Winter Crystals Power Yourself Up this Winter Season.

Power yourself up with these winter crystals.

Crystals are treasured not only for their beauty but also for their mystical properties and healing energies. Did you know that the energy of a crystal or gemstone is heightened during certain times of the year?

For example, your own birthstone is most powerful for you during the month of your birth. E.g. Moonstone for June, as well as the alternate birthstones, Pearl and Alexandrite. As well as those related to your astrological or zodiac sign.

BloodstoneGarnet and Ruby are most powerful during winter and for this reason, are often used in wiccan and shamanic rituals to increase the power of spells and healing. These gemstones can be worn as jewellery, placed upon an altar, or in a special place.

Crystals can also stimulate and arouse energy to bring relief from winter melancholy.

Due to a perceived lack of sunshine, many people suffer from depression during the winter months. People who live in colder climates can find themselves feeling depleted as a grey winter persists.

Here are some stones that will give a boost to your physical and mental energy. They will lift your spirits and brighten a dull or despondent environment.

Place these crystals around your home or office to help beat away your blues on gloomy winter days. And of course, you can enjoy the closer comfort of these stones by wearing or carrying them with you.

winter crystals
Use your winter crystals to get the most from the season!

If, like a lot of people, you like to make seasonal plans and resolutions, choose a seasonal stone to get your goals off to the right start. A stone that you can wear, touch, or view every day will act as a physical reminder as well as an energy boost to achieve the things you most want in your future. Choosing the appropriate stone is as personal as your goals are. The stones listed above are particularly powerful during this season, and so any of them would be a good accompaniment to your birth or astrological stone.

Your winter crystals can also help with health goals, finding love and passion, controlling weight.

Depending on your purpose, you can create a combination of stones that will help you achieve whatever it is you are after. Crystals or stones can be selected to achieve a wide variety of objectives:

Health goals…If health is a concern, you could choose a healing stone appropriate to your physical complaint and combine it with Bloodstone to heighten its healing energies.

To find love and passion…You could create some magic by charging a Garnet and a Moonstone together on a Clear Quartz cluster to bring some passionate love into your life, or Garnet and Sunstone to increase personal sexual attraction. A Rose Quartz sphere joined with your birthstone and placed within a circle located at a special place or on an altar will keep your life vibrant and purposeful.

Lose weight…Depending on your purpose; you can create a combination of stones that will steel you through the season. For example, if your intention is to lose or at least hold weight, you could place an Amethyst in a Celestite cluster or geode and place the combination somewhere in your kitchen. The Amethyst will help overcome addiction to fattening foods and the Celestite calls upon your guardian angel for willpower during those inevitable weak moments.

A Seasonal Crystal Blessing for you to use with your winter crystals.

Whether you use your seasonal stone in rituals or meditation, or wear it as jewellery — blessing and/or charging it can help make it more suitable for your specific intent. Here is an easy Seasonal Crystal Blessing for you to use.

Sit in a comfortable position with your seasonal stone in front of you, or held in your cupped hands placed in your lap. Recall and think about the blessings in your life, and then the particular gifts that your stone offers. What are you grateful for at this moment? What have you achieved in your life so far that gives you joy and pride? (There is powerful magic in recognizing all that you already possess).

Now visualize what you would like to accomplish in the coming season. Remember to include spiritual achievements as these often act as a springboard toward material success.

Breathe steadily and deeply, inhaling and exhaling smoothly and slowly for about twenty minutes. As you do so, send the positive energy of your thoughts into the stone. Place the stone or sphere in a place where you will view (or wear) it often.


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