyst - excellent stone for respiratory problems
Tiger Eye - helps relieve bronchial asthma
Rose Quartz - assists with chest and lung problems
Iolite - provides relief for the respiratory system

Childbirth Kit


Childbirth Kit:
Moonstone - aids with childbirth and pregnancy
Moss Agate -ensures an easy delivery and smooth birth
Onyx - provides strength and stamina in childbirth
Jade - eases birth, bestows protection for infants
Malachite - brings willpower and determination in childbirth

Communication Kit


Communication Kit:
Aquamarine – clears the throat Chakra allowing self expression and communication
Amazonite – enhances confidence and communication
Citrine – encourages public speaking and communication
Lapis Lazuli – assists with throat disorders
Howlite – aids emotional expression

Courage Kit


Courage Kit:
Aquamarine - known as the stone of courage
Jasper - the warrior's stone. brings assertiveness, courage and loyalty
Agate - provides courage
Bloodstone - the hero's stone, inspires strength, courage and protection
Hematite - brings courage. strength and focus

Creativity Kit


Creativity Kit:
Picasso Jasper - dissolves creativity blocks, aids artistic creativity and visualisation
Citrine - brings creativity, imagination and individuality
Aventurine - amplifies creativity and perception
Howlite - assists artistic creativity and imagination
Tiger Eye - instils creativity, self discipline and clarity

Depression Kit


Depression Kit:
Lepidolite - decreases anxiety and depression, brings hope
Lapis Lazuli - stimulates personal and spiritual power, relieves depression
Smokey Quartz - imparts a positive attitude, eases stress, fear and depression
Rose Quartz - promotes self worth, self forgiveness and peace
Carnelian - attracts a love of life, assists with depression

Employment Kit


Employment Kit:
Mookaite - helpful in seeking employment, brings self esteem and effective communication
Garnet - considered a good luck stone, attracts career success
Moonstone - a stone of new beginnings and good fortune, brings confidence and balance
Citrine - encourages public speaking and communication
Amazonite - brings heartfelt expression and self confidence

Eyesight Kit


Eyesight Kit:
Aquamarine - aids with short or long sightedness
Agate - strengthens and enhances eyesight
Tiger Eye - helps improve eyesight, aids night vision
Rose Quartz - assists with eye disorders
Jade - useful in dealing with problems of the eye.

Fear Kit


Fear Kit:
Sodalite - most effective stone for eliminating fear
Citrine - promotes courage, protects against fear
Jasper - a warriors stone, brings protection and courage
Moss Agate - lessens fear, brings self-confidence
Obsidian - dissolves fear, tension and negative energy

Fertility Kit


Fertility Kit:
Chrysoprase - promotes love and encourages fertility
Moonstone - assists worth conception and pregnancy
Garnet - increases fertility and inspires mutual attraction
Jade - enhances fertility and amplifies sexual performance
Rose Quartz - increases fertility, brings harmony and love to relationships

Forgiveness Kit


Forgiveness Kit:
Rhodonite – encourages forgiveness and confidence
Agate – helps overcome inner anger, negativity and bitterness
Chrysoprase – encourages forgiveness and compassion
Rose Quartz – promotes self worth and forgiveness
Unakite – helps one to release past burdens and to move forward.

Grounding Kit


Grounding Kit:
Hematite - brings grounding, concentration and focus
Jasper - stone of Protection and grounding
Snowflake Obsidian- balances the mind and spirit, brings grounding
Bloodstone - grounding and protective, encourages adaptability
Onyx - provides self mastery, a grounding stone

Happiness Kit


Happiness Kit:
Citrine - bestows happiness, light heartedness and optimism
Carnelian - protects against anger and rage, attracts a love of life, brings energy
Amazonite - imparts joy and happiness, removes sadness
Dalmation Jasper - dispels negative thinking and depression
Amethyst - brings spirituality contentment and happiness

Headache Kit


Headache Kit:
Amethyst – eases headaches and stress
Smokey Quartz – relieves headaches and stress
Clear Quartz – lessens tension, heals headaches
Lapis Lazuli – provides assistance with headaches
Tiger Eye – assists with pain management

Imagination Kit


Imagination Kit:
Rose Quartz - enhances imagination and creativity
Jasper - brings quick thinking and imagination
Aventurine - amplifies imagination and perception
Garnet - aids imagination and self confidence
Howlite - a stone of the mind, strengthens memory and imagination

Insomnia Kit


Insomnia Kit:
Amethyst – brings calm to the mind, relieves insomnia
Hematite – aids insomnia by harmonizing the body
Lapis Lazuli – provides insomnia relief
Howlite – calms the over active mind
Sodalite – clears mental confusion, assists insomnia

Longevity Kit


Longevity Kit:
Jade - a stone of longevity, brings life extending powers
Jasper - balances the yin and yang, the supreme nurturer
Moonstone - absorbs pain and illness, brings balance
Clear Quartz - harmonises mind & body, a powerful healer
Sodalite - healer of the head and heart, boosts the immune system and inner peace.

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