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Can you improve the vibrations of your home by using positive energy crystals? With the assistance of some crystals and a little bit of their magic, that is entirely possible.

Do you feel any bad vibes or negative energy in your home? Does the energy just seem to be off at times? Are you or the people in your home acting cranky, anxious, or stuffy? It may just be possible that your home needs an energy lift!

The good news is all you need are some crystals to get it done.

Home is not only where the heart is, but it is also where we spend so much of our time. Even if it’s only sleeping and eating, we usually spend more time at home than anywhere else in our life. Therefore, the energy at home should be as good as possible and also feel vital, happy, and positive.

The reality is, your home should ideally be a safe haven and also a sacred space of nurturing energy. A place surrounded by a protective aura as well as one that lifts you up every time you enter. Unfortunately, the world outside can be chaotic and draining at times, so it helps to have a home that is also a gentle and healing retreat. Honouring your home is also honouring yourself. It is a way to grant yourself the space to recharge your batteries, relax, and switch off from the outside world.



Reclaim Your Space with Positive Energy Crystals for Home.

Crystals can help you to build protective boundaries and keep negative energy at bay. They can also create an environment that spills over with love, calming energy, and a creative spirit. We pour love and energy into our homes to make them liveable and attractive spaces to live in. However, we all know that visual and spiritual energies don’t always match up. Our homes can also soak up negative energy and can become spaces of frustration, shifting emotions, and tears. Even our visitors bring their feelings in through the door. Unfortunately, our homes frequently get to bear the brunt of all this piled-up energy. And that is why it’s so important to reclaim the energy and space that is your home, and this is where crystals can help.


12 Positive Energy Crystals to Use at Home.

These 12 positive energy crystals can help you improve the energy in your home.


Amethyst has a powerful protective and cleansing energy. It is useful for releasing and providing protection from negative energies. It increases positive energy and also provides spiritual guidance. Additionally, it is helpful for calming the mind and enhancing intuition. It also brings about serenity and relieves anxiety, helping to create a peaceful environment by detoxing and purifying your home.

Learn more about the meaning of Amethyst.



Aquamarine has relaxing qualities that help to alleviate tension and soothe the mind making it an essential in your home. It heals emotional traumas and also assists with sharpening the mind and clarifying vision. It is also awesome at quickly dealing with toxic situations, and eliminating any stressful issues. Its peaceful presence can deliver a quick revival for all who feel they need it.

Learn more about the meaning of Aquamarine.


Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is one of the best crystals for protecting your home. It helps fight off negative energies and creates a protective barrier around your house. Allow it to push all negativity out the door. Its awesome energy is good at soaking up bad moods. Additionally, it makes sure you feel held, grounded, and completely safe every time you step foot into your home.

Learn more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.



Carnelian provides positive energy and brings radiant energy and warmth into your home. Because it strengthens the connection between the physical and spiritual world, it allows for a greater understanding and appreciation of life. Additionally, it helps to promote creativity and self-expression, increases motivation and enthusiasm, and fills your home with the sounds of laughter.

Learn more about the meaning of Carnelian.



Citrine has a powerful energy that can bring positive feelings into your life and abundance flowing straight to your door. It helps promote optimism, joy, and good luck. Its wealth-attracting abilities make it a great crystal to keep at home. Furthermore, it helps to clear out negative energy and fill your home with a sense of peace and well-being. It is an excellent tool for manifesting your dreams and can help you stay focused and motivated. Citrine gives the feeling that the sun always shines inside.

Learn more about the meaning of Citrine.


Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is excellent for bringing positive energy, balance, and prosperity into your home. Plus, its cleansing and purifying properties also make it a great addition to the home. Because it can help with mental clarity, focus, and creativity it makes an exceptional addition to your home decor. Also, keep in mind its ability to strengthen intentions and assist with your manifesting.

Learn more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.


Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine.

Green Aventurine is a great choice for bringing positive energy into your home. Especially as it promotes optimism, hope, renewal, and will, to help manifest luck and abundance. It also attracts success and prosperity. It calms nervousness, anger, and irritation, and dissolves the everyday stresses of life. Plus, it will allow you to feel at ease in your surroundings. It is also an awesome study aid as it helps with memory and focus.

Learn more about the meaning of Aventurine.



Hematite is a top choice for adding good energy and grounding into your home while providing a sense of safety and security. It bestows the properties of courage, strength, endurance, and energy into your environment. It stills nervousness and restless energy and assists with the removal of deep-seated anxieties and the maintenance of a calm and cool atmosphere.

Learn more about the meaning of Hematite.



Labradorite with its beautiful and mystical properties invites positive energy into your home. It helps with staying connected to inner power, better understanding, and maintaining emotional balance. It also encourages freedom of expression, without unnecessary restrictions. Furthermore, it also strengthens intuition and provides insight and guidance to those in its presence.

Learn more about the meaning of Labradorite.



Pyrite is a great addition to your home, because of its ability to help manifest wealth and prosperity. It brings positive energy and is also known for its grounding and protective energies. Furthermore, it will encourage positive thinking, creativity, and ambition for all occupants, as well as boost self-worth and confidence along with a supreme sense of well-being.

Learn more about the meaning of Pyrite.


Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz in the home promotes positive energy and feelings of love, compassion, peace, and joy. It also brings in soothing and tranquil energies. Its energy is ideal for promoting self-love, calming emotions, and soothing stress. It fills the whole home with compassion, understanding, and well-being, also ensuring the prevalence of nurturing emotions.

Learn more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.



Selenite brings light and sparkles into your home. It is able to help clear out blocked and bad energy and to replace them with elevated vibrations. Furthermore, its high vibrations uplift your spirit and guide you and your environment to an elevated state of being. It is the ultimate energy source to purify, cleanse, and uplift your home, along with everyone and everything in it.

Learn more about the meaning of Selenite.


How to Use These Positive Energy Crystals for Home.

We have revealed 12 powerful crystals above that can bring healing and safety into your home and there are several different ways you can use them. Whether you call on Feng Shui or build altars in sacred spaces, the goal is to create an energy field where bad energy cannot enter and good energy is encouraged.

Here are some useful tips for using these powerful crystals to nurture a good atmosphere in your home.

Firstly, follow your instincts or intuition. Place your crystals around your home in locations where you feel comfortable with them. Use them to decorate and make colourful displays. You may use a large and striking piece or a scattering of several smaller crystals. Remember you and your family are the ones who have to live with them, so use them in ways that bring the most enjoyment.

Place your crystals on windowsills, in or near doorways, and at entry points to your home. This is a good way to make sure that any bad vibes are quickly dealt with before they get in.

Create a sacred space within your home by building altars with crystals, and any other positive energy icons.

Create a crystal grid and use visualization to generate a protective shield surrounding your home. This is a good way of keeping negative influences firmly out and also away from you.

Place your crystals next to any computers or technology to help protect against EMF, and electromagnetic smog.

It is also a good idea to locate them where they can be easily seen for most of the day.

Remember it’s important to keep your crystals cleansed and cleared. This will help them to help you to their fullest strength and ability.


Fill Your Home with Crystals.

Apart from the 12 crystals above there are other healing stones that also bring positive energy into the home. You might like to investigate and add the particular energies or properties of some of these crystals into your environment.

Crystals can elevate the beauty of your home with their unique colours and textures. They can also enhance the feel, vibe and atmosphere throughout the place. Additionally, they can bring about prosperity and well-being for you and your family. The addition of these crystals in your home can encourage harmony and help to combat any conflicts within the family.

Different crystals can be placed in different locations of the house in order to elevate the properties most desired in that area. For example, you could keep Rose Quartz in the bedroom to ensure a loving vibe. Alternatively, you could locate it in the family area for the same reason. Or, an Amethyst placed in a child’s bedroom to promote a serene and peaceful space. Maybe you could place it in the lounge for the same reason. Perhaps, a Black Tourmaline at the front door in order to keep unwanted energies at bay. Instead, you may keep it in the study to help keep you grounded and centred.


Summing Up the Importance of Having Positive Energy Crystals in Your Home.

These positive energy crystals for home are about creating and protecting a space that you want to dwell in. It is considered essential to have a place of your own. A place that brims with positive energy and somewhere that is uniquely yours. Having this kind of space, free from the feelings and unwanted energies of others helps us to know ourselves better. It also helps us grow our esteem and connect with our foundations, as well as helping to nurture healthy relationships and boundaries with others. When you bring positive energy crystals into your home you aren’t just protecting your home environment, you are also caring for your body and soul.


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