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Jon wants to know what he can do for restless legs syndrome. More often than not he gets disturbed by uncontrollable twitches when he is trying to relax and often he is afflicted with twitching legs at night when he should be sleeping.

Simply put, restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes a strong urge to move your legs. There is often an unpleasant feeling in the legs that generally improves with moving them. These feelings commonly occur when at rest and therefore can also make it hard to sleep.

Sue and I have both experienced restless legs syndrome, more so in the past than presently. We haven’t experienced it for some years now, ever since we supplemented our diet with a daily dose of Fulhealth colloidal minerals and an extra dose of Fulhealth magnesium colloid.

Magnesium is a key element in restless legs syndrome relief.

As Magnesium is crucial to nerve transmission and muscle contraction, it plays an important role in helping to settle jumpy legs. It also

restless legs syndrome
assists with energy production, nutrient metabolism, bone and cell formation and blood coagulation.

Apart from the benefit of magnesium in relieving restless legs syndrome, it has an overall affect in helping to – calm nerves and anxiety – relieve muscle aches and spasms – regulate calcium, potassium and sodium levels – treat insomnia and help you fall asleep. And of course it is an essential for heart health. It also activates over 300 enzyme reactions within the body.

Magnesium is one of the six essential minerals that we need in large quantities. And yet, the simple fact is that most of us are deficient. It is because of the requirement for this mineral and the important role it plays in maintaining good health and optimal functioning that it has been given prominence within this article.

25 Magnesium rich crystals:

These twenty five crystals are known to be rich in magnesium. (These are normally available instore). Naturally, you would use these on an energetic level to create a vibrational resonance to have a positive effect upon restless legs syndrome.

Calcite: Chrysoprase: Diopside: Dumortierite: Hypersthene: Iolite: Kyanite: Labradorite: Malachite: Moonstone: Nephrite: Opal: Peridot: Petalite: Rhodonite: Rubellite: Serpentine: Sodalite: Spinel: Staurolite: Tektite: Topaz: Tourmaline: Turquoise: Vesuvianite.

Hematite, Amazonite and Smokey Quartz for RLS Relief:

Over the years, these three crystals have been the prominent go-to crystals for treating RLS.

Ron keeps a Hematite with him at all times, carried in his pants pocket—Often one in each pocket. Over the years it has proven most effective at holding cramps at bay and reducing arthritis in his hips and of course preventing the return of restless legs syndrome. When one of these problems breaks through, it at least keeps things to a minimum.

The grounding and balancing qualities of Hematite helps to promote a healthier sleep cycle too.

Amazonite dissipates blockages in the nerve pathways and reduces spasms.

Smokey Quartz was historically worn as an anklet as a way to keep the legs pain free. It encourages healing of arthritis-related cramps and introduces positive stimulation for the joints.

We may not be able to eliminate energy blocks leading to deficiencies and toxic build-up accumulated in our daily living. However, we can raise our body frequency to put it on alert and into healing mode using powerful healing crystals.

Other crystal recommendations:

Other crystal healers, from among our colleagues, also recommend these crystals to help you and your legs to relax. These natural crystal treatments ease or remove stress and help the muscles relax, easing the symptoms of restless legs syndrome.

Amber relieves stress, aids with relaxation and eases tension in the muscles.

Blue Calcite soothes the nerves and lessens anxieties. It facilitates healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation.

Chrysocolla is soothing and calming and brings about a gentle release of stress.

Chrysoprase stimulates detoxification and elimination of wastes and substances including heavy metals that are creating a negative effect on the system.

Iolite is a wonderful muscle relaxant.

Lapis Lazuli is recommended by one colleague, but more for its ability to alleviate insomnia and provide good sleep. It also purifies blood and boosts the immune system and soothes areas of irritation.

Stilbite can help to relax the muscles and ease tension.

Some suggestions to help relieve the symptoms of restless legs syndrome ease stress and relax the body:

We can certainly suggest that you wear, hold, or even tape a selected crystal to your limbs to help manifest muscle relaxation.

Wearing an appropriate crystal anklet can be quite helpful.

Soaking Bath – immersing yourself in a bath of warm/hot water infused with the energy of the right crystal can rejuvenate your legs.

Soaking your feet in a foot bath using crystal infusions will also work well.

Place a few favourites under your bed or between the base and mattress.

Make a crystal elixir, preferably by the indirect method, and sip throughout the day.



According to one school of thought, excessive accumulation of toxic substances
in the body is the cause of RLS.





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