Better Holidays and Safe Travels with Crystals.


Crystals for a Better and Safer Holiday During the Festive Season.

Holidays might be stressful; however better holidays may be enjoyed by focusing on positive aspects, rather than negative ones. This holiday season you can embrace the festivities and enjoy better holidays and safer travel with the help of crystals. Turning your home into a holiday refuge is certainly one way to shift into a positive vibe and boost your happiness. Creating an abundance of love and gratitude is what the holiday season should be about. Better holidays are enjoyed by sharing this love and gratitude with those around you.

Holidays at home can be enhanced by decorating with crystals. Their high vibes contribute to a space that’s safe from seasonal stress. However, if you’re travelling and away from home for the holidays, then you may need to take your crystals with you. They will help you maintain your calm amidst the chaos of one of the busiest travel times of the year. Whether you’re staying at home or travelling during the holidays, preserve your sanity and joyful spirit with these crystals for better holidays:

Crystals for Better Holidays.

Holidays can be more joyful and festive events with the help of a few crystals. They can make preparation, hosting a party, or travelling elsewhere a whole lot more enjoyable.

Black Tourmaline – A powerful grounding stone, that is considered to be among the best protective stones. It increases vitality, promotes a laid back attitude, provides clear rational thought processes, as well as releasing stress.

Black Obsidian – Has dominant grounding properties and deflects negativity. It is also a powerful cleanser of unwanted energy and connections established within your aura. Furthermore, it has powerful metaphysical properties that help to shield against negativity, provide psychic protection and help you maintain your energy field.

Black Obsidian or better yet a Black Obsidian arrowhead can be used to cut the energy cords between you and others. As sure as we love our family and friends, they can be trying at times, especially around holiday time. Sometimes it can be hard work just to maintain a cheerful disposition. Whether it’s unsolicited advice or probing questions about your personal life, nobody knows how to push our buttons more than those we love. Don’t take it to heart; instead, learn to cut these cords with Black Obsidian.

It’s a good idea to engage in cutting these energy attachments both before and after holiday social gatherings. You can do this by tracing around the edge of your body with a piece of Black Obsidian.

Better Holidays are more joyful and festive events with the help of a few crystals.                    

Apophyllite – Can contribute to a stress-free gathering, by easing tensions and enhancing your environment with peaceful positivity. It helps you become more sensitive to the events and people in your life. Also allows you to positively follow and trust your instincts when interacting with others. It will also help to dispel feelings of burnout, replacing it instead with zest and enthusiasm. And if you’re the host, you already have enough to cope with, without adding other people’s drama into the mix.

Amethyst – The vibrational output from this highly evolved crystal provides for a loving, calming, balanced and peaceful space and persons. An ideal companion during festive and holiday celebrations. Having it around can help keep your head clear and endorse

patience. It encourages what truly makes you happy and informs of how you want to be loved or taken care of. Amethyst stimulates the heart and opens us up to more love. It breaks down walls and releases all our fears and worries about love. It allows for sober thought and actions while allowing full and open participation in celebratory events.

Breathe – No not a crystal, but an action. Because it is just a part of our very being, we don’t pay much attention to this vital function. Yet a few deep breaths, or a moment or so of conscious breathing, can calm and restore us better than any other function. Hold a Clear Quartz or a favourite crystal in your hand and it’s even better.

Crystals for Travel.

Travel Kit – Five stones assembled together to provide safety and protection when travelling.

Moonstone – provides protection when travelling. It is known as the ‘traveller’s stone’ in folklore. Recognised for conveying good fortune, it is an all-around good luck stone. It helps to calm your emotions and to manage stress. As it contains the full spectrum of light, it conveys uplifting energy that is especially supportive when travelling. Its protecting property makes it especially useful when travelling over water and travelling at night.

Aquamarine – Provides for safe travel over water. Legendary and modern spiritual understanding both agree that it is outstanding for safe travel on or over water. It is a customary amulet for good luck, fearlessness and protection. Its soothing energy also makes it a perfect companion for soothing fears and phobias. Aquamarine assists in calming the tensions and stresses caused by travel. It safeguards long-haul travellers and helps alleviate seasickness.

Enjoy Better Holidays with These 5 Crystals for Travel with Safety, Protection and Stress Relief

Malachite – A very protective stone in the field of aviation. It is acknowledged as ‘the guardian stone’ for travellers. It offers protection from all types of accidents, particularly air travel and travelling on crowded highways. Eliminates fear associated with flying and soothes your nerves when travelling generally. It is most useful for overcoming jet lag, cramps and travel sickness and absorbing negative energy and pollutants.

Amethyst – Grants safety and is among the most popular go-to stones used by travellers today. Traditionally known to be especially protective of travellers, it also wards off negative energy and discourages psychic attacks. Promotes positivity and converts any unwanted energy into love. It is a natural stress reliever that can calm your fears, uplift your mood and inspire joy. It can help express a spirit of cooperation and improve personal flexibility which can be most helpful when travelling.

Tiger Eye – Is incredibly stabilizing and grounding and offers desired protection during travel. It sharpens the senses and perception, bringing awareness into unfamiliar places or circumstances. Promotes feelings of security and self-respect and also supplies defence against the negative intentions of others. It augments self-confidence, personal power, integrity, willpower, and promotes patience. Helps you feel comfortable no matter where you are in the world. Brings good luck and adds vitality and optimism.

Two More Crystals for Protection with Modern Day Travel.

Shungite – for energetic protection and from EMF. We are exposed to enormous amounts of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) whilst travelling and so many believe these to be harmful to our health. Shungite provides energetic protection from the endless number of electronic devices that you will encounter during travel. It will help to minimize your exposure to the effects of EMF from scanning systems and technology. It will also offer some shielding from our own devices, like mobile phones and tablets and laptops.

Smokey Quartz

– for modern-day safe travels. It can be fun living a traveller’s lifestyle — being in a foreign place, with totally new things to do, new people to talk with, and hopping in and out of cars, planes and trains can be fantastic fun — but it can leave us vulnerable and exposed to all kinds of dangerous situations. Smoky Quartz is incredibly protective when it comes to travelling and being on the go. It is able to protect you from the disorienting energies of all the new circumstances and people you’ll encounter. Also, it keeps you alert in unfamiliar surroundings and keeps you safe whilst you’re en route from place to place.


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