Migraine Crystals – Best Crystals for Migraine Relief

Q. I suffer a lot from migraine, are there migraine crystals that help to reduce their severity or better still prevent them?

A. Yes! Lots of people call bad headaches, migraines – so we shall deal with them also. Naturally, these treatments will work with regular or milder headaches as well.

A smooth Amethyst rubbed anti-clockwise on your forehead should bring relief. Some people find that wetting it under running water first can be an improvement in its efficiency. Charoite is also very effective for this purpose.

A Dioptase elixir will usually give it a quick shift. An old friend of mine swears by this old-fashioned treatment; He soaks a tea towel in brown vinegar and another in elixir. Then he lies down and places one on his forehead and alternates them every five minutes or so. He continues this until his migraine is gone, which is usually fairly quickly.

Best Crystals for Migraine Relief List.

In fact, there are a number of crystals that are excellent for dealing with headaches and migraines; Aventurine, Magnesite, and Rhodochrosite provide relief; Lapis Lazuli will quickly draw it off; Iolite will alleviate them; Jet effectively treats them; a Blue Agate slice quickly gets rid of it—but it makes it feel worse while it does it.

When brought on by stress, an Amethyst, Amber, Dioptase, or Turquoise placed on your brow will relieve it.
Consider what else is going on. E.G. If it is in response to or in association with pain elsewhere – use Aventurine over the pain site and another on your brow.
When caused by a food allergy or upset stomach you may need to add a stone that will calm the stomach. Citrine or Moonstone is good for this and is, usually placed on your sacral chakra.

If your headache is in response to nerves or trauma or grief, you might consider adding a Rose Quartz, placed over your heart chakra.


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