Vibration and Resonance in Crystal Healing.


Vibration and Resonance in Crystal Healing


In this article, we will attempt to explain the role of Vibration and Resonance in Crystal Healing.

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that embraces the use of various crystals and gemstones to assist physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The idea behind this is rooted in the concept of energy and vibrational frequencies. According to proponents of crystal healing, each crystal possesses a unique energy signature and vibrational frequency. These vibrations interact with the body’s energy centres, known as chakras. Furthermore, they help to balance or unblock energy flow, promoting healing and overall well-being.


Vibrations’ Role in Crystal Healing:

Here’s a basic explanation of how vibrations get to play a role in crystal healing:

Vibrational Resonance:

Proponents believe that crystals’ specific vibrations resonate with the vibrations of the body, thereby creating a harmonic interaction. When a crystal’s vibration matches the vibration of a particular chakra or area of the body, it promotes balance and harmony in that region.

Energy Cleansing:

Crystals are able to absorb, store, and release energy. As a result, they help cleanse negative or stagnant energy from the body, promoting a more positive and vibrant state.

Chakra Alignment:

Each chakra has an association with specific properties, emotions, and physical aspects of the body. Different crystals correspond to specific chakras, and they align and balance the chakras, fostering a sense of well-being.


Some practitioners believe that crystals can amplify intentions and thoughts. Holding a particular intention or desired outcome while using a crystal, can magnify the intention’s energy and manifestation potential.


Resonance, Sympathetic Resonance, and Entrainment.

Resonance, sympathetic resonance, and entrainment are concepts related to the interaction of vibrations or frequencies in various systems. They are often discussed in the context of crystals and crystal healing. Let’s explore each of these terms and their relationships:


Resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when an object or system vibrates at its natural frequency in response to an external force or stimulus that shares the same or a similar frequency. When this happens, the amplitude of the vibrations increases, leading to a significant amplification of the original vibration. In simpler terms, resonance occurs when two things vibrate at the same frequency, causing one to reinforce the other.
In the context of crystals and crystal healing, the belief is that each crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency. When a crystal resonates with a person’s energy or environment, it enhances and amplifies certain energies or qualities. Therefore aiding healing or spiritual practices.

Sympathetic Resonance:

Sympathetic resonance is a specific type of resonance. It occurs when an object with a particular frequency causes another object with a similar frequency to vibrate or resonate. For example, if you strike a tuning fork of a certain pitch near another tuning fork of the same pitch, the second tuning fork will also start to vibrate, even if not struck directly. This happens because they share a common frequency. This energy or vibration transfers between them through sympathetic resonance.
In the context of crystals and crystal healing, proponents of this concept suggest that certain crystals can resonate sympathetically with a person’s energy field or specific intentions, enhancing the overall effect of the healing process.


Entrainment is the synchronization of two or more rhythmic or oscillating systems to a common frequency. When two systems with different frequencies interact for an extended period, the weaker system will eventually sync up with the stronger one. It is observable in various natural phenomena, such as the synchronization of the circadian rhythm to external light-dark cycles.
In the context of crystals and crystal healing, entrainment is applied by using crystals with specific frequencies or energies. To help bring a person’s own energy or biofield into balance or alignment. The idea is that the stronger energy of the crystal may influence and align the individual’s energy, promoting well-being and healing.


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