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Motivation DVD

Hypnovision is the ultimate mind reprogramming tool. Hypnovision uses powerful audio and visual subliminal messages which implant directly into your higher mind. Scientists agree we have two minds, the normal conscious mind of logic and reasoning, and the greater or subconscious mind, where all habits and core belief systems are stored. Hypnovision harnesses the power of your subconscious mind, and positively reprograms any negative or limiting thought patterns. Using a combination of beautiful visual escapes and more traditional visual hypnosis devices, these DVD’s will create positive change in your life. The DVD is easy to use, safe and very effective. Many times more effective than ordinary CD’s.

Use these DVD’s to create the life and changes that you desire.
Take Ten CD

Meditation CD

Meditation CD - Discover how easy it is to relax with these wonderful 10-minute meditations. Take Ten offers instant meditation for busy people, with the use of powerful relaxing music, gentle spoken imagery, trance inducing frequencies and positive subliminal affirmations. Be guided along your inner world to a place of calm, serenity and wonder. Use these CD’s to improve, uplift and inspire your mind, body and spirit.

Clearing ritual incense

Ritual Incense

Ritual Incense - A comprehensive selection of incense resins to be burnt on charcoal tablets.

For use on Charcoal Tablets


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