Crystals for Business.

Crystals for business – Crystals have an important role in the workplace, as well as providing support and stimulation for you and your business in a number of important areas. Following are some of the crystals along with some of the benefits they can provide.

Crystals for business – Adapting to New Ideas

Adapting to New Ideas – helps you to stay on top in business, as it is essential to be able to quickly absorb and adapt to new ideas.

Blue Chalcedony opens up your mind and also assists you to accept new ideas and situations.

Fluorite in your workplace can help you to absorb new ideas.

Turritella Agate helps you adjust to changes as well as helping to meld the old with the new.

Crystals for business – Attracting Abundance

Attracting Abundance – usually called profit and money in business, prosperity is always welcomed in any business.

Carnelian – especially when placed near the front door will attract abundance into the business.

Citrine is renowned for having a positive effect on cash flow and likewise for attracting wealth and abundance.

Moss Agate is well-known for attracting abundance and also bringing prosperity into your life.

Tiger Eye is acknowledged for bringing about good luck, prosperity, wealth, and success.

Blue Tiger Eye attracts abundance by helping to dissolve restrictive and negative thoughts about money.

Crystals for business – Clear Thinking

Clear Thinking – success in business requires a clear head as well as being able to focus on what is important.

Clear Quartz aids concentration, unlocks memory, and filters out distractions.

Chrysocolla allows a clearer view of a problem and can encourage an answer or solution to appear in your mind.

Blue Kyanite can help lessen confusion and stimulate the mind and also increase the capacity for logical thought.

Lapis Lazuli can help encourage clarity and objectivity by stimulating the upper levels of the mind

Crystals for business – Creativity

Creativity – fuels fresh ideas and new ways of looking at things, which is an important part in the success of any business enterprise.

Amazonite allows you to enhance self-expression and creativity.

Amethyst can help to encourage creative thinking.

Chrysocolla inspires creativity, lessens mental tension, and helps you to stay calm in tricky situations.

Rhodochrosite helps to stimulate the mind and to improve creativity.

Tiger Eye is helpful for releasing blocked creativity.

Crystals for business – Leadership

Leadership – especially good leadership is fundamental for business success.

Peridot or Chrysoberyl helps develop leadership qualities.

Green Aventurine allows you to push outside of your comfort zone and helps to strengthen your decisiveness and leadership qualities.

Lapis Lazuli has been a preferred crystal of leaders since ancient times.

Tiger Eye can bring out leadership qualities in your career.

Crystals for business – Problem-Solving and Dealing With Change

Problem-Solving and Dealing With Change – provides smoothness in the business’ operations.

Chiastolite transforms conflict into harmony and assists with problem-solving and change.

Jade promotes self-sufficiency, stimulates ideas, and simplifies tasks so that they may be implemented more efficiently.

Jasper aids quick thinking and stimulates the imagination to cope with change and transform ideas into action.

Crystals for business – Protection

Protection – being able to negate or deflect negativity of any kind allows you to remain more positive and vibrant.

Black Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic smog and negativity of any kind. It promotes a positive attitude and helps disperse tension and stress.

Bloodstone heightens your intuition and is excellent at protecting you from detrimental influences.

Malachite absorbs negative energies easily and guards against radiation of all kinds, including electromagnetic pollution.

Smokey Quartz can protect you against unwanted energy and is helpful when you come into contact with negative or emotionally draining people.

Crystals for business – Public Speaking and Communication

Public Speaking and Communication – clear communication is a key component of any well-run business.

Amazonite eliminates negative energy and improves confidence, leadership and communication, so it is supportive when you have to speak in public or ask a difficult question.

Aquamarine removes communication blocks and helps you deal with difficult situations.

Blue Apatite can enhance communication and self-expression and is useful for calming the nerves and boosting self-confidence during public speaking engagements.

Crystals for business – Setting Goals

Setting Goals – without a path to follow, you can quickly get lost, so success is largely determined by your ability to determine your destination.

Agate improves mental function, concentration, perception, and analytical ability allowing you to develop your vision and direction for the future.

Lepidolite encourages autonomy for setting goals while discreetly protecting you from outside influences and everyday stress.

Crystals for business – Accomplishing Goals

Accomplishing Goals – is what provides the growth and rewards in business.

Citrine helps with the achievement of goals and encourages seeking out the best solution to problems.

Tiger Eye helps you to recognise your talents and abilities and promotes a positive attitude while helping you to accomplish your goals.

Topaz encourages the successful attainment of goals and equally promotes abundance and good fortune.

Crystals for business – Talking Action

Talking Action – it is important in business to be able to convert ideas into actual reality.

Calcite helps to combat laziness, stimulates insights, and teaches discernment and analysis as it confers the ability to convert ideas into action.

Jasper stimulates the imagination and helps to transform thoughts into action, it also encourages your organisational ability to see projects through.

Crystals for business – Team Work and Meetings 

Team Work and Meetings – having your team pulling in the same direction is so beneficial.

Fluorite provides stability to groups, linking them to a common purpose. Plus it helps dissolve illusions and reveal the truth.

Pyrite can energise the area around it and can be advantageous when planning large business concepts.

Selenite ensures a peaceful atmosphere and can help prevent discussions from getting out of hand.

Sodalite is useful for building team cohesion because it promotes harmony, trust, and unity of purpose between team members.


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