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It’s certainly no surprise to learn that our mothers play such a central and incredibly important role in our lives. This is why it’s so important to honour them on Mother’s Day. It’s also quite important to set aside some time to celebrate our Mums and the things that they do for us. Many of us will be looking for and buying something special to let Mum know how important she is to us. So, what could be a better gift than Mothers Day crystals? These special crystals carry an energy that is unequalled in any other gift.

Mother’s Day is our opportunity to remind ourselves and our lovely mums how much they really mean to us.

Our mothers do so much for us. They carry us for nine months before birthing us into the world. Then as we grow, they play an essential role in our crucial physical, emotional, and psychological development.

We shouldn’t be surprised when we remember that our mother is pretty much involved with everything that we accomplish! She feeds and clothes us. She provides us with love and comfort. Furthermore, she helps us to learn essential life skills and usually continues supporting us long after we leave home and even when becoming independent adults. Could this be why so many of us still have a great relationship with our mothers well into our adult lives? The examples that your mother provided for you when you were growing up helped to shape who you are. Her example even had the power to shape your expectations of what you look for in friends and colleagues and especially romantic partners as an adult. Now that’s an exceptional and very powerful relationship to have!


There Really Isn’t Much Our Mothers Wouldn’t Do For Us. 

All human beings need love! It would also be true to say that we want it as much as, or even more than, our basic needs like food and water. It’s also true that there isn’t much that our mothers wouldn’t do for us! The different ways in which they respond to our wants and needs may well shape our entire lives. This includes how we feel about ourselves and the ways we interact with others. Also, how we respond to strangers and situations, as well as how we explore the world around us. All of this plays an enormous role throughout our lives. It affects how we learn and grow and also shapes the person we will become later on in life.

Mothers Day is our special opportunity to say thank you to our mothers. Also, to personally acknowledge her for being this amazing influence in our lives. It gives us the chance to show how wonderful our mothers really are and how grateful we are for having them in our lives.

The gift of Mothers Day crystals is a very special way to let her know how much we care.



So, here are the Mothers Day Crystals that We Suggest…

Amethyst; Stone of Peace and Intuition.

Amethyst provides protective energy, while it teaches mum how to access and follow her intuition. It also helps her to improve her decision-making abilities. Furthermore, it is known to enhance memory, making it a real boon for staying on top of things throughout the day, and relieving those crazy moments looking for lost items.

Why Amethyst for Mothers Day? Amethyst improves motivation, and emotional focus, and relieves stress by balancing the everyday highs and lows of life as a parent. It reminds mum to take a step back and relax and look after herself. Amethyst can also promote and support deep, restful sleep. It also has superpower energies, making it ideal for all mums, for almost anything!


Angelite; Stone of Peace and Tranquillity.

Angelite offers acceptance. It also encourages mothers to have compassion and understanding for their perceived failings. Furthermore, to love and accept themselves as they are, without guilt or self-judgment. With its angelic connections, Angelite has soothing, peaceful, and uplifting energies that help create a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Why is Angelite suitable for Mother’s Day Crystals? For mothers, nurturing others comes as second nature and they do it without giving it a moment’s thought. However, caring for themselves is something they’re not used to doing, yet it is vitally important for a mother’s health, happiness, and balance. Angelite will remind your mum to take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy the moment.


Aquamarine; Stone of Stress Release.

Aquamarine helps to release stress and emotions. This crystal has an energy that resonates with your throat chakra and allows you to communicate your feelings. When you communicate openly, you also have the opportunity to release negative feelings, energy, and stress.

Why give Aquamarine as Mothers Day Crystals? Motherhood is stressful. Regardless of her children’s age, whether young or old, she cares for them and also worries about them. And especially when are young, she keeps an extra eye on them to ensure they do not hurt themselves. Long days, agitation, and intense emotions all lead to stress. Aquamarine helps your mum to be more relaxed and to let go of some of this stress.


Carnelian; Stone of Stability, and Vitality.

Carnelian offers protection, stability, and vitality. It encourages mothers to become more fearless and courageous in all they undertake. It stimulates creativity, restores vitality as well as providing motivation, and promoting positive life choices.

Why Carnelian is an Excellent Mothers Day Crystal? It provides life force and energy. Mothers are commonly depleted of energy. This mainly happens when they’re looking after small children, and children with special needs, and more often than not, teenagers. So, Carnelian can provide your mum with an energy boost. Also, being a stone of creativity, it might help your mum to think of herself first and find a creative release that will be just for her.


Citrine; Stone of Creativity, Self-Confidence.

Citrine is an energetically fun crystal, with its exciting and creative vibes providing mum with the inspired outlet she may be looking for. And all the while helping her to be more confident. Citrine resonates with our solar plexus chakra which is where we hold our passion and creative energies. Your connection here helps you express your feelings in more enjoyable and pleasurable ways. As a consequence, you develop more self-confidence by expressing your creative ideas. Self-confidence leads to abundance and stress relief.

Why do Mothers Day Crystals and Citrine Work Together? Everyone needs a creative outlet. Not the least is a mother, with her crazy and intense life. A creative outlet allows her to release the stress that she acquires throughout her day. In addition, her imaginative contribution to the world helps her to feel more self-confident and attracts abundance into her life.


Emerald: Stone of Bravery, Love.

Emerald resonates with the heart chakra just like Rose Quartz does. However, instead of offering a soft love vibe, it connects with your inner strength. This heart-based love energy presents itself as strength and bravery.

Why Emerald is among Mothers Day Crystals? Mums face many trials and tribulations raising children. They face tough scenarios where their reactions can deeply affect their children. To do what they do, they need to be brave. Mothers need to be courageous when facing their inner demons as well as when choosing the right path for their children and themselves. Mums have to make tough decisions, even those that may upset other family members. Being a mum is hard work; Emerald connects mothers to their own intense strength.


Moonstone; Stone of Feminine Energy.

Moonstone helps you centre yourself and your emotions by balancing your yin/yang or feminine and masculine energy. In today’s society, we frequently focus on productivity and achieving goals. In order to fulfill expectations, masculine energy is required to advance things with speed and efficacy. More often than not, this often leaves our feminine side overlooked, producing disquiet and inner imbalance. Moonstone helps to restore balance and generate a more centred self.

Why does Moonstone fit in with Mothers Day Crystals? Simple answer- its vibrations are in harmony with the things that embody motherhood. It represents feminine energy. Mothers employ feminine energy to supply the emotional, mental, and physical strength vital for raising a child. Moonstone bolsters a mother’s energy to do what she needs to do: Give birth, then physically support, and raise a healthy, happy child.

Rose Quartz: Stone of Warm, Soft Love.

Rose Quartz is ever popular! This crystal has a healing energy that connects with your heart chakra to enhance care and love. This healing crystal generates a gentle vibration that provides the same warmth that we feel around our family and friends. We can use this energy to relax and let go of stress.

Why is Rose Quartz a Good Crystal for Mothers Day? When we give her Rose Quartz, we give our mum the feeling of love. Being a mother is tiring. It requires large amounts of emotional energy and time. Mothers frequently feel depleted at the end of the day. Rose Quartz can give her a little bit of extra loving care and energy to help her cope. It will help her to feel calm and relaxed as she puts her feet up after supporting her family on their personal journeys.


Selenite; Stone of Upliftment, Clearing the Mind.

Selenite with its powerful vibration helps you connect with the angelic realm. So, it is perfect for helping mothers to calm and cleanse their frazzled energy. It also helps by reflecting pure white light into any environment. Now, this is a useful trait for any mother, especially as her influence over people and their surroundings is so vital. It helps to attract love, and also gives mum, strength of character as well as inspiring understanding. All great abilities for any mother!

Why Choose Selenite as a Crystal for Mothers Day? If your mother is into meditation or spirituality, she’ll simply love Selenite. It helps to clear the mind, promote mental clarity and reduce stress, better helping mum cope with a busy and demanding family. Selenite also promotes peace and tranquillity, which is a gift all mothers could use a bit more of!


Why Mothers Day Crystals as Your Special Gift For MUM?

When you give the gift of a crystal, you give so much more than just a pretty stone or even a precious gemstone. Crystals contain unique energies or frequencies that can work alongside your mum to help her lift and maintain her own vibrational output. This works by a system of sympathetic resonance and entrainment. You can learn about this at Wikipedia.

Crystals also carry symbology. Rose Quartz for example, is known as ‘The Love Stone’, so when you gift it, you are also saying this love is for you.

Each stone also encourages building upon certain character traits and can be very beneficial in helping to improve personal attractiveness. With most people, any gift that adds to their charm and charisma is most welcome.

Additionally, crystals may provide that much-needed energy boost that makes being a mum and getting through the day so much easier.


So, What Should You Choose?

This is largely up to you and your budget, and of course what you believe will have the most appeal for your mum. You could choose to offer your mum a tumbled stone, or maybe a selection of them. Natural or unpolished stones may also be an inexpensive choice.

Crystal jewellery is usually always acceptable. Maybe a polished crystal like a heart may be more your style.

One of the beautiful things is that it is hard to get it wrong with a crystal gift, mainly because of the healing qualities of the crystals themselves.

If you’re looking for a stand-out gift, you might consider a large piece of Rose Quartz. Or an Amethyst cluster, or a Geode.

Some Value-Adding Ideas for your gift.

Get a shallow bowl or plate and fill it with Fairy Crystals/ crystal chips. Place a candle in the middle and place your selection of the stones above around the candle.

Place the crystals around a beautiful vase of Mother’s Day flowers.

Put several of the crystals above in a small pouch and add it to some Spiritual Sky Perfumed Oil, or a packet or two of incense.

Special Purchases.

Should you require more expensive crystals or larger-sized crystals than we offer in our online store, we can still help. Simply contact us for special orders.


It’s Easy for Mum to Get the Benefits From Her Crystal Gift.

All she has to do is carry it, wear it, or keep it nearby. The energies from the crystals will enhance her energy field and help her to feel good.


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