Crystal Kids – How Kids Interact With Crystals 


Crystal Kids – We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at crystals through the eyes of some of our youngest customers. They are regulars that we see nearly every Sunday at our market stall held at Fernvale state school in Queensland. While it may be true that their parents usually pick up the bill, these young ones are very definitely the customers.

There are quite a lot of these crystal kids; with plenty of stories to tell. We thought we would start with a couple, and over time we plan to introduce you to some more of them. Hopefully, you will also enjoy their stories. Let us start with Millie and Daniel.

Crystal Kids:
Millie’s story

Millie is a crystal baby, well, a child really. She is a two-year-old who has been choosing her own crystals since she was able to reach out and grab one. That’s how she got her first crystal. Her mother had stopped in front of our display, mainly to pass the time while she waited for her husband to peruse a pile of second-hand goods opposite us. Millie, enthralled by the colourful display in front of her took the opportunity to seize a Rose Quartz.

A Determined 2-Year-Old.

She secured it in a solid grip. She was so determined that she was keeping it, that her mum thought she had better get it for her. Her mother rightly removed it from her grip, just in case she decided to pop it in her mouth. 

Since then, they visit every fortnight or so. Her mum holds her over the crystals so that she can reach down and make her own selection. Anyone observing can see that she is making her selection very intentionally.  

At home, Millie is allowed to play with her crystals, but only under the very watchful eye of her parents. According to her mother, so far she has made no attempt to put any of them in her mouth. She loves fondling them and rolling them around. She loves her crystals being nearby and behaves very well in their presence.

Crystals Keep Millie Well Behaved.

Her family noticed that she is very well behaved and easygoing when she is around her crystals. They also knew that they couldn’t leave them with her unsupervised. Apparently, many other objects are subject to the taste test, so a very imaginative grandmother came up with a clever solution. Considering the noticeable difference in behaviour with or without her crystals, how could she safely have them close by?


Millie has Her Crystals Safely Inside a Knitted Doll.

The answer: a knitted doll. A knitted and stuffed doll that included the first three crystals Millie collected. It has a heart of Rose Quartz, a brain of Clear Quartz, and a stomach of Mangano Calcite.

The rest of her collection is in a large glass jar, set high enough so she can’t reach them, but clearly in her sight. Her parents bring them down under supervision, for her to play with.

Crystal Kids:
Daniel’s story

Daniel made his first appearance about a year ago. His family had just moved into the area and were visiting the markets for the first time. They must have liked what they found as they were laden with produce and other bits and pieces they had purchased.

Daniel – a Potential Terrorist.

That’s when Daniel spotted us. With a bolt, he was out of their reach and at our stall. He had a huge smile on his face and his little hands were onto everything as he made exclamations of delight. Oh no!! we thought. Some kids, because of their behaviour and the chaos they create, are not really welcomed at our stall. We call them little terrorists!

Soon his parents were behind him and he wasn’t taking the slightest bit of notice of their pleas to stop touching. He just kept on picking up crystals and putting them back down again and often in the wrong place. Rather heavily. Unfortunately, this difficult whirlwind of a boy was causing trouble for us and his parents. The more he asked to have a crystal, the more his parents dug in with their refusal to get him one. With this, he responded by stubbornly refusing to move away. After several minutes, they managed to move on.

A calmer Return.

The next week—he was back again. At least this time his parents had their hands free and were able to constrain his enthusiasm. He was also told that if he behaved, he could have a crystal. He, like many others, was told to look with his eyes. Now, we do understand the difficulty of this for children, as a very large part of their appraisal is tactile. Most children just love to touch things, but we can’t have them rummaging uncontrolled around our crystals and stuff. All things considered, he did quite well.

His first choice and purchase was a Hematite. Like a lot of other kids, he tried it on for more. But he left with a big smile and clutching on tightly to his rock. 

The next week, he chose a Carnelian. Primarily because he said it smelled nice. Then when he stopped by a week later he chose a Tiger Eye. He made a point of saying that he wanted to be ‘the crystal man’ when he grows up and would we sell him our crystals.

Daniel Was Subconsciously Choosing a Chakra Set.

It was his next selection that caught my attention. He had chosen a Rose Quartz, again because it smelled nice. He also asked, rather than just doing, if he could lick it to see what it tasted like. I had remembered his previous choices and was curious to see if he would continue the pattern. It appeared that he was choosing crystals in the right order to match his chakras. Out of curiosity, I asked him if he knew what chakras were. The strange look he gave me suggested that he didn’t.

Over the next few weeks, he did without conscious knowledge complete a chakra set. A Blue Lace Agate, followed by an Amethyst and then a Clear Quartz. I found this to be a most fascinating phenomenon.     

As time has gone on, we have struck up quite a friendship with Daniel and his parents. His parents are amazed at the difference that has occurred in their son. Daniel is eight years old and autistic and has presented them with all of the problems that can go along with his condition.

A Positive Impact From Crystals.

In his case, his parents insist that the crystals have brought about a positive difference in his behaviour. He has gone from being short-tempered, unsociable, unruly and uncommunicative, to being fairly amenable and a whole lot easier to live with. 

His parents tell me that in typical autistic fashion Daniel keeps his crystals on a shelf in his bedroom. They’re displayed in a straight line and in a particular order that seems to be best known to him. Each day he will pick his special choice for the day and carry it around in his pocket. Then before bedtime, he returns it to its particular spot on the shelf.

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