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Apache Tear

Apache Tear absorbs negative energy. Apache Tear comforts grief, provides insight into the source of distress and relieves long-held grievances. It promotes forgiveness.

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Apache Tear.

Keywords: Grounding, Protection, Healing, Grief, Sorrow, Forgiveness, Good luck, Awareness, Spontaneity.


Apache Tear assists with connecting the physical realms. This stone teaches us about the movement of energy throughout the natural world. It can also help you to strengthen your connection with nature. Reflecting fire energy from deep within the Earth, this stone is outstanding for grounding energies into the Earth, especially during spiritual work.

Apache Tear is a protective stone, which will safeguard your aura from negative energy.  This stone will provide gentle healing and comfort in times of heartache and grief.  It will assist in clarifying issues, help relieve long-held grievances and grant insight while providing you with a solid grounding.  It is an excellent stone to deal with and prevent psychic attack. Apache Tear can raise your level of awareness so that you are able to feel the presence of threatening energies, situations, or persons.

Apache Tears help to ground spiritual experiences into the physical, helping you to integrate these experiences into everyday life.  It is known to release negative emotions, heal old wounds and assist with forgiveness, as well as removing blockages within your body.  Assists with processing and releasing unwanted emotional patterns, particularly those held in your subconscious. It makes for an excellent meditation tool.

Apache Tear will remove self-limitations and allow opportunities for positive change as well as enhance your logical thinking skills and open new doors for success. This stone can facilitate spontaneity in many different areas in life. It is also regarded as a good luck stone.

Apache Tears assists with detoxification of the body, the absorption of vitamins, particularly C and D, calming muscle spasms. It will boost your immune system and strengthen your body.


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