Working with a Crystal Pendulum – Problem Solving and Healing


Just recently a few events in my life demonstrated how crystals and in particular how working with a crystal pendulum can come to your rescue.

Pendulums are an ideal tool to help with making a decision or getting to the crux of a matter. Crystal Pendulums may be used to access your subconscious mind. They will also guide you to the answers to some of the perplexing questions and/or circumstances in your life.

The basics have been covered in a previous article “Pendulum Basics – How to Use a Pendulum” and also how to establish which way your pendulum will swing for “Yes” and which way for “No”. By way of review, suspend your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger. Now ask any question you know the answer to be yes, and note the swing or response from the pendulum. Now do the same for no. You may also wish to establish a response for “Don’t Know”. Because sometimes there are things we are not meant to know the answers to, or that are meant to remain undefined in our experience.

You can ask away and get the answer to any question which is stated in a fashion that requires a straightforward “Yes” or “No” answer. Remember it also pays to allow for the occasional “Don’t Know” response.


Working with a Crystal Pendulum for Help With Decision Making:

Recently I was figuratively sitting on the fence with a business decision. Having weighed up the pros and cons I was still uncertain which way to proceed. Logically, it appeared the best way was to proceed. But I had an inner feeling to the contrary, it was a typical head vs. heart decision.

To solve this dilemma I wrote the two choices, each on a separate piece of paper and scrunched them up (be sure to have the writing on the inside and out of view) and mixed them in with several other pieces of scrunched up pieces of paper, so as to reduce the chances of me overriding my pendulum to get the answer I wanted.

Then it was simply a matter of asking as I hovered over each piece of paper, “Is this my best choice?” Or you may wish to word it “Which decision is for the greater good”? Not surprisingly I got a positive response over the piece of paper I started with. To be sure I continued over all of the remaining pieces and they all gave a negative response. My pendulum had chosen the paper that said I should go with my heart or inner sense and decline the offer. A couple of weeks later I found out that this was the right option. Fortunately, this saved what would have been a considerable amount of wasted time and money.

Many times I have found this practice to be very supportive. Especially when the road ahead has not always appeared as clear as it should.


Working with a Crystal Pendulum to Buy the right Item:

Naturally, I don’t concern myself too much with this for petty cash purchases. But it can be invaluable for serious purchases, like a new car for example. But you do need to take note. A friend took me with him to buy a new car. He chose one and I did my pendulum thing as he called it. Not this one I advised, but he had made up his mind. One year later he was glad to offload it as he had no end of warranty claims and downtime.


Working with a Crystal Pendulum to Find lost items:

The other day I had spent a fruitless hour or so trying to find the key to one of our sheds. It seems that at some time earlier I or someone had not put it back on the hook where it belongs – My pendulum to the rescue.

Walking into each room I asked, “is the shed key in here?” Every room drew a negative response. So I went outside seeking a positive response, as I slowly made my way around, narrowing down the search. When I got near the car I got a yes response and then a very positive yes over the cars centre console. Yep, sure enough, there the key was.

Alternatively, I could have stayed in one place and asked about each suspected location until the answer was revealed. Or worked my pendulum over a plan of the house and surrounds.


Working with a Crystal Pendulum for Divining:

Sometimes you may need to find the course of water pipes so that you don’t disturb them. Or maybe, you are curious about whether you have an underground watercourse and its direction. You can employ a crystal pendulum with great effect. For pipes, start at a known location. Now stand over it and face along the known direction, with your pendulum suspended in front of you. Ask it to indicate the direction of the pipe. It should move front and back. Now start walking slowly, in the direction of the forward stroke. When the movement changes, return to the direction to keep it the same. As you progress, you will have charted the directions of the pipes.

You may use this same method to locate underground or hidden electricity wires.

For a watercourse, ask the pendulum to give a positive response when you are over water. Once located, just keep following the positive signals and correct course when you get a negative result.


Using Your Crystal Pendulum to Locate and Clear Negative Energy:

You may have experienced a sense of or even the reality of the presence of negative energy around or in an area of your home or work environment. Some people sense this well before they are actually at the seat of the problem. Many get cold and clammy, some get shivers up and down their spines, and others just feel uncomfortable.

Whatever the cause or source may have been, it is best found and removed. Sometimes it is residual negative energy left by previous tenants, if you have moved into a new home. Or it may be because of stress and tension, or recent arguments within the home or workspace.

To remove this problem you need to locate exactly where this negativity resides and your crystal pendulum can help you to do this.

Rose Quartz Divining Tool

Walk slowly around your home or work area with your crystal pendulum suspended from your hand. Trying to keep it in a still position in front of you. It should commence to swing when it encounters an area of negativity. Notice where your pendulum begins swinging, and then slowly keep walking forward until it stops. Return to the centre and now slowly move to the right and then the left. Keep doing this until you have determined the affected area.

Now that you have accurately located the negative area, return to the centre and deliberately cause your pendulum to rotate anticlockwise. While you’re doing this, have a clear intention of clearing or cleansing this space. You might find it helpful to walk around the area in an anticlockwise circle also. Keep working at it until you sense the area has been neutralised. Remember to cleanse your crystal pendulum when you have finished this phase.

It is a good idea to replace this negative energy with a more positive energy. To do this you need only to reverse direction to clockwise and repeat. Only this time you also visualize white light dispersing all over the area improving its energies.

For this exercise I prefer to use Quartz crystal pendulums; Clear Quartz, Smokey, Amethyst, Rose or Citrine. Or you may use any of the crystals known to dispel and counteract negative and nuisance energies.


Healing with a Crystal Pendulum:

A Clear Quartz or an Amethyst pendulum will work well across all levels and operate as an all-purpose healer. Other crystal pendulums will focus their energies in line with their unique healing and balancing properties.


Using a Crystal Pendulum for Healing and Balancing Your Meridian or Energy Channels:

You can use this technique to remove energy imbalances and restore your body’s subtle energy systems.

Lie down; face up on a flat and comfortable surface. Hold your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger with your wrist relaxed. Reach comfortably forward towards your toes, centred in line with your spine and with your pendulum suspended a few centimetres above your body. Now cause your pendulum to swing to and fro along your centre line; this is the neutral swing. Now slowly move the swinging pendulum along the centre line of your body, towards your head.

You may wish to start by imagining the swing and the energy from your crystal pendulum reaching down just past your feet and slowly making its way up towards your pelvis and then continue along your body as above.

If your pendulum moves away from the neutral swing, simply stay at that point until the neutral swing returns. When you reach just above your head, reverse direction and move back towards your feet. Repeat this pattern along each side of your body if you feel the need.


Using a Crystal Pendulum for Healing and Balancing Your Chakras:

You can use this technique to restore energy imbalances to your body’s chakra energy system.

Lie faceup on a flat and comfortable surface. Hold your crystal pendulum between your thumb and forefinger with your wrist relaxed. Now suspend it a few centimetres above your root chakra, at the base of your pelvis. Deliberately cause it to rotate anticlockwise in a wide circle. Then steady your hand and wait for the motion to stop or almost diminish. This action will remove and/or dissolve negative energy from your chakras.

Continue this process over each of your chakras in turn – sacral, about 2cms below your belly button; solar plexus, just below your sternum; heart, the centre of your chest; throat, at the bottom of your Adam’s apple; third eye, the centre of your brow about 1cm above eyebrows; crown, just above the top of your head.

To recharge or restore positive energy, change your pendulum rotation to clockwise and repeat the pattern above. At the completion of both direction rotations, your chakras should be clear and balanced.


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Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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