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Last month we took a look at crystals through the eyes of two of our younger customers. Children we have found have a natural affinity to crystals and what they can do with them. We can also learn a lot about ourselves and our own relationship with crystals by watching kids as they interact with them. It is quite fascinating to listen to their explanations as to why they need a particular crystal, or what they can do with it. More often than not their knowledge is astounding. We said we would tell some more of their stories, so we hope you enjoy these accounts about crystals and kids continued. 


Rose is a delightful four-year-old. A few months ago she spotted us and insisted on dragging her mother over to see the “diamonds”. Her mother showed her a Rose Quartz tumbled stone and gave it to her to hold. She responded by telling her mother that it was the most lovely coloured pink she had ever seen.

When her mother told her it was called Rose Quartz, she just had to have one. After all, just like her, its name was Rose. The next week she brought her mother to buy her another Rose. Then we didn’t see her for a little while.

We saw her again in June because her aunt had told her she needed a Moonstone for her birthday. Moonstone is the birthstone for June. Rose was most indignant though because her aunt had told her that as she was born on June 24th she was a crab, which is the astrological symbol for cancer.

Before she left, she wanted to know what she needed to buy for her mother’s birthday in a couple of weeks. I told her a Ruby was for July birthdays. She then very adamantly told me that I had to keep the best Ruby for her to buy for her mum the next time she came to the market. 



James is very shy and I am amazed at how much he knows for an eleven-year-old. When he visits us, he somehow manages to come out of his shell and we often have long conversations. Most of these are about crystals of course. He is very concerned for the well-being of his family and friends. He makes the majority of his purchases following his research for the best crystal to solve or fix a problem for them. What I also find astonishing is that it’s all paid for out of his pocket money.

Even though he has done his homework and found an appropriate crystal, he wants our recommendations as well. Really, it’s more confirmation that he has made the right selections, rather than the advice that he is seeking. Although he is quite open to that too.

One day when he was having a hard time making his selection, I suggested that he trust his intuition to make his choice. Apparently, this was not for him; he needed to weigh and calculate everything according to known properties.


Travis is one of those kids that grew up with us. He loved buying crystals and adding to his collection. He mostly bought lucky dips, as in his case it wasn’t about putting together a sample collection per se. It was about getting a collection of stones that made him happy. His face would light up, week after week as he opened his surprise package. After several years he had filled a number of very large glass jars. As a young adult, he still treasures his vast assortment of crystals.


Kate is a delightful young teenager who is very mature and sensible for her age. She works on the family farm in some of her spare time. Her pay rate is the same as the employed workers on the farm. What she doesn’t spend on crystals is prudently saved to be used for some important thing in the future.

She loves being able to collect and decorate her room with crystals. She tends to go for the more expensive, larger, and rarer specimens because she has the budget to do so. But her first choice is for the stone that will do what she wants and that catches her attention. Price and size are not her prime criterion.


Chris told us recently that we must be very, very healthy because we have all these crystals. He continued to say that his mum gave him one when he was sick. She had told him that it would make him better and keep him healthy. And it did! So because we have so many, we must be really, really healthy!

You’ve gotta love these kids. We could go on and on with these stories about crystals and kids continued, but perhaps we had better come to an end. We hope you liked their stories as much as we enjoyed telling them and interacting with them on a regular basis.


Crystals and kids continued is really the story of how we can innocently tap into and take advantage of the natural laws of energy exchange, which are used in crystal healing, to create a happier and healthier environment for ourselves.  




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