What Sort of Crystal Are You?


Well, seriously now, if I were to ask you, what sort of crystal are you, what would your answer be?

This can be quite an interesting exercise that can reveal all sorts of personality insights. What led me to ask this question stems from a review I was making of a training course I had completed many years ago. And I have found people’s answers to the original question fascinating. It was “what sort of machine do you see yourself as?”

Your answer would determine if you were more left brain or more right-brain orientated – more logical and intellect based or more creative and intuitively based. One of those answering saw himself as a tractor for example. Another as a computer. Yet another as the USS Starship Enterprise. One lady said she was a sewing machine. Each had very valid reasons for their selection, which further expanded into an understanding of them.

So, this led me to put the question to a number of people as I came across them at our regular market stall. I asked, “If you had to choose a crystal that best described who you are, what crystal would you choose?”


Interesting question, isn’t it? So come on, what sort of crystal are you?   

At the markets, one man said he saw himself as a Hematite: Because he says he sees himself as well-grounded, and very protective of those around him; his friends and family.

One young woman said she would choose Angelite or Celestite. After all, anyone can see how sweet I am and more importantly I am more interested in spiritual matters than those of the flesh.

A grandmother declared herself to be a Rose Quartz, so full of love for her husband, family, and friends.


A middle-aged professional declared himself to be an Agate. When asked why he responded, “well it’s known as the Accountants and Analysts Stone, isn’t it. I have to keep things orderly and use precision and deep analytical ability when I’m working with numbers and accounts”. He then added that he loves crystals and studies them as a hobby, which is why he was so learned in his choice.

A young fellow we know reasonably well stated that he would have to be a Clear Quartz. When asked why said, “It’s obvious, I’m a healer and Clear Quartz is the master healer”. Emphasis was placed on the ‘master’. Knowing him as we do, his selection revealed him well, for he is indeed a talented healer, but he still has some way to go before he can declare himself a master.

Or what about as one person said, a Sunstone, because she is fun, light, and bright and enjoys life.

But all in all, it is an interesting exercise. Perhaps you might like to let us know of your choice and why you chose it.

If you would like to understand yourself even deeper or better, you might like to also consider the opposite – what sort of crystal is definitely not me and why?

Whatever your choice, remember this is a fun exercise that may also provide us with some insights we may have otherwise not considered.

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