Crystals for Lyme Disease and Other Immune Disorders


Anything that compromises your immune system should be considered serious, to say the least, and a challenge for healthy living. For those who may not be aware of what Lime disease is, it is an infection caused by bacteria known as Borrelia. This bacterium is transmitted by a tick bite. Typical symptoms include fatigue, fever, headache, sore muscles, and joints, along with a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans. Lyme disease can impact numerous bodily systems and organs and may even mimic other illnesses. As well as giving people Lyme disease, the ticks often transmit other diseases called co-infections.

Boosting the immune system, in general, will be a great help and for this, you may like to refer to our article ‘Strengthening the Immune System with Crystals’.

Thymus Thumping is a Good Starting Point.

The thymus gland lies just beneath the upper part of the breastbone or sternum in the middle of the chest. Thymus comes from the Greek ‘thymos’ which means “life energy.”

Its key role is in keeping your life energy vibrating at the right frequency. When it is in harmony it increases your strength and vitality.

Thymus thumping is a simple but very effective energy technique. It involves thumping on the Thymus in the centre of your chest. This can help bring up your life energy and activate your immune system.

How to do The Thym
us Thump:

You may thump (firmly but not hard) in the middle of your chest with your fist or the base of your hand (like Tarzan). Breathe deeply in and out as you do this for about 20 seconds. You can also add an affirmation such as “I am healthy, happy, and terrific.”

You should know when you have activated your thymus gland as you will feel a subtle feeling of joy or happiness accompanied by a little tingling sensation.

Activate your life energy and thymus gland by making this a regular daily practice.

In addition, thumping your thymus will:

  • Stimulate all of your energies.
  • Increase your strength and vitality.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Help regain vital balance.
  • Help produce T-lymphocytes or T cells, also known as “killer cells”, which are critical to the adaptive immune system.
  • Keep it active and bolster your immune system.

Boost your Thymus Thump with a Clear Quartz Generator.

Also, you can improve the effectiveness of this process by holding a Clear Quartz generator in your hand as you go about it.
Just be sure not to hit yourself with it.  


Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Salt is essential for life—you cannot live without it. However, we are not talking about de-natured commercial or normal table salt. You can help your body maintain its normal, natural, and healthy function, by ingesting salt made of naturally occurring elements. Himalayan Crystal Salt is over 250 million years old, nutrient-rich, including all the beneficial trace elements and minerals we require. 

It perfectly complements your body’s natural salinity level. Nor does it burden our bodies. Instead, it releases 84 trace elements and nutrients that our bodies can easily absorb and make good use of. What’s more, this natural salt does not need to pull excessive amounts of water from our cells, so you will not become dehydrated by consuming it on a regular basis.

Himalayan crystal salt also helps to regulate the electrolyte balance in our cells, which assists in conducting electricity. Moreover, this ensures the correct signals are getting through, which assists with healthy immune functioning.

Himalayan Salt

Use Natural Salt daily.

Add natural salt crystals to replace de-natured salt in your diet. Use it in your cooking and sprinkle it as a seasoning. Many people like to drink a glass of saltwater (Solé) on a daily basis to help keep them well. You can see how to make Solé in our video ‘How to make Solé’

Negative Ions

Negative Ions play a critical role in helping to keep our overall well-being and in boosting our immune system.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps and Selenite Lamps also do a commendable job in providing negative ions into your environment. Having these in your home and office would be a boon to helping your immune system overcome the problems of disease.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Negative ions are odourless, tasteless, invisible molecules. In certain environments, like mountains, waterfalls, and beaches we inhale them in abundance. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are understood to produce biochemical reactions. They increase our levels of the mood chemical serotonin and help to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our energy.

A wonderful benefit has been the relief negative ions can bring to people with Lyme disease.

Crystals for Lyme Disease and Improving Immunity. 

Bloodstone has powerful healing properties and is often used to purify and detoxify the body. It brings in love and helps to heal and ground negative energies. It can combat fatigue, irritability, and confusion.  Bloodstone is an energy cleanser, purifying blood and removing pathogens. It also increases energy and strength and creates a smooth and stable energy flow throughout the body.  Best worn continuously over your thymus or upper heart chakra.

Moss Agate is anti-inflammatory; it helps treat infections and speeds up recovery from illness. It strengthens the immune system, regulates hormone levels, and helps shield the body from stress. Stimulates the digestive system and aids in the elimination of toxins, also with cleansing the circulatory and elimination systems. It is useful for treating long-term illness and as an aid to recovery.

Bloodstone, Moss Agate, Tourmaline and Green Tree Agate for Lyme Disease.

Tourmaline, particularly Black and Green Tourmaline, is a potent ally when you’re in need of detoxification. It has an uncommon and special ability to generate an electric charge and emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. Far infrared rays are invisible energy waves that can penetrate and reach the inner-most regions of your body. Negative ions and far-infrared rays gently soothe, stimulate and detoxify your body and mind. These ions also promote oxygenation to the brain and regeneration. Far infrared is able to boost the immune system, promote detoxification, relieve stress, improve circulation and increase alertness. Tourmaline increases the efficacy of medication and herbs, decreases nausea, dispels pain, and builds stamina. 

Green Tree Agate imparts strength and perseverance and instils a feeling of safety in challenging situations. It also encourages a positive sense of self with unshakable self-esteem. Tree agate provides protection against negativity from within you and from others. It restores and revives vitality and imparts strength. Supports the immune system and helps to fight infection. Be patient when using Tree Agate as it works slowly and takes time to be effective. Best used over an area of pain for gentle relief.

Lyme Disease and Auto-Immunity.

Some people develop auto-immune disease(s) that also accompany their Lyme disease. The best crystals for this are:

Aquamarine has a general tonic effect that also strengthens your body’s cleansing systems and organs. It harmonizes the pituitary and the thyroid glands, regulating hormones and growth. Aquamarine calms overreactions of the immune system as well as assists with autoimmune diseases. It can calm fear and worry and also help to bring you into the flow of life.

Rhodonite is believed to assist in treatments for auto-immune diseases, soothes inflammation of the joints and arthritis. Rhodonite is excellent for restoring physical energy and may also be used to help reverse mineral depletion. Though it is not a purifier in itself, it boosts the organs and glands, allowing them to purify your body more effectively.

How to use your Crystals.

Crystals work best in close proximity to you. You can wear them, carry them, or set them around where you are most of the time. They can be a great comfort, even if all you do is fiddle with them, hold onto them, put them under your pillow or place them beside your bed.

You can even drink in their energy by making and consuming crystal water, or elixir. Making Crystal Elixirs and Infusions will show how easy it can be to do this.


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