Crystals for EMF Protection and Why You Might Need Them.

Crystals for EMF Protection — Protect Yourself from EMFs.

EMFs or electromagnetic fields are becoming more pervasive as we pursue our modern electronic lifestyles. It seems we need to be doing more to protect ourselves from EMF and using crystals for EMF protection is an excellent way to do this.

A Plea for Help.

Ron and Sue (obviously not us) sought us out needing some help. After meeting with them, it became obvious they were suffering from electricity sensitivity and would need to do something to protect themselves. They were edgy, listless, spaced out, and finding it hard to concentrate. Basically, they were feeling very ungrounded. (This can be a problem in itself and totally unrelated to EMF sensitivity).

A few months earlier they had moved into their new home and that’s when their malaise began. Their old country home phone was still connected to the old landline system and their use of the internet-connected via Ethernet cabling.

When they moved into their new home, they needed Wi-Fi as they only had one entry port from their fixed wireless NBN connection. This connected to their modem and two other boosters needed to get the signal throughout their new house. Now all their communication devices were Wi-Fi connected including their new large screen smart TVs.

Since their move, they now found themselves surrounded by large amounts of EMF or electromagnetic smog, both at home and in their workplaces. Like many others, they are now experiencing health issues related to their reactions to EMFs, as well as radio-frequency (RF).

They had always considered themselves to be in excellent health with lots of vitality and energy reserves. Their exercise and eating habits had not changed with their move to the new home. A new location and environment and upgraded equipment was the only difference in their life.

No one had ever suggested that they should test their new location and surroundings for excessive EMFs. Nor had they noticed a large communications tower nearby and nobody had bothered to point it out.

Why EMFs are a Health Hazard.

Many sources are now confirming that we are constantly enveloped in a manmade electromagnetic smog. With this, there is also an increasing awareness of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). EMFs can adversely affect sensitive people by increasing background oscillation frequencies beyond those that some humans can handle.

In simple terms, we are a living electromagnetic field ourselves. Our auric field, or aura, is a composite of many subtle energy fields that surrounds the human body. When it is disrupted or disturbed by overriding manmade EMFs this can lead to fatigue, sadness, and depression.

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Several of the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity are similar to those of being ungrounded. Affected people may have some or all of these.

Let’s take a look at some of these symptoms:

  • Waking up tired.
  • Generally feeling unwell; completely lacking energy; tired and drained.
  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating on issues.
  • Memory loss and forgetfulness.
  • Dizziness; feeling spaced out; a light-headed or floaty feeling.
  • Feeling over-stimulated and nervy.
  • Sensitivity to light and noise.
  • Bumping into things, or a sense of clumsiness.

Apart from those symptoms related to being ungrounded, there are also several other symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity:

  • Severe headaches that occur when you are close to towers or devices emitting electromagnetic radiation.
  • Joint and muscle pain, and muscle weakness.
  • Irritated skin that feels like it’s burning.
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Ringing in the ears, especially at night.
  • Heart pain and heart palpitations. (See your doctor if you experience these symptoms).

Radiation from digitalised and computerized equipment is amping up. It may be wise to provide some protection from and to try to nullify its unwanted effects.

These Crystals for EMF Protection May Help to Counter or Invalidate EMFs.

Black Tourmaline – is powerfully protective and diffuses electromagnetic radiation from your devices like computers, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, and so on. It will also remove any other existing negative energy, including negative energy emanating from other people.

It is a good idea to place a few pieces between you and your computer or Wi-Fi-router to shield the radiation. Some like to carry or wear a piece for personal defence, including psychic and physical protection.

Gridding will set up a protective energy field for your house or unit. Or it may be scaled down to shield your workspace, cubicle, or office.

Black Tourmaline is considered the best crystal to use against harmful electromagnetic fields. You may find Schorl best for this purpose, but any other Black Tourmaline stone will do the job.

The grid will build an energetic interface that has the ability to ground the energy of the space. It will also absorb any toxic and negative energy and seal the room with a protective shield. The grid will assist in balancing out the energy and dispelling any energies of a negative or lower vibration.

Setting Your Grid:

Simply place a piece of Schorl/Black Tourmaline in each corner of your house or other space. In most cases, four stones will be sufficient. In the case of L or other shapes, six or more may be required.

Intention plays a major role when working with crystals and when using crystals for EMF protection. People usually have a conscious or unconscious intention when they start to employ crystals for a purpose. In this case, you would be holding an intention of protection, particularly from EMFs. So normally all you would have to do is position the Tourmaline pieces in place. These will then energetically connect with each other to create a protective shield.

A simple Crystal Grid Activation Method:

Many people however have a preference to activate their crystal grid. If you already know how to do this, feel free to use your preferred method. Otherwise here is an easy and really simple method to activate the grid. Activation charges or programs the crystals with your stated intention, so they can do their intended work for you.

  1. Hold all your crystals in your hands.
  2. Blow your breath over the crystals. (Your breath is a powerful energetic cleanser).
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take three deep breaths.
  5. Raise your crystals up in front of your brow area (Third Eye Chakra).
  6. Focus on your desired result, using visualisation and emotion.
  7. Make a statement of your intention like, “I program this Crystal Grid to protect this space from EMFs and all unwanted energies.
  8. Lastly, arrange your crystals into position.

If you have more than one floor, place the grid on the ground or lowest floor.

If the ground floor is not your largest floor then you can grid the widest floor. Or you may choose to grid all floors.

You can also cover the property by putting the Black Tourmaline crystals in the outside corners. They may be buried in the ground if you wish.

A Black Tourmaline Gridding Kit is available in-store.

More Crystals for EMF Protection:

These crystals also transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones. All of these crystals may be placed between you and sources of electromagnetic pollution. And of course, any of them may be worn or carried for personal protection and healing.

Shungite also offers exceptionally powerful protection. It creates an energetic shield that helps to clear out EMFs and RFs and all other unwanted negative frequencies. Worn close, it surrounds the outer edge of your bio-energetic field with a protective coating. Place it between you and your equipment. It makes an excellent alternative to Black Tourmaline for gridding.

Amazonite, Aventurine, Charoite, Fluorite, Fulgurite, Herkimer Diamond, Jasper, Lepidolite, Malachite, Serpentine, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Unakite.

Aegirine, Hematite, Lodestone, Magnetite, Pyrite – These stones and others are ferromagnetic, which means they contain iron, which is a powerful radiation absorber. Take care with these around your computer, because they have the potential to be highly magnetic. And if you don’t know already — magnets can equal laptop death.

All of these crystals for EMF protection offer varying degrees of protection, clearing, and healing. Some work better alongside some equipment better than others and interact with us individually in different ways. Because of this, some further research and qualification may be necessary to find the best results for your circumstances.

Ron and Sue set up a Tourmaline grid at their home. They are also using various other crystals selected from those mentioned above. Since then, they and their family have experienced a return to normal full health and vitality.





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