Easter Crystals to help us make the most of Easter


Easter Crystals


Crystals to help us make the most of Easter

Easter is nearly here again; ready and waiting to be acknowledged on its annual cycle. For some Easter is no different from any other day of the year. For others, it is a time of religious significance. And for many, Easter is a great four-day holiday. Some of us turn to Easter Crystals to help us make the most of the season.

This is an ideal time to rest and recuperate, as well as to recharge the batteries for what’s ahead. Likewise, it gives us a chance to stop, take stock and reassess our lot. Some other things you might also want to consider are: are you on track? Are your goals still relevant? Are you living your values and what’s more are you being kind to yourself?

Can you allow yourself to just let go and be in the moment for the Easter holidays? It’s even better if you can do this most of the time. 

It can be nice to reflect upon the religious significance of Easter and to capture the essence of resurrection. Maybe, in a similar fashion, to use this to rebirth and resurrect your authentic self or at least some of it.

Easter Crystals allow us to tap into energies and also use them to help us understand and improve ourselves. To heal and restore, as well as to boost our energy and express the best of who we are.

Why not get hold of some Easter crystals and allow them to add their healing power to the enjoyment and experience of Easter.


Crystal Eggs

Crystal Eggs symbolically transmit imagery of new beginnings and the spark of creation. Following tradition, we regard eggs as a powerful symbol of purity, fertility, and rebirth. In magic rituals and healing practice, we frequently use crystal eggs to encourage fertility and restore virility – throughout the body, mind, and spirit. Crystal eggs also represent protection, new beginnings, growth, and resurrection.

Christians embraced the egg symbology because it was in agreement with their concept of the death into life transformation or Resurrection.

Resurrection and Renewal

Carnelian is held to be a source of vitality, supporting the cycle of rebirth and renewal. Known as the ‘Artist’s Stone’ it stimulates creativity and further helps to unearth hidden talents and latent gifts. It is outstanding for relieving depression and providing grounding and overall well-being. It assists in focusing thoughts, intensifying concentration, and increasing physical energy. Carnelian encourages a sense of self-trust and provides discernment. Drinking Carnelian-charged water creates a flow of motivation, self-esteem, and self-empowerment.

Rest, Recuperate and Recharge

Ruby in Zoisite provides increased Life Force and energy for self-renewal. It nurtures inner growth and a better sense of self and the world. It awakens your heart, allowing surrender to Divine Will and opening channels to the eternal Love of the Universe. Brings in the energies of appreciation, abundance, happiness, vitality, and growth. Provides a heightened sense of intuition and harmonises your relationships, consequently helping you to live life to the fullest with enthusiasm and passion.

Reflection or Introspection

Labradorite encourages contemplation and introspection. Heightens intuition and consequently enhances psychic abilities. Calms an overactive mind and invigorates the imagination, bringing in new ideas. At the same time, illusions are dispelled and true intentions are readily seen. Banishes fears and insecurities, while it strengthens faith and trust in yourself and in the universe. It awakens a sense of adventure and change, imparting strength and perseverance, returning joy and spontaneity, and eliminating the emotional drain of daily routine.

Being in the moment

Citrine helps you to live in the now. It is a crystal of light and happiness, that doesn’t hold any negative energy. In fact, it releases large amounts of positive energy. By being present and in the moment, you can create miracles. Carrying the healing properties of the sun, it in like manner emits a warm energy that encourages positivity, joy, and optimism. Citrine is a manifestation crystal that encourages you to dream big and attract everything you want into your life by motivating you into taking action.


Making the most of crystals this Easter:

Use crystal eggs as part of your Easter decorations.

Make crystal water or elixirs to drink over the break.

Select the crystals that you believe can best help you or resonate with you and keep them close by. (Not necessarily just from those above). You could put them in your pocket or purse. Place them in a bowl in the middle of your dining table or entertainment area. Decorate with them in other imaginative ways. Have a bath with them, even better if it is long and relaxing.

Wear them as jewellery. Tumbled stones placed into wire cages and suspended from a chain, or pinned to clothing are very effective.


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