Natural Therapies to the Rescue.


Why did I need Natural Therapies to the rescue? Just going about my business and doing what I normally do, may have led to my needing rescuing.

The other day winter announced itself with a cold and frosty morning. With appointments already lined up, I thought it wise to complete the daily chores early on.  These are just part of the pleasure of living in the country. I looked at my horse and decided to leave removing his rug till last. He probably appreciated this decision also.

One of the daily tasks that needs completing is to bury the veggie scraps. These are leftovers from the horses feeding. We find this the best way to deal with them, rather than conventional composting. We also consider ourselves lucky as these are spoils from the local supermarket.

Here’s where the story really begins; I consider myself to be fit and healthy. Even though I have been doing this disposal routine for years, on this morning as my foot pushed down on the spade, I felt a twinge in my hip and lower back. A little later as I was shoveling the dirt back on top to cover the scraps, I felt yet another. But I thought I should finish the task.

Perhaps this was the mistake, but as I returned to the house for breakfast, I thought I had a few twinges due to the cold. Or perhaps I was just getting old; Perish the thought. Anyway, before the day was out, movement was something I preferred to do without. Or at least as little of it as possible.

Natural Therapies to the Rescue – of me!

That afternoon I asked Sue to give me a massage and back it up with lots of Reiki. I got a surprise this time, especially as her treatment had always been sufficient in the past. But this time the pain was persisting. What a pain! Nevertheless, I was sure when I went to bed smothered in liniment and with a hot water bottle rested against my lower back that I would wake up ok in the morning.

Mistake! I eased my way out of bed; I could barely move and when I did it hurt like hell! What was I going to do now?

Some modern medicine, like a couple of Nurofen®, should take the edge off. Sue gave me some bush flower emergency essence to settle my rising anxiety and also to help settle me down. To my dismay, my movement was becoming stiffer and more painful. Surely something was going to work magic and relieve this condition.

Next in my arsenal, I rang our good friend and massage therapist Sallie to see if she could fit me in straight away. Yes, she could in two hours. I gingerly drove to her place, expecting to walk out normally.  She worked her miracles and some new one’s I had not experienced before, but alas, I walked out pretty much as I had hobbled in.

I was thinking how could one little morning chore wreck so much havoc?

Sallie had sent me home with Salonpas® patches to use on the pain, and instructions to have a hot Epson Salts bath and rest, as well as some stretching exercises. The same follow-up care we have also advised to clients.

Crystals Now Feature in Natural Therapies to the Rescue.

OK crystals, now it’s your turn. As much as I love working with crystals, and I hate to admit it, but they are not always my first port of call. You would think someone like me would know better, wouldn’t you?

I got out some Micropore® tape and stuck a Hematite, a Carnelian and an Azurite/malachite tumbled stone alongside the patches. Wouldn’t it be great if I could say the pain miraculously disappeared? The truth is I can’t.


These stones were chosen because the Hematite would provide grounding, spinal alignment and would work to relieve the cramping effect of the pain. It would also provide a healing and calming effect. The main area of pain was located in my base and sacral chakra area and it would work with the Carnelian to balance the energy in this area.

The Carnelian would stimulate vitality and it works magic for lower back problems and rheumatism and arthritis. It also accelerates healing in ligaments (maybe they were damaged also) and supplies a good supply of blood to the tissue; very important in healing.

And Azurite/Malachite is brilliant for overcoming muscle cramps.

Ideally, the best stones to have used would have been Cathedral Quartz and pale green Serpentine also known as Infinite Stone. Both these crystals are particularly good for pain relief and excellent for the relief of muscular aches and pains. Sadly these were not available at the time.

Other useful crystals to use are:
Backache or pain: Malachite, Magnetite or Loadstone, Amber, Iolite, Sapphire and Dumortierite.
Pain relief: Amethyst, Blue Aragonite, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Tourmaline.
Muscles cramps and spasms: Apache Tear, Amazonite and Chrysocolla.

Good News for Natural Therapies to the Rescue.

Well, here’s the good news, for me anyway, about two hours later the pain had eased considerably and I could almost move normally.

I am sure in my own mind that not one therapy worked on its own; rather they worked synergistically to achieve the result. At the same time I am sure that if I had not employed them I would still be writhing in pain. And probably unable to take more than a few steps.

But this is not the end of the story. Crystals, massage, pain-relieving tablets, and patches, along with salt baths and hot water bottles continued for a few days. As well as my stretching exercises.

Sure enough, my back is almost back to normal again and I guess this means I can’t fob off my chores anymore.

Herein lay the lessons:

Herein lay the lessons: * Don’t dig on cold mornings without warming up, at least a little bit. * Make sure you are not being slack with your body movements.  * Nature and therapies work, but take time for healing. * Sometimes one system on its own is not enough. *Modern-day drugs and natural therapies often need to be allied to get the best result. * And the one I already knew about and therefore did not want to abuse; rest and allow time for the process to work.


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