Your Relationship With Money. 


What’s your relationship with money? It’s true that your relationship with money will determine how much you will have. Conversely, it will also determine how little you may have to use and enjoy. I hope you’re not like the young man in this story.

“50c, it’s only fifty cents, not worth bothering about! Stupid coins – useless things! Why don’t they just get rid of them”, he said as he contemptuously tossed his change to the ground.

I stood stunned. This young man had just moments earlier been complaining to me that he couldn’t afford the crystal he had spied. And furthermore, really wanted. He even attempted to talk my price down.

I had to ask, “If you’re so broke, how come you can just throw your money away?”
“None of your __ business” was the reply. Not surprising, I suppose. And he went on. “Besides, what can you get with them? Nothing, coins are useless, so why should I bother myself with them, they’re a nuisance, I just throw them away.”

What a pity I thought. Here is a young man unable to buy what he really wants. Settling for second best when he could have so much more with a little change in his thinking. But how many of us are guilty of performing acts similar to this? Usually without thinking about what we are really doing.

This young man had earlier revealed in conversation that he loved working with crystals and energy. He also revealed that one day he would like to be a vibrational therapist. Also, he would like to run a healing centre similar to ours. Fortunately, he still has plenty of time, but he is going to have to mature and learn a lot more about energy before he does. Especially around life force and money.

It would have been good if he had stuck around a little longer. I might have also had the chance to enlighten him about his relationship with money. I would have explained that his attitude to money and his actions were the reason he had a money shortage and other deficits in his life. We could talk about how the energy of crystals could improve his life. What’s more, we could have also spoken about money-attracting crystals.

It is often taught that money is a token and a symbol of a greater principle. And this is true enough. Staying with this example his 50c coin is a part of his life force. He traded a certain amount of his energy time and effort for some money. This 50c coin was a token representing a part of that. He just threw it away. Furthermore, every time he does this with any of the coins that come into his possession, he is throwing away a part of his life.

No wonder he is broke and despondent.

Admittedly our money has been devalued. Also, coins are of little value and it is true that they individually don’t buy much. I believe it still takes 100 cents to make a dollar. Also that the more of these I have, the richer I am. That is unless something has radically changed and I don’t know it. So why would you want to throw them away? In fact, it really annoys me that we can’t have 1 and 2 cent coins. We lose a small fortune with rounding and being denied the real value of this essential building block.

In fact, I throw most of my loose change into a jar. It is amazing the number of times the content of that jar has saved the day. Or better yet, taken us out to dinner or some other pleasurable activity. The rest of my loose coins go into collection tins around the place. Here we have the opportunity to add a little more to life. A few coins that as my young friend said, can’t do much, can be added together to make a real difference to someone, somewhere.

For me, I like exchanging my life force, and my energy in a positive way. That’s what I would like to teach him. I believe it would be much better than his negative act of throwing it away. One day soon I hope he will know more about crystals and energy. Also, that he will understand more about energy and vibration. And furthermore, how they interact with and reflect on our lives. As well as how they can be used to improve our lot in life.

Crystals to Help Improve Your Relationship With Money.

These 6 crystals for money will also help you to attract more of the wealth and prosperity you desire.

your relationship with money

Citrine is a great crystal for wealth and it looks the part. The bright yellow colour of Citrine radiates warmth and sunshine as well as projects abundance and prosperity. This prosperity crystal will give you all the confidence you need to move forward and into wealth.

your relationship with money
Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine is all about providing opportunities for attracting good fortune. Stories abound of people winning big, or coming into money thanks to using Green Aventurine to manifest their financial desires. It’s certainly a good crystal to help keep money around.

your relationship with money

For centuries the Chinese have been using Jade in connection with wealth. This green gemstone attracts harmony, as well as gives you the ability to think clearly and keep calm. These characteristics are vital for someone wanting to manifest wealth in their life.


Malachite provides strength and confidence. These are important qualities when you’re pursuing dreams because they will help to keep you moving forward. It will remind you to follow your heart and to stay passionate about your financial goals. It’s one of the better crystals for money, especially for keeping you on track when following your financial goals.


Also known as Fool’s Gold, these money-attracting crystals almost look just like the real thing. Naturally, it’s not worth as much as real gold. However, it can help to bring abundance into your life and open you up to the prospect of prosperity. Pyrite is also a lucky crystal in various instances.

Tiger Eye:
Gold Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is well known for bringing good luck and fortune. It gives you patience, strength, and determination to help you follow the right path. Tiger Eye serves as a solid reminder of the path you need to follow in order to get what you want.



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