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Rhonda and her husband owned a large and wonderful house that she was extremely happy living in. However, circumstances had changed and she needed to move on and time was running out. She needed some help and some Crystals for selling a house.

She explained that several people had expressed interest in her home, but for some reason, it wasn’t moving. Her agent’s response was that times were tough and maybe she should reduce the price. She however was standing her ground. Especially as she honestly believed that they set a fair and equitable price with the agent when she listed. 

As we spoke, it became apparent that her request for a list of crystals for selling a house would take a little more than just giving her a list of stones. It was also prominently evident that she really was attached to her home. Furthermore, a large part of who she was, was also tied up with the property.

The project was set and as I saw it, there were four things that would need to be done as well as the list of crystals for selling a house in order to bring about successful completion.

Four Important Steps to Take.

1. Engage the agent.
2. Clear the energy of the house.
3. Release or detach her from her home.
4. Make it ready for sale.

With each task, we would select and use various crystals to help with the mission.   

Step 1.
Engage the agent.

Her first task was to revisit with her agent and make sure that he was fully onside and committed to her expectations. She wanted their property sold and better yet at the right price.

Blue Calcite would assist with this. It is an energetically gentle crystal that helps you to use the words needed to get your message across. It also shields sensitive people from the harsh impact of high stimulus energy and provides inspiration so they can communicate without trouble. She was to hold it while renegotiating with the agent.   

Ametrine, Aquamarine, Citrine or Celestite could also have been chosen to help with this communication task.

Step 2. Clear the energy of the house.

With this done, we needed to work on what is often a real obstacle to the successful completion of the sale – releasing or letting go of attachment.

It is not unusual for properties that should be selling to not do so, due to a ‘hanging on energy’ existing in the place. Rhonda needed to be sure it wasn’t actually her and her attachment that was hindering the sale. Her second task was to ritualistically clear and cleanse the energy, opening the way to the sale.

Even though her house was clean and tidy, she was to thoroughly clean it from top to bottom. While she was at it, her special assignment was to visualise herself doing so in preparation for the new owners.

Ametrine was chosen to assist with this task. While she was cleaning she was to carry an Ametrine or wear it over her solar plexus. This would help her overcome self-sabotage and procrastination and get on with the job. It would help her mind to stay clear and on task. Release blockages, Ametrine gets to the bottom of things and its powerful cleansing properties disperse negativity. It provides a harmony of mind and spirit that will help achieve and manifest Divinely inspired ideas and goals.

When this was completed she was to methodically smudge the whole house. While she was going about this she was to carry or wear a Citrine over her solar plexus, as well as the Ametrine.

Citrine would help maintain a positive attitude and encourage moving forward. It helps to go with the flow and let go of things from the past. It encourages the enjoyment of new things and experiences.

You could also use a Clear Quartz point, or any of the crystals for releasing, mentioned in the next section.

Step 3. Release or detach her from her home.

For this she was to write out an affirmative statement: “I lovingly release myself from the past and my attachment to this house and allow myself to live only in the present with an expectation of future happiness.”

This would now be set as the centrepiece for a grid that was to help her detach and move on. So it could be moved if necessary, it was set out on a moveable board and placed on the living room table. A largish Clear Quartz point was placed on top of this declaration. Positioned around this were these tumbled stones:

Crystals to help Her Release and Detach from Her Present Home

Aquamarine – helps you to detach and clear away the clutter within your mind. It supports letting go and moving past buried emotional patterns.

Carnelian brings the courage and confidence to move forward on a new life path. It will accelerate your motivation and help you to clarify your goals, so you can find the best direction in life and manifest what you want.

Rutilated Quartz – a perfect crystal for help in letting go. It cleanses and energizes your aura, reaching into the core of your problems and facilitating change.

Smokey Quartz – helps you to let go of old patterns and belief systems that may be holding you back from achieving your goal. It helps to release blocked and stagnant energy in your body and in this case, the house. New energy is able to flow in and replace the old energy, as well as fill all the space with light and hope.

Petrified Wood – facilitates letting go of emotional patterns and limiting thoughts so you can move forward and re-establish healthy patterns.

Kyanite – brings clarity and tranquillity and is ideal for releasing any emotional blocks holding you back from letting go and moving forward.

A Clear Quartz point was placed between each of the stones, pointing out and forming into a circle around the centre.

The Detaching Exercise. 

Rhonda was to focus her attention on the grid whenever she came near it. She was also to sit quietly next to it for 15 minutes or so each day and contemplate her affirmation. At other times, whenever a thought about the house entered her mind, she was to repeat her affirmation out loud. Further, she do this until she realised a shift had taken place. In her case, nine days later this happened and we moved into the next phase.

Step 4. Make ready for sale.

Using these crystals for selling a house, is more about setting the right energy throughout to enhance its features and assets, rather than coercing a buyer into action. Crystals set around the house add beauty and they help to balance and harmonise the energy in your home. They also protect the home from unwanted energies.

Rhonda’s house was large and impressive, so we used big pieces of crystal that would make a statement on their own, including large clusters, geodes, obelisks, pyramids and spheres.  She could well afford these, so we decided to go all out. Size, however, doesn’t make any real difference to the energetic imprint or the effectiveness of the crystals for the job at hand. So use a suitable scale of size and choose according to your budget. 

First, we looked to grounding the energies of the house and providing a protective grid. To do this we placed four large pieces of Black Tourmaline or Schorl into each corner of the property and adjusted them into the landscaping. Another four were positioned at the corners of the house. 

The Crystals for Selling a House:

Black Tourmaline provides grounding and protective energies that repel and negate unwanted negative energies. It can also transmute them into more useful positive energies and encourage peace in the household. 

Rose Quartz – a large chunk set at the front door. It provides loving and welcoming energy that also encourages visitors to relax and feel good. It transmits a vibe of trust and harmony.

Smokey Quartz – a cluster with a large point set in the entry foyer; Chosen for its grounding and anchoring ability and as an antidote to stress. It brings in a positive vibration and teaches how to leave behind anything that no longer serves.

Amethyst – a geode placed in the family room. It magnifies the energy of other crystals. Provides overall protection, and is good for physical, emotional, and mental balance. It also relieves homesickness. It helps negotiation skills, decision making, success, moving forward in life, coping with responsibility and change and supports successful business ventures.

These are the Best 7 Crystals for Selling a House.

Citrine – a geode positioned in the study/home office. Citrine energises and brings success in your endeavours, abundance, and augments intention. It is also useful for transmuting and repelling negative energy. It transmits happy and generous energy and has the power to convey joy to all who behold it. 

Pyrite – in the form of a sphere, set in the lounge. Powerfully protective and grounding, it brings the energies of good luck or good fortune. Furthermore, it energizes the area around it and imparts a direct increase in vitality. It increases your will to accomplish whatever tasks you have set out to do. It provides cheerfulness and contentment.

Green Aventurine – a large chunk took its place in the kitchen. Often referred to as “the good luck” stone. It is also good for attracting money, abundance, and success. It defuses negative situations and turns them around.

Tumbled Stones as Decorations.

In addition, a crystal glass bowl of Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz and Pyrite tumbled stones decorated the living room.

A Grid for Manifesting The Sale:

In addition, a circular grid was created using all of the above crystals as tumbled stones; Created on a board that could be put away without disturbance when prospective buyers were viewing the home. The rest of the time it was on a table in the living room. In the centre, under a Clear Quartz point was a “SOLD” sign and a picture of the house.   

P.S. We have just learnt that five weeks after we started Rhonda has a sale contract for the sum she wanted. The purchaser also wants to buy all of the crystals she had on display as they feel they really add “something they can’t quite define, but they like it” to the property.    


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