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Stay Cool with Crystals

20 Crystals To Help You Stay Cool and Beat The Heat    

When the temperature goes up and the heat starts to take its toll it’s nice to know there are crystals that can help you stay cool and beat the heat.

This is my list of the top twenty crystals to help you stay cool, calm and collected in the summer heat.

Blue and green stones are most readily associated with cooling and calming energies.

The two best crystals to help you stay cool are:

Blue Lace Agate – has a soft, cooling and calming energy that also brings peace of mind.

Lapis Lazuli – is cool and calming and also known for bringing serenity and deep peace. It quickly releases stress and restores balance.

Lapis Lazuli
Other crystals to help you stay cool are:

Amazonite – is extremely soothing and cools the brain and nervous system.

Apatite – builds up energy reserves and reduces irritability and overcomes emotional exhaustion

Apophyllite – contains a high water content, making it very suitable for conducting energy. It calms and grounds the spirit and is an effective stress reducer.

Aquamarine – has a calming, cooling energy that helps reduce stress and quiet the mind, harmonises, invokes tolerance.

Blue Calcite – provides a gentle energy that is good for recuperation and relaxation and soothing the nerves.

Blue Quartz – has a cool energy that is soothing and provides stress-relief. It also assists you to reach out to others in times of distress.

Chalcedony – enhances the immune system and clears illnesses associated with weather changes and helps to lower body temperature. It also brings your body, mind, emotions and spirit into harmony.

Chrysocolla – draws off all kinds of negative energy and reduces mental tension, while helping you to keep a cool head. It is tranquil, serene and calming.

Chrysoprase – calms over-excitement, inspires tolerance, takes heat out of situations. Cooling energy and can assist with a good night’s sleep in hot conditions.

Green Fluorite – feels cool to the touch and offers a cooling, calming energy that helps rejuvenate during hot periods.

Jade – balances fluid within the body and also maintains the proper watersalt and acid-alkaline ratios. It relieves irritability and keeps the wearer from harm.

Lapis Lazuli – is cool and calming, quickly releases stress and brings deep peace.

Larimar – radiates peace, endorses tranquillity, promotes calmness and equilibrium and encourages the body to self-healing and regulation.

Sodalite – helps to tolerate high temperatures and cools fevers, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates the absorption of fluids. Helps to eliminate confusion.


Brazilianite – relieves sunburn, assists with sunstroke and heatstroke. It releases fevers and nausea and helps to stabilise body functions.

Hematite – has a very cooling effect, bringing relief from hot summer days, while keeping you grounded.

Moonstone – eliminates toxins and fluid retention, calms overreactions and relieves emotional triggers.

Rose Quartz – is calming, cooling and sedating while inspiring infinite peace.

‘Seven Ways to Stay Cool Using Crystals’ will give you some easy-to-use tips for using crystals to stay cool.


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