Crystals for Pain Relief.


Crystals For Pain Relief
Using crystals for pain relief is an excellent idea! These powerful healing tools can reduce negative energy levels as well as bring you comfort by amplifying positive energy.

Pain makes its presence known in many different ways. It can appear as mild physical discomfort through to a searing emotional struggle. Putting up with any kind of pain can dampen your joy in life. Not to mention, that it dulls your confidence and makes you feel like you are dragging a heavy load through life. It can be hard work dealing with constant or even momentary pain, and sufferers deserve every moment of respite they can get. Crystals have an important role to play in dealing with pain as well as in holistic healing. Plus it’s also good to know that they have a long history of usefulness going back for thousands of years.

Crystals for pain relief can align and balance your chakras, remove energy blocks, and also, present positive healing vibrations to eradicate aches and pains. They also encourage your body to become stronger and better at renewal and revitalization. They also help you to rest easy, and soothe tightly wound muscles. Furthermore, they return balance to your nervous system and ease emotional tensions.


Healing with Crystals for Pain Relief.

Your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies are intrinsically linked, so fortunately these crystals cover all these bases. They emit high vibrations and gentle energy, to help clear your body’s energy channels to increase your ability to heal and grow.

When it comes to healing chronic pains and gaining some pain relief, there are several healing crystals you can use in your healing process. These crystals help to neutralize negative energy flow. They bring relief from pains in the physical body as well as address your emotional pain. They have healing and comforting energies that will help you get through the discomfort of unwanted pain.

Your pain relief crystals will also amplify the positive energy flow; providing better stamina, higher vitality levels, and a more optimistic and positive outlook. And realistically when it comes to coping with pain, we could all use all the help we can get.


How Can Healing Crystals Help With Pain Relief?

Healing crystals can help you reduce pain and assist your body to heal in several different ways.

They can support your glandular system, and provide comfort for your adrenal glands which are working overtime while you’re experiencing pain. They’ll help provide anti-inflammatory properties, which will help you with any muscle pain, or joint pain, and diminish muscle tension.

Your crystals for pain relief can help you by improving your immune system. They will help you to cope with viruses or opportunistic bacteria which can affect you while you are experiencing pain. This is also important during the recovery process, especially if it is stressful. But sometimes your immune system might go into overdrive and cause auto-immune issues. In this case, your crystals for pain relief will help to calm your immunity so your body can slowly recover. For autoimmune issues like arthritis, pain relief is provided by the crystals cooling down your over-active immune system. Relief also comes by preventing your immune system from attacking your own body.

Many people also experience a degree of spiritual growth while using these powerful crystals for pain relief. While you are using them, it is not uncommon to find they fortify your body, mind, and soul. You may even find that you are less affected by these and other health issues in the future.


The 12 Best Healing Crystals For Pain Relief.


Aquamarine supports powerful healing breakthroughs and pain release by breaking the loops of negative thinking and pessimism. It has a soothing vibration that resonates with the throat chakra, helping to soothe sore throats. Aquamarine also relieves anxiety which is often the cause of immune problems such as allergies. These can in turn affect your respiratory system and also trigger skin problems. Wear or carry Aquamarine to help displace pain and experience its comforting and supporting vibes instead.


Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline boosts your immune system and cleanses and protects your energetic field. Protecting yourself from negative energy is essential when it comes to dealing with pain. Low vibes, EMF, and electromagnetic pollution affect your energy field, chakras, and in fact your entire body. They cause or aggravate high-stress conditions and affect your immune system in a negative way. Wearing Black Tourmaline will help to diminish the negative effects of unwanted energies while you’re dealing with your pain. Keeping several larger pieces nearby may also add another level of protection.


Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal and therefore excellent for pain relief. It works by amplifying your positive and healing energy. It also improves and regulates blood flow, and that will influence and boost your immune system. Transforming negative energy into higher vibes makes Clear Quartz a powerful crystal for back pain relief. Moreover, it heals and supports your entire energetic system. The energetic weight of your system is carried on your spine, so the heavier your emotional load is, the more back pain it is likely to cause. Use this ally to lift your spirits, overcome your pain, and find relief.



Fluorite is a powerful cleansing stone that clears your body of negative energy which helps to release pain. It also acts as a blood cleanser and detoxifier, which will help to alleviate pain throughout your entire body. It soothes the discomfort of shingles and nerve-related pains. Plus it is effective in reducing the aches and pains associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Fluorite helps you get rid of headaches caused by disruption to your energy field. Keep Fluorite by your side to experience its powerful cleansing and pain-reducing properties.


Green Aventurine has wavelike emanations that have a soothing and healing effect on painful areas. It is a natural pain reliever that brings healing energy to move pain out of your body. Green Aventurine is also good at detoxing the organs. It also provides relief from allergies, inflammatory conditions, and musculoskeletal pain. Green Aventurine is known for strengthening connective tissue, and for its anti-inflammatory properties which can be beneficial for people with joint pain or arthritis. It is particularly good at releasing muscle aches and cramps, so place it over the pain as soon as you feel that first clench.


Hematite is a great allrounder when it comes to flushing out toxins and restoring strength. Instead of coping with depleted tired and worn out energies caused by pain, replace and restore them with Hematite’s strength and vitality. It can also help improve circulation which has a positive impact on pain. Hematite can be quite beneficial for lower and upper back pain. Further, it is an ideal assist for people in pain after back surgery. Hematite is grounding and well known for neutralizing negative energy so delight in its solid energy by carrying it with you at all times.



Labradorite supports powerful transformations thereby helping you release the pain and negative energy causing it. Helping your pain to become a thing of the past. Labradorite can help you overcome pain connected to your respiratory system. Mainly because the lungs are powerful transformative organs, along with the digestive and secretory systems. Due to its transformational ability, it may also clear up skin issues. This crystal is a useful tool for managing your pain and health issues and eventually overcoming them.


Malachite resonates strongly with the heart chakra, so it can help to heal your heart and improve your mood. It can heal cramps, and alleviate menstrual disorders such as PMT and period pain. Malachite also enhances the immune and nervous systems. What’s more, it also releases negative experiences and old traumas, helping to alleviate pain. Wearing Malachite close to the area of pain, or carrying it with you regularly, will fill your energy field with a steady calming vibration. Settling anxious or painful nerves will help to make things more bearable.


Moonstone balances your hormones and endocrine system. It is a powerful aide for issues related to your Divine Feminine energy. It provides relief from menstrual cramps and other related pain issues such as endometriosis. Moonstone also helps by balancing your endocrine system and regulating your hormone levels. It also alleviates any kind of digestive upset and also helps you feel calm and centered no matter what. Wear Moonstone jewellery to help keep pain at bay.


Pyrite, Crystals for Pain Relief

Pyrite attracts success to your healing journey and greatly improves your chances of successfully overcoming pain. Pyrite’s energy can help your body rid itself of excess fluids as well as support your kidneys. It also helps to alleviate skin irritations and remove inflammation from your entire body. It acts as a protective shield against stomach aches and muscle soreness. Its grounding properties also help stabilize your body’s natural rhythms, promoting overall well-being. Keep Pyrite at hand when you’re working at pain relief, as good things will more easily flow towards you and lead you to the best solutions for your situation.


Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz may be the perfect crystal for overcoming any form of pain or suffering because it encourages emotional balance. It also reduces stress and helps you get rid of negative energy and feelings. Unfortunately, painful conditions affect your emotional balance. Rose Quartz will help you to diminish any negative effects on your energy field. By helping you to feel calm, you will more readily find solutions to your physical problems. Achieving a state of inner peace is key to managing and overcoming pain. Furthermore, reducing stress with the help of Rose Quartz also helps reduce pain. Part of its charm in dealing with pain is allowing you to achieve a sense of harmony and inner peace.


Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye grounds and supports you with the grounding energies of the sun and earth while assisting with releasing fear and anxiety. Its pain-relieving properties make it one of the best crystals to support you in overcoming painful and chronic conditions. It regulates the energy flow in your body; dampens over excitation of your nerves, and prevents overstimulation of your adrenal glands. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation to your painful areas. It reduces the pain and inflammation of arthritis, rheumatism, ulcers, and sprains. Tiger Eye increases your energy levels and physical strength. Working with Tiger Eye will boost your healing powers and help resolve the causes of your pain.


Other Crystals

This list is by no means conclusive. There are many other worthwhile candidates for this task. However, we have limited to the 12 that are always easy to obtain and are inexpensive. Having said this, if you know of or own others that will do the job, then that’s what you should use.



How to Use Crystals For Pain Relief.

A noteworthy way to get the best from the complex power of crystal healing is to wear these crystals close to your skin. When crystals are in direct contact with your skin they will stimulate your personal vibrations to rise up and meet theirs. This helps to release energy blocks and stagnant energy which contributes to stronger healing, improved immune function, and far better overall health. Another way is to wear them as jewellery or carry them with you, in a pocket for example. Bracelets, pendants, and earrings are good for this. Yet another way you can use their healing power is by placing them directly on the part of your body that needs attention. You can also employ them in crystal grids, or incorporate them into your meditation or other spiritual practice.

You may also wish to explore some of these other ways to use your Crystals For Pain Relief. Let your chosen stones infuse their energy into your pain relief cream. Simply push them into the cream or lotion. I have personally found this to be quite effective. Rub or massage the affected area with a massage wand or a flat stone. Better yet, get a massage using pain relief crystals. Put one or two of the above crystals in your drinking water bottle. (Most crystal healers advise against this with Malachite due to its copper content). You could however make an elixir using the indirect method. Have a long hot soak in a bath with a selection of pain crystals. One of my favourites is a bath with six large tumbled Hematites, a few Green Aventurines, and a couple of Clear Quartz.


A Final Word.

Crystals do most of their work by sharing their vibrational frequencies and by energy exchange. Therefore, keeping them close by is a good idea. Your crystals for pain relief are always working for you. One of the things we find interesting is that they’ll find a way to help you. However, we will say this: the more you believe in them and the closer you keep them, the better the chances for success in relieving your pain. Moreover, crystals may generally be used alongside other modalities without interfering with or interrupting their process.

Fortunately, your healing crystals tend to focus on you, rather than on the practice or the way you are using them in and of itself. Their presence in your energy field will stimulate high vibrations of healing and recovery. Make sure you keep at least one crystal for pain relief with you at all times. But most importantly, don’t lose hope and faith in yourself and your crystals for pain relief.


A Note: As there is no preference or order for the effectiveness of the crystals above we have listed them in alphabetical order to alleviate any artificial preference.





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