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Unakite is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality. Unakite gently releases conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.



Unakite is an altered form of granite, composed of pink orthoclase Feldspar, green Epidote and generally colourless Quartz, solidly bound together creating its beautiful pistachio and pink colouring. The stone takes its name from the Greek word epidosis, meaning “growing together”, and it is these materials bound together that conveys the meaning that ‘what comes together, belongs together.’ It has a Mohs Hardness of 6.5 with a monoclinic crystal structure.

It exists in various shades of green and pink and is usually mottled in appearance with a splash of soft peach against a fresh green coloured background making it a much beloved and magical gemstone. Unakite is often used in jewellery and other lapidary work such as eggs, spheres and other carvings like animals. It is also referred to as epidotized granite.

Unakite was first discovered in the United States in the Unaka Mountains of North Carolina, from where it takes its name. Unakite is found in masses and it does not crystallise.

Legend tells us that carrying Unakite will help to find things that have been lost. It can also help you remain powerful in situations where you may be more likely to become a victim.

Placing a large piece of Unakite or a bowl of several tumble stones into your surroundings brings a calm gentle energy and can negate the effects of electromagnetic pollution from television and computer screens if placed on top of them or nearby.

Unakite is a stone of vision. Carrying Unakite as a companion stone will help you maintain balance between your spiritual and physical lives; allowing them to join forces in assisting you to create the life you desire. It is an excellent stone for removing obstacles to your personal growth.

You may use it to build up your self-confidence, as it strengthens your courage, assisting you in taking control of those facets of your life that you defer power over. Giving you confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies, like love and compassion, especially for yourself.

Meditating with this stone will aid in releasing pain and anger that you are having trouble letting go of. Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down, helping you to see the beauty in life. This stone provides grounding when needed. It is also used to uncover deception. It facilitates re-birthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.

Unakite has the ability to unleash buried emotional pain and to also aid in the body’s healing process. It supports convalescence and recovery from major illness. It treats the reproductive system and aids healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn. Unakite enhances weight gain where required, and aids the growth of skin tissue and hair.


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