Crystals For Winter Wellbeing | Overcoming The Winter Blues


Eight crystals for winter wellbeing that will also help you boost your mood, and enhance your energy. These same crystals will also help you overcome the Winter blues and assist with feeling more positive…

What Are The Winter Blues?

We are very lucky in Australia that very few of us actually suffer from true winter blues.

The winter blues refers to feeling down or a bit depressed during the winter months. Some other effects are feeling tired, or having a foggy mind. It’s more common in those parts of the world where winter is colder and often darker.

These days it is well known that a lack of daylight affects our hormone levels and consequently our moods too. More so in the northern hemisphere; some people suffer a medical condition called S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). If you suspect you may have it, you should see a doctor. The same with depression, it’s always wise to get medical advice.


What You Can Do Aside From Using Crystals for Winter Wellbeing.

Many of us tend to almost hibernate in winter. So, it’s important to stay involved in life and its activities. Be sure to spend plenty of time outdoors. However, if it’s too cold or wintery outside you can at least sit by a window—both our physical and mental health need to be exposed to as much natural light as possible.

Make sure you do some regular exercise. It doesn’t have to be strenuous; walking works well, and if you can’t get outside, try using a treadmill. You could also try stretching, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or yoga for example.

Healthy Eating is also important for keeping up your energy and vitality.

Try eating more fruit and vegetables and remember to drink plenty of water. Many of us crave sugary processed foods or carbs during winter. While these may temporarily boost our energy in the short term, they leave you feeling flat and more tired later.


8 Crystals for Winter Wellbeing and Overcoming Winter Blues

Crystals For Winter Wellbeing

Bronzite helps to increase your determination to get through the trials of the winter season. Ancient Egyptians treasured Bronzite for its connection to the sun god Ra. They carried it for the essence of solar energy, protection against evil forces and to promote clarity of thought. Bronzite also supports healthy digestion, and strengthens your immune system, contributing to your overall physical wellbeing.


Crystals For Winter Wellbeing

Carnelian is renowned for its ability to boost your energy and drive. It helps you increase your motivation to look after your physical health. Furthermore, its warm and vibrant energy infuses you with vitality and a sense of purpose. Carnelian reminds you to stay motivated and focused and allows you to channel your energy toward positive actions and creative outlets. This helps with your mental health and also helps to reduce anxiety.



Citrine has a warm and sunny energy that is ideal for winter. It provides a much-needed sunny boost, especially when daylight hours are minimal. It’s also a stone of abundance so, it can help you to manifest more of the good things you desire during your winter season. Citrine is an excellent choice for making the most of winter.



Crystals For Winter Wellbeing
Clear Calcite

Clear Calcite helps to improve your absorption of important vitamins and minerals that play an important role in your immunity and are also good for healing. It can also provide mental clarity if your mind is feeling a little bit foggy. Calcite can help to remove old energy patterns and also increase your motivation and drive. It is also useful for clearing negativity in the environment it is kept in. It also cleanses the aura and chakras.



Garnet helps to reduce tiredness and is first-rate for increasing your motivation in life. Deep, dark, red Garnet helps to set the perfect tone for the winter season. Particularly as it carries the energies of love, trust, and devotion. Furthermore, it helps you to stay grounded and maintain your connection to the earth, as well as increasing your energy. All of these are desirable traits for us to maintain throughout the winter months.


Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is perfect for keeping a cozy vibe going, even throughout the depths of winter. It helps to bring awareness of your negative thought patterns so you can snap out of them, and even better yet replace them with a more positive mindset. Smokey Quartz helps to detoxify your body and protect against illness. Moreover, it can help your body absorb nutrients and regulate itself better.


Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is symbolic of winter’s energy. The snowflake patterns evoke a sense of delight, and winter’s tranquillity. Its fire energy born from deep within the earth expels negative energy and thought patterns. It’s quite useful if you’re feeling down in the dumps or a bit pessimistic at this time of year. Furthermore, it helps to keep you calm, centred, and focused even in chaotic situations. Snowflake Obsidian helps to attract warmth and abundance as well as preventing winter ills and misfortune.



Sunstone channels solar energy, which is usually lacking at this time of year. It also helps to lift your mood and encourage a more hopeful and positive outlook. It inspires joy and keeps your spirits warm as you traverse this season of frosty mornings and cold starry nights. Sunstone brings light and happiness to help lift dark moods and depression. It helps to boost your confidence, increase vitality, and support your fitness goals.


How To Use Crystals For Winter Wellbeing.

I chose these eight crystals to cover different aspects of winter’s energies. As always choose the one you feel is best suited, or even combine them. You probably won’t need all of them at once, though there is no reason why you couldn’t do so.

They can be carried with you, worn as jewellery, meditated with, placed on their associated chakra, or used in a crystal layout or grid. Crystals for winter wellbeing can be placed around your home too.

We tend to spend more time indoors and at home during winter so why not create a sanctuary for yourself and your family? Any of the crystals above would be beneficial and help to generate the right winter vibe. Decorate or place them around your home in the areas where you spend most of your time. They will bring light and warm energy into your home. You may choose to create a small seasonal altar using your Crystals for Winter Wellbeing.


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