Plantar Fasciitis Crystals. Crystals for Pain in feet and Pain Relief.

Pain is never pleasant! But when it’s in your feet, it can be excruciating. Often it turns out to be Plantar Fasciitis, and lots of people ask if there are Plantar Fasciitis Crystals? Well, there are no specific Plantar Fasciitis Crystals, however, there are a number of pain-relieving crystals that will bring some relief.

Plantar fasciitis is among the most common causes of heel pain. It is caused by inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot connecting your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).

Plantar fasciitis typically causes a sharp stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot near your heel. The pain is usually at its worst with the first few steps after awakening, although it can also be caused by standing for long periods or when you get up after sitting. The pain is usually worse after exercise, not so much during it. Many also experience the pain throughout the entire day, albeit at varying levels.

Darryl’s story.

Can you help? I have plantar fasciitis and have just about given up. I am writing because a friend said I should look at crystals and suggested that I contact you.

My plantar fasciitis started about six months ago and came on very quickly. One day I had some discomfort in my feet and within a couple of weeks I could barely walk. It was excruciating to say the least, not to mention highly inconvenient.

I have to admit that I wanted immediate results, and had never really considered alternative treatments, so I went with what I knew about first. I guess these would be what you would call mainstream treatments. Two lots of cortisone injections for each foot. Getting orthotics. Rolling my feet on ice cold cans. Stretching and massaging my calf’s and my feet. Limiting time on my feet. Stopping exercise. Using analgesic ointments and heavy-duty pain killers. Wearing special support socks and even sleeping with strassburg socks.

After a few months my pain was decreasing, but by no means was I healing or really repairing. I gave in and resigned myself to putting up with it. About five months in I thought I could cope and resumed exercising. Naturally, I took it very easy. But after a few weeks, things were regressing rapidly. So, I stopped again. I was not a very happy chappy!

Also, throughout this time I met a lot of different people who also had or had had fasciitis. Some got over it in a few months, some took years and one realised it wasn’t there anymore. Yet others who had limited their activities so that they could continue on. For them, it seemed it was never going to go away.  

Are there Plantar Fasciitis Crystals I could use?

A close friend said she had successfully used crystals and suggested that I should give them a go. Hence my contacting you to find out what to use and how to go about it.

When I looked up my references for Plantar Fasciitis Crystals, I couldn’t find any direct mention for healing it. There were however several references to controlling and managing the pain associated with this affliction. By reducing the pain considerably, you are buying time for your natural healing forces to get into play.

10 Pain Relief Crystals for use with Plantar Fasciitis.

This list of crystals would all be equally useful, so they are listed alphabetically. It is really a matter of choosing the one(s) you feel you would like to work with.

plantar fasciitis crystals

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for pain relief because it can help us on all levels, (body, mind, and spirit). It is particularly useful for reducing stress, which is often associated with the cause of pain symptoms. Amethyst also cleanses the aura and removes negative energy and blockages that can contribute to pain.


Plantar Fasciitis Crystals
Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline provides powerful pain relief, partly because of its ability to deflect negative energies. And also because of the therapeutic benefit of transforming body heat into far infrared energy. It is particularly useful for relieving the stress and tension which often contributes to physical pain. It relieves pain caused by muscular disorders, helps reduce swelling, regulates the nervous system and contributes to better blood circulation.


Dendritic Agate.
Dendritic Agate.

Dendritic Agate is considered useful for reducing physical tension and pain, as well as reducing strains caused by stress. It also helps treat neuralgia and conditions of the nervous system and stimulates the veins and capillaries in the circulatory system.



plantar fasciitis crystals

Fluorite helps reduce pain, swelling and inflammation that is usually associated with arthritis, rheumatism and gout, but it can also be effective with fasciitis. It can also be used to help restore mobility and relieve spasms.




plantar fasciitis crystals
Green Aventurine.

Green Aventurine stimulates cell repair, regrowth and general healing and can help relieve muscle tension and accelerate overall healing. Sometimes recognised as a stone for soreness and agony, it can eradicate pain and help you feel relaxed and healthy too. It stimulates the life force by increasing your physical and vibrational vitality.




Hematite is an extremely grounding crystal that is regularly used for general pain relief and relieving cramps. It also assists with the regeneration of body tissue. It helps to improve physical issues by absorbing negative emotions and replacing them with strength and vitality. Plus, it has the ability to induce feelings of safety and comfort which helps us emotionally with our healing journey.


Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli alleviates chronic pain and reduces the effects of inflammatory ailments. Useful when healing from sprained or strained muscles or ligaments. It acts quickly to release stress and will also help you address any negative thoughts or behaviours you may be harbouring due to your pain.



Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian.

Mahogany Obsidian supports physical health and overall well-being. Its natural healing energies help to address many ailments and conditions and help achieve physical healing. It improves circulation and helps relieve aches and pains. It also removes the tension that tends to build up with pain.



plantar fasciitis crystals
Smokey Quartz.

Smokey Quartz may be used to relieve chronic pain and muscle cramps. It is understood to protect and assist muscle and nerve tissues. Best results are achieved by placing Smokey Quartz directly over or as close to the painful area as possible.



Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is one of the best ‘all-rounders’ for pain relief and healing. It has a cooling effect and also reduces inflammation. It adds another dimension to healing by providing emotional support and energetically contributing to your sense of well-being.



A Quick Look at Pain Relief with Crystal Healing.

Crystal Healing is the application of crystals to assist your energy system find its point of balance and a healthy and comfortable frequency to improve your quality of life. Pain can have serious and detrimental effects on our quality of life. Fortunately, to help counter this crystals can be highly effective in treating and relieving pain.

Generally speaking, crystals will take a little longer to work than conventional treatments. But they can be quite effective in cases of acute pain and for chronic pain if you’re patient. More often than not results are achieved long-term and you should see improvement within a few weeks.

Crystals can help heal or relieve pain in several ways. They can work directly on the point of pain, or they will generally help over particular areas of the body. Furthermore, working with, or just wearing these selected crystals may help to relieve pain in specific areas or organs in your body. Yet others, will act as “pain killers” and dull the sensation of pain. Or they can be made into an elixir that you can drink or can be applied topically.

Some Suggestions for Using Your Plantar Fasciitis Crystals.

Perhaps the simplest way to work with a crystal for pain relief is to place it directly over the pain. In the case of fasciitis, it may be difficult to have a stone on the bottom of your foot or heel. However, you could place one or a couple inside your sock. Or you could tape it to the top or side of your foot, as long as you aren’t wearing shoes at the time. Micropore tape is good for this.

You could also place them in a small bag, and attach them to your sock, pant leg, or shoe with a safety pin. In this way, you could wear them for most of the day. Try to pin them as close to your ankle or foot as possible.

Best results would be achieved by keeping the crystals with you all the time. Or at least most of the time.

For the nighttime, you could place your bag of crystals in the bottom of your bed with you. One of our clients told us she put one of each of the crystals above in a cloth bag and filled it with rice. Then she sealed it, making it like a little pillow. She said she kept it in the freezer and placed it against her foot at bedtime. She slept with it at her feet every night. (Similar to cold compress treatment).

You could just carry your crystals in your pocket, but this would not be nearly as effective as having close to the site of the pain.

You could make an elixir and you could either drink or sip on it throughout the day, or you could apply it topically over the area of pain.

Cleansing your Crystals.

Also please remember the importance of cleansing your crystals when using them for healing purposes. This helps them retain their effectiveness and strengthens their healing capability. Here are eight different methods you can use to clear and cleanse the energy of your crystals.

Supporting your healing with a Crystal Grid.

A crystal grid or self-healing layout would also be beneficial in supporting your pain relief efforts. (

You may also consider using a Crystal Gridding Kit, adding one of the above crystals to place in its centre.

We hope these suggestions at least provide some relief and better yet that they lead to the healing of your plantar fasciitis.

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