How to De-Stress

How to De-Stress – My Top Six Ways to De-Stress For Free.

It’s so easy to get caught up and strung out in the rat race of life. But you just need to engage in simple things to help you unwind.

  1. Just Breathe. Breathing deep from your diaphragm signals your body and nervous system to relax.
  2. Be Mindful. Instead of thinking about the past or the future, try to keep your mind in the present. Research suggests that this can seriously bust stress levels.
  3. Walk. Walking for just twenty to thirty minutes a day in a brisk but relaxed fashion can release built-up tension from your muscles and nervous system.
  4. Laugh. Notice how much lighter you feel when you have a laugh. Humor can be a great coping mechanism for stress and research shows laughing can stimulate circulation and muscle relaxation.
  5. Stop Multi-tasking. It might feel like a necessity, but multi-tasking can just lead to mistakes and overstimulate your senses. Make a list and stick to it and turn off your high-tech gadgets for at least a couple of hours a day.
  6. Hold a touchstone. Carry a special crystal with you at all times and when you feel yourself starting to stress out, reach for it and play with it in your hand. This acts as a trigger to start you relaxing and as you continue it helps you to do so even more.

Six Great Crystals to Help Reduce Stress are; Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Lepidolite, Muscovite, and Rose Quartz.

One of my best touchstones is a common pebble I picked up off the beach years ago.


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