Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance.


What does the dictionary have to say about crystals for good luck and abundance?

The dictionary describes luck as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”. Furthermore, good luck is “chance considered as a force that causes good things to happen”.

The dictionary definition of abundance being “in large amounts”; And abundance in a spiritual context is, “an appreciation of life in its fullness, joy and strength of mind, body and soul”. Leading to the cultivation of respect for the creative energy of the universe.

So, we thought we’d talk a little bit about some crystals that could help to bring you all the good luck and abundance you may desire.

Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance List:


Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance. Cats Eye
Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye stimulates your intuition and enhances awareness. It also has a grounding property and provides a very effective protective energy. It amplifies good luck and good fortune. Cat’s Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy. Furthermore, it encourages happiness and serenity, as well as optimism, generosity and confidence. It also enhances creativity and kindness. Traditionally, wearing a Cat’s Eye would protect you from evil spirits.


Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance. Emerald

Emerald is recognised as a symbol of love and good fortune. Ancient Vedic texts testify to Emerald being the “gem of good luck” as well as being the “gem that improves one’s well-being”. It shares an energy that encourages abundance, spiritual and material growth, honesty and patience. It’s a wonderful stone to have handy if and when you need to make important financial decisions. Furthermore, it surrounds you with energies of prosperity, peace and harmony, and allows you to see the bigger picture. An ideal gem for investors, buyers, musicians, painters, and quite helpful to those struggling with difficult financial decisions.


Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance. Jade

Jade is a Good Luck Charm as it is frequently referred to as the “lucky stone” or the “happiness stone”. This ancient good luck stone is known to bless whoever it touches. Not only does it bring luck, but it can also bring you abundance, and good fortune. But, while it is at it, it will help keep you grounded and guard you against negativity. Its prosperous energy can assist with increasing your personal wealth. It will also help with finding the best course of action on matters involving your finances. Jade has a special energy that helps promote wisdom, balance, and peace.


Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance. Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye attracts good luck, prosperity, and abundance into your life. It also encourages you to build the confidence needed to allow you to achieve your goals. Further providing you with the courage and ability to help you recognize your talents as well as your faults. It helps to control excess anxiety and fear too, so you can make decisions with a calmer and more centred mind. It also has a pleasing ability to be able to attract the right people, situations, and material things your way; helping you to be in the right place at the right time with the right people. It can also help focus and perfect analytical skills – very helpful for anyone wanting to get ahead in life.


Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance. Sunstone

Sunstone is linked to good luck and good fortune. It energetically instils good nature, heightens intuition and allows your real self to shine through happily. Furthermore, it dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress, and increases vigour. Encourages independence and originality. Especially supportive when you have difficulty saying “No” to others. It also facilitates self-empowerment and independence. Encourages optimism and enthusiasm. Increases self-worth and confidence.


Luck Kit
Luck Kit

In addition to the crystals listed above, you may also like to consider a Luck Kit. It comprises 5 crystals packaged together to encourage good luck.

Jade – brings good luck, wealth and sufficiency
Turquoise – provides good luck, dispels negative energy
Agate – fosters good luck
Garnet – considered a good luck stone, repels negativity
Green Aventurine – brings luck and abundance


That Special Lucky Stone
That Special Lucky Stone.

Many of us also have what we consider to be a very special lucky stone. Most importantly, we should never overlook these stones. More often than not they are just some random stone or pebble we have picked up. Occasionally they are quite valuable gemstones, but not usually associated with good luck. However, for us, they are our talismans, our lucky charms; and somehow and for some reason we intrinsically attach ourselves to them. Right from the beginning and then enforced over time, we have imbued them with our own personal good luck energy. While ever this stone is in our possession, we know we are all right! Luck is on our side!

How To Live with Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance.

Firstly, when you obtain your crystal for good luck, it is a good idea to cleanse it. One of the easiest and most expedient ways to do this is to wash it under running water. It is also wise to do this regularly and as often as you are guided to.

As it is your lucky stone it is a good idea to buddy up with it. Keep it with you as much as possible by carrying or wearing it. Why I would even sleep with it! A very inexpensive way to wear it is by putting it into a wire cage hung on a black cord necklace.

Whenever you feel in need of a luck pick-me-up, simply caress your lucky talisman, treating it as a touchstone for good luck and abundance.


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