Valentine’s Day Crystals.
7 Crystals for a Love-Filled Valentine’s Day



Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. This gives you plenty of time to buy a Valentine’s Day gift that can help support and nurture your love life. So, what could be more appropriate than using Valentine’s Day crystals to help boost your love life? Or using crystals to reach out to a loved one to let them know you care?

Whether you want to attract romance, exude calmness, grow more in love with yourself, or heal from a recent heartbreak, there is indeed a crystal you can work with that will suit your needs.


Try the energy of these 7 Valentine’s Day Crystals for a Love-Filled Valentine’s Day.

Click the image or crystal name for selections in that stone category.

Valentine's Day crystal, Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Increased Self-Love and Romantic Energy.

Rose Quartz represents all types of love; it’s the ultimate love stone and symbolizes passion, romance, and all things love. Its soothing energy makes it ideal to work with if you want to nurture love for yourself, or others. It’s also useful for stimulating joy and emotional healing.


Valentine' Day crystal. Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli – Better Communication.

Lapis is a stone of communication that also promotes wisdom and good judgment. It also promotes deep and loving communication in relationships. It also helps to facilitate honesty, understanding, and compassion when dealing with others.



Valentine's Day crystal, Carnelian
Carnelian – Rekindling Passion and Pleasure.

Unfortunately, our relationships are not always full of fun and excitement. At times, things can get boring, maybe even feel as though you’re just going through the motions. If you feel like your love life needs refreshing, bring in a Carnelian.

Carnelian is connected to the sacral chakra (also referred to as the sex chakra), also the centre of joy, pleasure, and enthusiasm. Boosting or activating this energy field will increase sexual intimacy, improve your creative expression, and heighten your intuition. It also provides courage, enhances creativity, and reduces anxiety.

Valentine's Day crystals, moonstone
Moonstone – Increased Love Connection.

Moonstone stimulates kundalini energy which also activates love and eroticism. It awakens your sexual energy as well as increases your ability to give, accept, and express love. Couples find it helps them to better connect with their partner and match their sexual energy.

Moonstone is related to the moon goddess; symbolising feminine power. It is the ideal crystal for women wanting to fully tap into their goddess energy on Valentine’s Day.

Rhodonite – Emotional Healing and Cleansing.

Rhodonite is the ultimate heart healer as it can comfort and help mend a broken heart. So, if you’re among those going through an emotionally challenging time, let it be your companion this Valentine’s Day.

If you have been struggling to move on from a messy breakup, using Rhodonite might soothe away the pain you’re feeling and also empower you to give romantic love another shot.

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine – Good Luck and Prosperity.

Green Aventurine, is also affiliated with the heart chakra. It works like a good luck charm as well as a bringer of good vibes. It helps you to prosper in the romance department. Primarily by putting you in the right place, at the right time, and in a situation where you can meet your special someone.

Furthermore, if you’re caught in a vicious cycle of toxic relationships, it will liberate you from them. It will also help you to start afresh with new and healthy relationships.

Amethyst – Achieving Your Dreams and Goals.

Amethyst has a strong relationship with Valentine’s Day. Because, according to legend, St. Valentine wore an Amethyst ring that had a Cupid carving on it. It also boosts your creativity, intuition, and your passion. It also encourages dreaming big and achieving more in life.

Gifting Amethyst to your romantic partner will let them know that you believe in their aspirations, and you’ll be there to support them in achieving their plans.


Uses: You can incorporate these Valentine’s Day crystals into your life this Valentine’s by:

  • Using them personally, or as a special gift for a loved one.
  • Wearing them. Maybe a crystal bracelet, a crystal necklace, a pendant, or a ring.
  • Placing a crystal on your bedside table or under your pillow.
  • Meditating with them.
  • Placing them in your meditation space.
  • Decorating your home with them.
  • Carrying them in your pocket or purse. Smaller stones would be more suitable for this. They could be either tumbled or rough pieces.


Turning Valentine’s Day Crystals into the Perfect Gift.

Above we mentioned 7 Valentine’s Day crystals and some reasons for selecting them. Now with a little love consideration, and imagination you can make them into the perfect gift for your loved one. Your gift can stand alone, or be included as a part of a bigger gift. Some of your decision-making will be subject to your budget, but it is your intention and presentation skills that will make all the difference.

Here are some ideas for you to use, or better still improve on:

  • A tumbled stone inserted into a wire cage and threaded onto a cord necklace would make a wonderful, but inexpensive piece of jewellery.
  • Crystal pendants are attractive, yet inexpensive.
  • A heart-shaped crystal to further express your love and admiration. Make it more special and add a cloth bag to keep it in.
  • Crystal bracelets are great value.
  • What about a Love Kit, 5 love-related crystals presented in an organza bag? Easier than buying them individually and having to come up with a bag to keep them in.
  • Larger pieces of crystal make an impact, like a large chunk of Rose Quartz, an Amethyst cluster, or an Amethyst Geode.
  • Match your crystal gift with a wonderful dinner at a favourite restaurant.
  • A Valentine’s Day crystal, a box of chocolates, and a bottle of wine, now that’s coming close to a perfect gift.

The real beauty of a gift of a Valentine’s Day crystal is that it is a living energy centre in its own right. It vibrates at a unique frequency that cannot be matched by any other gift. So if you want to make an impact you can’t go past a Valentine’s Day crystal. Combine it with a special outing, or feel-good goodies and you should more than make your Valentine’s day special.



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