A Crystal Bath with Hematite and Clear Quartz



Have you considered having a crystal bath? One that I find most exhilarating is a Hematite and Clear Quartz bath. Fill your bath with water at your desired temperature and add 6 to 10 Hematite tumbles and 3 to 6 Clear Quartz tumbles. Hop in and lay back and relax. Make sure of course that you aren’t lying on top of one or more of the crystals. This can be a bit uncomfortable. I find a crystal bath especially invigorating after a hard day of physical labour or to re-energise when I am feeling down. Often the energy playing in a crystal bath feels like thousands of little air bubbles coming through the water: A most delightful sensation.










There are many other combinations to try. Why not experiment and come up with your own! Of course, make sure that you only use hard crystals that won’t be affected by their immersion in water.  When you have finished be sure to rinse your crystals off and dry them thoroughly.

A tip to avoid laying on the crystals.

In order to avoid laying or sitting on top of the crystals, you could place them in a net or cloth bag. This will contain them neatly in one place and therefore avoid them getting in the road. You can place them near your feet, or off to the side. Alternatively, you could suspend them in the water from the tap in the bag on a long cord.

Another idea is to place the stones in a strainer or colander, which you can get from the kitchen, and place it in the water, somewhere out of the way.


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