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The end of the financial year is looming. Here, in Australia, the 30th June completes our financial year and of course, the 1st July sees the commencement of yet another one. It’s tax time and for some completing Tax Returns and reporting do little more than cause distress. Lots of people use this as a cue to get very uptight and anxious, allowing themselves to become very unbalanced and ungrounded.

Peace, calm, and equanimity are what are most needed during this time. So to help us keep our composure and hone our accountancy skills, perhaps we could employ some assistance from our crystals. 

First of all, we need to be grounded. Next, we need to protect ourselves from the onslaught of negativity. Remaining calm has to be of great benefit at tax time and perhaps we could use some energetic help with our accountancy and reporting. A positive attitude wouldn’t go astray at this time either.

Being grounded is all about keeping our feet on the ground, so to speak. It’s about staying in the moment and keeping our energy under control, being centred, balanced, and connected to life-force energy. It helps us to remain cool, calm, and collected, regardless of what may be going on around us. When we are grounded, we own our own power, so we are more authentic and able to make better decisions.

Grounding Crystals
to Help at Tax Time.

These three crystals are all powerful, but each has a different way of grounding your energy.

Hematite – is the ultimate grounding stone, as it holds very powerful grounding energy. It also has highly protective energy and is wonderful for eliminating negative energy from within your energy field.

Smokey Quartz – is very grounding in an uplifting way and possibly one of the best all-around grounding multi-taskers. It enhances mental ability and helps with staying present in the moment instead of worrying about the past or future.

Red Jasper – carries a strong grounding vibration and has a reenergizing and reinvigorating effect. It provides deep insight and gives you a strong sense of stability and emotional equilibrium.

Creating and attracting negativity at this time, or any time for that matter is not at all desirable. Apart from doing our best to maintain a positive attitude and demeanor, crystals can do a great job of protecting us from the assault of negativity. They can repel negative energy away from us and deflect the negative emotions and thoughts coming from the people around us.

Protecting Crystals
to Help at Tax Time.

Incorporate these crystals into your life to release and repel negative energies away from you. As a bonus they tend to replace negative feelings and vibrations with those of a higher frequency, cultivating a more positive energy.

Black Tourmaline – is immensely effective for dealing with excessive negative energies. Apart from warding off negative energy, it is also able to ground, transmute and redistribute this denser energy into a lighter and more positive form.

Black Onyx – absorbs and transforms lower energies. It provides a strong, supportive and stable energy wherever it resides. It helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Fosters wise decision-making and provides the support needed during times of stress.   

Just about any black or dark-coloured stone will repel or dissolve negative energies as well.

Selenite – conveys very protective and calming energy into your home or office that inspires peacefulness. It also has the ability to promptly unblock any stagnant or stale energy and remove any negative energy.


It helps if we remain cool, calm, and collected, regardless of what may be going on around us. 
Staying cool, calm, and collected is a lot easier said than done for some of us, especially around this time. Today with things moving so quickly and happening so fast, it can be difficult to slow down. The pressure and higher demands from these rapidly moving times and the stress and anxiety generated can make it near impossible for us to just calm down. These calming crystals will help to soothe and heal body, mind, and spirit and allow us to get on top of the situation. Fortunately, their calming, soothing, and tranquil vibrations can calm even the most anxious of minds.

Calming Crystals to Help at Tax Time.

Amazonite – is a soothing stone that calms the brain and nervous system. It calms emotional trauma and alleviates worry and fear.  It dispels aggravation, blockages, and negative energy within the nervous system.

Celestite – brings serenity and harmony to your life, granting mental calmness and clarity in the midst of chaotic circumstances. It relieves stress and anxiety, brings harmony and balance and allows for an easy energy flow through a distressing period.

Tiger Eye – keeps your energy clear, calm, and positive, especially so when you are surrounded and potentially influenced by chaotic, lower energies. It will also help to keep you grounded and in control of your thoughts and emotions. It’s ideal for keeping you centred and focused in potentially stressful or emotional situations.

Motivation and staying positive aren’t always easy attributes to find. They don’t come to all of us easily and for those it does; they can be just as easily lost. We all need motivation and a positive attitude to get on with the job. These crystals can increase our motivation, attract positive energy and cultivate a higher vibration.

Crystals for Motivation and Positivity.

Carnelian – keeps you motivated, inspired, and confident. It provides the perseverance needed to not give up in any tough situation. It is also an energy booster that spreads joy by removing any stuck and impure energies.

Citrine – is strong and energetic, it promotes optimism and joy and imparts a positive vibration. It can facilitate the release of negative emotions whilst encouraging the ability to see things from different perspectives. It affords an improved self-image and self-confidence. Known also as the Stone of Abundance.

Pyrite – offers the qualities of ambition, commitment or persistence, and focus. With its positive and uplifting energy, it also provides the motivation in order to make thoughtful financial or business decisions. It also acts as an energetic shield against negative energy.

Now to some energetic assistance with our accountancy and reporting. It is most important at this time that we are clear, concise, and accurate with what we do. Naturally, we want the best outcome and to ensure that we legitimately maximise our results.

Crystals to Help With Accountancy and Reporting.

Agate – helps develop orderly, sequential thoughts and actions. Very helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed, pressured, constricted, closed in, or suffocated with current responsibilities. Known as the Accountants and Analysts Stone, it stimulates analytical capabilities and precision when dealing with numbers and accounts. In addition, it is very grounding, solid, and stable.

Kyanite – helps to reduce confusion, anger, frustration, and stress. It stimulates the higher mind, promoting the ability for logical and linear thought.

Sodalite is an excellent stone for gaining mental clarity and encouraging rational thought. It encourages self-esteem, self-trust, and self-acceptance and calms the mind allowing new information to be processed and taken in. It is a useful crystal to have around when talking with your accountant and when presenting your tax return as it assists in promoting harmony, trust, and solidarity of purpose between all participants.

Tax time is rarely a fun time. But hopefully, with a little help from the crystal kingdom, we can make the most of it in a very positive way and achieve the best results available to us.  




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