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Selenite Meaning – General Information.

Selenite, also known as Satin Spar, is the crystal name for the mineral Gypsum.  The word Selenite comes from the Greek meaning moon stone or rock, with the root word Selene meaning Moon. It exudes a pearly lustre that to a great extent resembles the glow of the moon.  Selene is also the name of the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Selenite (Gypsum) is a common sedimentary mineral and is the most common of all the sulphates. It commonly occurs as tabular, reticular, and columnar crystals, often with no imperfections or inclusions, and thereby can appear water or glass-like. Selenite crystals sometimes form in thin tabular or Mica-like sheets and used in the past as replacements for glass panes.

Selenite is almost always prismatic and fibrous in a parallel crystal habit. It often occurs in seams; some of them are quite long and often attached to a matrix or base rock, and also, commonly found as entire free-floating crystals, often in clay beds. It is most often silky, fibrous, and translucent and can exhibit some colouration caused by mineral inclusion.

Selenite is often vitreous, pearly, and silky to the touch, and may exhibit chatoyancy. It also has a fibre optic quality that has the ability to double refract, and some Selenite specimens exhibit fluorescence and phosphorescence. When cut across the fibres and polished on the ends, it exhibits an optical illusion when placed on a printed or pictured surface. It is also called and sold as the “television stone” (as is Ulexite).

Selenite crystals can be massive, but are very soft. Often fibrous, and easily broken or scratched. Actually, you can scratch it with just a fingernail. It is between 1½ and 2 on the Mohs scale. Because it’s soft and its formation is related to water, don’t leave Selenite in any liquid as this degrades and eventually dissolves the mineral. Also, avoid all cleansers as they may affect its lustre.

Selenite is a natural insulator and will appear much warmer to the touch than other crystals.  Industrial grades are made into plasterboard sheeting, concrete, and plaster of Paris.

A famous location for Selenite blades is the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico which is also called the “Cave of Swords”.  Here giant crystals have formed, with some measuring over nine meters long.

Selenite Meaning – History.

In ancient Mesopotamia, Selenite kept sickrooms free from evil spirits. In Medieval times, the belief was that Selenite contained an image of the moon and could grow or shrink in accordance with the lunar phases. Furthermore, belief had it that if carved into the two phases of the moon and worn around the neck, it was capable of inspiring love. Also, safeguard pregnancy and provide a good birth, bestow peace, and harmony, reconciles lovers, shrinks welts, and heals suffering from consumption.

Claims were it would protect from thieves, and keep sea travellers safe, especially from storms. Also, increase personal property and help to obtain honour. If placed under the tongue on the first and second days of the moon cycle, it helped to predict the future. Selenite worn on the finger made one worthy of honor and veneration and also gave divine inspiration.

The Alfonso lapidary claims that wearing Selenite cured epilepsy and would prevent attacks. Also, that if it were hung on a tree, the fruit would grow and ripen more quickly. 


Selenite Meaning –
Metaphysical Benefits.

An ancient stone, Selenite is nevertheless one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth. The purest translucent white Selenite has an ethereal element and is said to occupy the space between light and matter. This is a calm stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It has a very fine vibration that brings clarity of mind and also allows access to angelic consciousness and higher guidance. It is a link to your ‘light body’ and helps to anchor it in the earth’s vibration. Holding a piece of ‘pure vibration’ Selenite will enhance telepathy. Selenite carries an imprint of all that has happened in the world and makes an excellent tool for scrying, allowing access to the past and a view of the future.

Placing Selenite in the corners of the house will form a protective grid that will create a safe and quiet space as well as keep unwanted influences out. A large piece in the house also ensures a peaceful atmosphere. Wands are useful for detaching entities from the aura and for preventing external influence of the mind.

Selenite assists with judgement and insight. It also clears confusion and lends a hand in seeing the deeper picture. It brings about a conscious understanding of what has been happening at the subconscious level. Furthermore, this crystal is powerful in dispersing and stabilising erratic emotions.

Selenite Meaning – Healing.

Selenite’s finest healing occurs at the energetic level. It is an excellent crystal for breastfeeding and nurturing a child. This stone promotes flexibility and aligns the spinal column. It guards against epileptic seizures. It neutralises mercury poisoning usually caused by dental amalgam and reverses the effects of “free radicals.”

Selenite has the ability to scan the body for disease or malfunction and pinpoint areas that may need attention. It is useful for clearing etheric blockages, as well as how to access knowledge on how to move forward toward a cure. Selenite may be useful as an emotional stabilizer to calm mood swings and aid attention deficit disorder. Also, it may be useful as a stimulus to maintain youthfulness and vitality and to help extend your life span.

Tips for Using Selenite.

  • Creating a Selenite grid by placing Selenite indoors in the corners, protects an area from outside influences and creates a safe, uplifting environment.
  • Allow the lunar energy of Selenite to encourage a positive flow in your life.
  • Wear Selenite jewellery to attract love, and fertility, and to maintain fidelity.
  • Use the pure vibration of Selenite, especially wands for purification and all types of energetic cleansing.
  • Put Selenite in your bathroom to help reduce the aging of your skin.
  • Selenite in your home can increase longevity.
  • Keep a Selenite angel where moonlight can shine on it to spread its warm, loving energies.
  • Utilize Selenite eggs or balls to protect from outside negativity, particularly at night.
  • Wear or carry Selenite to foster harmonious partnerships.
  • Hold Selenite to bring insight and good judgment, especially during disagreements or negotiations.


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First presented in the February 2011 Newsletter, and edited October ’22 for inclusion here.

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