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Black Tourmaline Meaning – General Information.

Black Tourmaline is the popular name for Schorl which is the most common member of the Tourmaline Group. It belongs in the Trigonal crystal system, has a vitreous lustre, and measures 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Its colouring varies from bluish-black to black, sometimes brownish-black, and rarely greenish-black. Characteristically, it takes the form of long columnlike crystals.


Black Tourmaline Meaning – History.

Early history reveals mining of Schorl was taking place prior to the 1400’s. The common usage of the name Tourmaline not taking place until sometime in the 1900’s. Writings from the early 1500’s declared that mining of Schorl or Black Tourmaline took place at a village named “Schorl” in Saxony, Germany. It was first mentioned by Ulrich Rülein von Calw in 1505

The name Tourmaline comes from an ancient Sinhalese word turamali, meaning something from the earth.

A distinguishing property of Black tourmaline is its ability to become electrically charged by simply heating or rubbing it. When it is charged, one end becomes positive and the other negative. This allows it to attract, or repel, particles of dust or bits of paper. The properties of piezoelectricity (from pressure or rubbing) and pyroelectricity (from heat) were well-known to 1700s Dutch traders. They used it to pull ash from their Meerschaum pipes, calling it Aschentrekker, meaning “ash puller”.

Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, to protect them from earth demons when they cast their spells. Today it is still revered as a premier talisman of protection. Also as a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, and destructive forces.

Traditionally, many shamans of African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes carried Tourmaline to protect themselves from danger.

Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, to protect them from earth demons when they cast their spells. Still revered today as a leading talisman of protection. Also, for being useful as a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, and destructive forces.

Tourmaline has great value in industry for making electrical tuning circuits for television and radio frequencies. And favoured due to their durability. Also, for allowing high frequencies to pass through them without shattering, as many other crystals do.



Black Tourmaline Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Black Tourmaline has a powerful grounding energy that provides a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns your body’s energy centres and channels healing light throughout your energetic system.

Black Tourmaline increases physical vitality. It promotes a sense of self-confidence and personal power. It also allows for a clearer, more objective, and more rational view of the world. Furthermore, it is empowering when facing difficult circumstances, and challenging environments.

Black Tourmaline provides an excellent shield against radiation, electromagnetic smog, and environmental pollutants. It is highly useful for neutralizing negative thoughts and internal conflicts. Similarly, it diminishes fear and may be useful in treating paranoia. It stimulates a positive attitude and inspires altruism and practical creativity.

As a shamanic stone, it provides protection during ritual work. It is also useful for scrying and is an excellent grounding crystal for meditation and healing.

Black Tourmaline soothes panic attacks. Assists with overcoming substance abuse as well as releasing self-harming tendencies or suicidal thoughts. It is also beneficial for treating obsessive or compulsive behaviours as well as for relinquishing chronic worry.

Black Tourmaline can help with physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. It is useful for cleansing the emotional body and grounding spiritual energies. Furthermore, it is a marvellous tool for balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Tourmaline strengthens the sense of smell, and can also enhance the perception of pheromones which in that respect may produce an aphrodisiac effect.


Black Tourmaline Meaning – Healing. 

Black Tourmaline is useful for strengthening the immune system and defending against debilitating diseases. Strengthens heart, and adrenal glands. It is also beneficial in treating constipation, the bowels, IBS, and diseases of the colon. Furthermore, it is useful for ridding the body of heavy metal toxins and environmental pollutants.

It stimulates the reflex points connected with the lower back, legs, ankles, and feet. Whatsmore, it may also be useful to help realign the spinal column. It provides pain relief and also assists with strained or torn muscles, numbness, arthritis, and scar tissue. Tourmaline is particularly useful for treating motion sickness. It may also assist in restoring the lustre and shine of hair and nails. It helps overcome dyslexia by improving eye/hand coordination.


Tips for Using Black Tourmaline.

  • Hold Black Tourmaline during meditation as it is an excellent grounding crystal.
  • Carry Black Tourmaline in your pocket to control fear.
  • Wear Black Tourmaline for protection against whiners, moaners, complaining neighbours, and emotional vampires.
  • Keep Black Tourmaline in the workplace, to help wake up your mind and for when you need to maintain full concentration.
  • Place Black Tourmaline near computers, and other electronic equipment to provide a shield against EMF and electromagnetic smog.
  • Wear Black Tourmaline to help overcome motion sickness.
  • Position Black Tourmaline nearby to help maintain and increase physical vitality.
  • Create a protective grid around your premises by placing Black Tourmaline in each outside corner.
  • Wearing Black Tourmaline jewellery can help you maintain a positive attitude.
  • Have Black Tourmaline handy when reading or writing to help overcome dyslexia.
  • Situate Black Tourmaline nearby to help relinquish chronic worry.
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