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Are you looking to lower your blood pressure naturally? Traditional blood pressure treatments alleviate symptoms, but do they truly address the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, and disorder? Aside from altering your diet and implementing a different exercise regiment, there are several crystals for high blood pressure that have been used historically in alternative healing modalities.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic medical condition where the blood pressure in the arteries is higher than it should be. This causes the heart to work harder than normal in order to circulate blood through the blood vessels.

High blood pressure can cause many problems, including heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure. To stay healthy, people should try to keep their blood pressure below 140/90. 120/80 is considered optimal.

Blood pressure is a medical measurement: Your arteries carry blood away from your heart and distribute it throughout your body. This blood travelling through the arteries presses against the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure is a measurement of how hard the blood is pushing against the walls of the arteries.

Fortunately, lifestyle changes can also play a big role in managing or reducing high blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension is not at all desirable.  These crystals may help you to keep it regulated and under control, as well as address the underlying causes of anxiety, stress, and chaos. However, we are not suggesting you replace your medical professional’s regimen with these. Yet we can see no reason why they could not be used together.

12 Recommended Crystals for High Blood Pressure.

Amethyst – is one of the best healing stones for regulating high blood pressure. It has a cooling, tension-relieving and pain-soothing effect. It also helps to harmonise brain functions, calms the nerves, leads to relaxation. Amethyst has the added benefit of being an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.

Bloodstone – as you may be able to imply from its name, is one of the premier crystals for dealing with blood pressure problems. It is particularly beneficial for cleansing and purifying the blood and the circulatory system. It helps to regulate blood circulation and maintain optimum pressure. Also encourages overall health and wellness.

Black Tourmaline – helps to equalize blood pressure, increase physical vitality and strengthen your nervous system. It is also a protective and grounding crystal that helps to keep stress and negativity out of the way.

Charoite – will regulate your blood pressure and harmonise your pulse rate. It provides much-needed energy when you are exhausted. By reducing stress and worry, it can help you to have a more relaxed attitude. It also helps you determine the source of your ailment, so that you can treat the cause rather than just the symptoms.

Chrysocolla – possesses an energetic ability to lower blood pressure and strengthen weak blood vessels. It has the ability to re-energize all of your energy systems. Symbolising serenity, compassion, and forgiveness, it helps to calm and soothe emotional stress, nerves, anxiety, and depression.

Green Aventurine – is one of the better stones for equalising and controlling blood pressure. It comforts, harmonizes, and protects the heart. As it has particularly soothing energy it is also recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. Use it to loosen and release negativity, energy blockages, and disease and assist the body with regeneration.

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– while lowering blood pressure, this beautiful stone also reduces stress and anxiety. It also stimulates your circulation and reduces sensitivity to cold. It offers strength and unity helping you to recognise differences in your energies and within your body.

Lapis Lazuli – improves cardiac rhythm and enhances circulation. It also reduces vertigo and lowers blood pressure. An exceptional stone with life-changing attributes, it assists in flushing toxins out of your blood vessels. It is a good stone for healing as it helps to get to the root cause of the dis-ease.

Kyanite – is a natural pain reliever and energetically assists with healing. It lowers blood pressure and helps heal infections. Balances yin-yang energy, cuts through confusion, anger, frustration, and stress, and dispels illusions and blockages. Black Kyanite grounds the body, clears blocked chakras, and restores energy flow in your meridian system.

Malachite – stabilizing of blood pressure and heart problems is one of its characteristics, as well as cultivating harmony in and around the wearer. It assists with restoring strength and vitality after an infirmity. It also supports the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.

Rhodochrosite – has traditionally been used to assist the heart and circulatory systems to regulate blood pressure and pulse rate. It is also beneficial in the treatment of the hardening or narrowing of the arteries. It helps keep you buoyant and cheerful, dynamic and active.

Sodalite – works well at lowering blood pressure and calming the nerves. It also has the power to purify your organs and make them work to capacity. Additionally, it can boost your immunity and protect you from most ailments. It imparts a healthy heart vibration that opens up a stress-free lifestyle too.

How To Use Crystals for High Blood Pressure.

It would be unusual to need to use all twelve crystals at once. However, there is nothing stopping you from doing so, especially if you feel you need all of the properties offered. Having read the list, choose one or a few of the crystals that appeal to you. This choice may be based upon the description offered, or a liking for the appearance of the stones, or just by following your intuition. If you are unsure you could scan the list with a pendulum to help you make your choice.

Possibly the easiest way to get benefit from your crystals is to carry them with you, say in your pocket or purse. And of course, you can wear them as jewellery. You may also improve their impact by keeping a selection as a display in an area you regularly frequent.



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