tips for using Jade in 2018

Tips for using Jade in 2018

These tips for using Jade in 2018 should prove useful in making the most of this year.

In this Universal 11/2 Year or 2018, we face the prospect of getting caught up in our busyness and experiencing the edginess it brings, or moving into resonance with a slower, more loving energy. The inherent energy in Jade may help to steer us towards inner peace and wisdom.

  • Bring it into your energy field and keep it there as much as possible. Keep a Jade tumbled stone in your pocket throughout the day and under your pillow at night.

        Regularly wear Jade jewellery and keep it nearby when it’s not being worn.


  • Set up a Jade display at your workspace — a carved Jade ornament, a bowl of tumbled stones, maybe a larger rough or polished piece. Perhaps you could consider a Jade vase and keep it filled with flowers.
  • Regularly take some time out and take advantage of a simple Jade layout to help ally your energy with the resonance of 2018. I like to do this weekly. In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, lie down on a comfortable surface and put your crystals in place. Twenty minutes is a good length of time for this. However, you may stay in place for as long as you wish and as long as you are comfortable.

    Simple Jade Layout for 2018.

  • Place a Jade crystal in the center of your breastbone, over your heart chakra. It may be a tumbled stone, a carved heart, or whatever you choose. Give it a boost by placing small Clear Quartz points (chargers) around it. You could just use 2: 1 set below and another above the Jade. Or 4, placing 1 above, 1 below, and 1 to each side. Perhaps 12, placed clockwise around the central Jade.


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