Too Much Accumulated Negative Energy…


Negative Energy — Rhonda came to us in a most concerned state. As a new healing client, she was questioning whether “this stuff” really works or not. Over the years she had gathered together an assortment of crystals and left them haphazardly around her house.

With each new crystal, she would feel a surge of energy and a general sense of wellbeing come over her. She had heard that some stones did particular things and had individual energies. So, she even got some for specific purposes and for a little while they seemed to do the job.


She found herself somewhat fascinated with each new stone she obtained. However, as this attraction waned it would be put aside and left to gather dust among the others. A while back she slowly entered into a state of depression. She also felt that her environment was in some way contributing to this.

Well, she was right. Our environments reflect back to us our primary way of being. If all is sunshine and light, we feel this way too. If all is dark and gloom, well the same is true for us. In Rhonda’s case, I felt a house call was in order and fortunately she agreed.

Rhonda’s Place.

When I arrived her place was tidy, the floors swept, the dishes done, and so on. But you didn’t need to look too close to see that everything else was covered in a layer of dust. The place felt gloomy and heavy. Since she and her husband had split a couple of years earlier she had been allowing herself to go on a repressive and negative downturn. Sure, she had looked after herself reasonably well physically and kept her place relatively in order. However, oppressiveness and negative energy had overtaken things big time.

In this case, her crystals had taken on all they could and had shut down, no longer working any of their good for her. But not doing any harm either. Even if they wanted to help they would have a hard time from under their coating of dust and dross.

The good thing is that crystals are not designed to do us harm. As energy reflectors they may mirror back some of the worst of us; they may even amplify it, but they don’t instigate a negative assault against us. One of my teachers said they have a safety lock on them to prevent them from being used for harm.

Anyway back to Rhonda. Her advice was to give her place a thorough spring clean; from top to bottom and everything in between. Also to take her crystals, including her jewellery, and give them all a good bath; except the Selenite, clean it with a  damp washcloth, and then set it out to dry quickly. It was suggested she play beautiful and uplifting music as loud as the neighbours would tolerate whilst she did this. And of course to smudge her place as she finished.

Negative Energy


When I saw her a fortnight later for her personal healing session she was radiant and so full of energy that I wondered for a moment if she really needed any more help from me and the crystals. But let’s face it; we all need all the help we can get to make ourselves even better. Cleaning and lifting the energy around her home had a massive impact. This also reflected in her state of being. However, on the healing table, we soon found some areas that could use some tuning and balancing out.

Rhonda also told me that she figured out that if the spring clean had made such a difference to her house, it might work for her car too. But in this case, she sent it to a detailer. I laughed with her when she told me she spent two hours a day commuting. So to make her journey more upbeat, she loaded her best music and also placed a couple of her crystals in the console. She did this to help her car feel better and help her to keep a more positive attitude.

So my tip for Rhonda was to make sure she kept her attitude and her environment in top shape. Also to allow her crystals to assist her as much as possible by periodically cleaning and recharging them. Freed from a negative build-up, they’ll work their magic for us and as Rhonda is rediscovering “this stuff does work”.



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