Crystals for Back Pain Relief, Used Alone and with a Back Stretcher.


If you have back pain, you know it, and if you don’t you know that too! So, I don’t think I need to explain it. I have put up with back pain, especially lower back pain for most of my life. And it appears I’m not on my own. In fact, back pain is quite common and affects most of us at some point in our life. Naturally, I have used crystals for back pain relief for many years as well. Most of the time they have done an excellent job, until the next time when I need them.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the things I have tried and found to be beneficial. Plus the crystals for back pain relief I have worked with and some of the ways I have used them.

Let’s deal with the simple things normally recommended by most healthcare professionals. Now, I am assuming that you are a bit like me and like to take responsibility for your health and well-being. Also if something is amiss you consult with health professionals before embarking on your treatment system. Actually, I usually find my best way exists between the two.

So, here they are even though they don’t seem to be directly connected to back pain. However, they play quite a role in back pain relief. 1. Drink plenty of water. 2. Take decent daily walks. 3.Take care of your posture. 4. Do your best to stay calm and relaxed. 5. Don’t over-exercise. 6. Get back to your ideal weight. 7. Have regular back massages. 8. Get a Reiki healing. 9. I don’t blame you if you question this one. As hard as it is in our modern society, do your best to minimise contact with EMF.


Back Stretcher
Back Stretcher.

First and most importantly I am not recommending or endorsing this device. I came across it when a friend told me about the one she was using. I then looked them up online and chose the one I now use. If you are considering one I suggest you also look them up online. Not only will you discover there are plenty to choose from, but there is an abundant supply of information about them and their use. Many are the same device offered at varying price breaks, so more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

So, What Is a Back Stretcher?

It’s a device to effectively stretch the lower back to help relieve pain and pressure. It also helps to correct posture imbalances and increase flexibility. Easily adjusts to different levels of arching for customized stretching.

How long do you lay on it for?

Most suppliers recommend using a back stretcher for 5 minutes. Preferably, twice a day for optimal lumbar support and back pain relief. It is best to lay on it on the floor, or a flat supportive surface. I prefer to lay on it on my bed.

Are Back Stretchers Safe?

Yes, back stretchers are safe, however, there are some key points to consider to ensure your safety. Positioning is important, so be mindful of how you are getting on and off the stretcher. Start on the ‘low’ level. You can then increase the level as you feel comfortable and if needed.

Should you have a medical condition, a prolapsed disc, or a specific back injury avoid using a back stretcher, until you clear it with a medical professional.

How to Position and Remove it.

To put in position, lay on your back, pull your knees up, and slide your feet under them. Then push up lifting your back off the surface. Now slide the stretcher under your back with its middle in line with your spine and the middle of the stretcher arch under your belly button. Or, sit with your knees up and wiggle the device under your buttocks until the end is level with your tailbone, and then gently lie backward. You may find it more comfortable with a pillow placed under your head.

I find the easiest way to remove it is to bring my knees up and then roll to the side. Then I reach back and remove the stretcher, roll back again, and rest for a few minutes.


My Go-To Crystals for Back Pain Relief.

Crystals for Back Pain Relief
Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is pretty much my go-to crystal for most things. As a master healer, it is excellent for pain relief. It works by amplifying, adjusting, clearing, and balancing the bio-magnetic and energy fields around your body. It also has a powerful and positive influence on your immune system. Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal for back pain relief because of its ability to transform negative energy. What’s more, it rehabilitates and supports your entire energetic system. Another great thing about Clear Quartz is its ability to lift your spirits, which makes it easier to deal with pain, and find relief.

Crystals for Back Pain Relief

Hematite can be beneficial for back pain and is especially useful for people in pain after back surgeries. It increases the flow of life force energy through your body and also helps to accelerate your natural healing process. Plus it is a great allrounder when it comes to restoring strength and flushing out toxins. Furthermore, Hematite tends to restore strength and vitality to both your energetic and physical bodies which makes it much easier to manage pain. On top of that, it is a proficient grounding stone and is well-known for neutralizing negative energy.

Crystals For Back pain

Selenite is known for its high energetic frequency, as well as its ability to remove energy blockages and provide a sense of calm. Furthermore, it can balance your energy fields while creating a relaxed atmosphere around you. Aside from that, it is used by many healers to help relieve back pain, and to keep the spine in alignment, especially after back injuries. Selenite works with you energetically to reduce muscle soreness or pain.

Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz.

Smokey Quartz is a superb healing crystal that helps disperse fear and lifts depression and negativity. It brings emotional calmness, thereby helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Most importantly, it strengthens your back and fortifies your nerves. Smokey Quartz also relieves back pain, can relax a stiff back, and eases muscular spasms and cramps. It also aids in the assimilation of minerals which play an important role in relaxing muscles as well as pain relief.


Amethyst is excellent for removing energy blocks, and stress and tension that exacerbate back pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties, eases joint pain and swelling, and relieves stiffness caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Additionally, it also improves muscle tone and reduces muscle spasms and soreness. Amethyst encourages healthy sleep, which can certainly be hard to achieve when you are struggling with back pain.


These Crystals for Back Pain Relief are also very effective.

Malachite, Magnetite, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, Amber, Cathedral Quartz, Blue Agate.


How to Use Your Crystals for Back Pain Relief.

We can all make use of the crystals for back pain mentioned above to help alleviate back tension. These are some of the most common methods with which we can harness their benefits.

  • Carry Them in Your Pockets or purse. You can simply reach in and handle them whenever you feel tense, stressed, or in pain. Similarly, they may provide a few minutes of relaxation.
  • Rest With Them on Your Back. You may like to recite positive affirmations or meditate for a few minutes to help you relax. Stay for as long as it feels comfortable, but usually 20-30 minutes is ideal.
  • Have Someone Give You a Massage With Them. You can always ask someone you know to help out by giving you a massage with your choice of crystals. Tumbled stones are OK but larger flat polished stones are better. And they feel wonderful when massaged against the skin.
  • Meditate With Them. This is particularly helpful if your back pain is caused by stress. It is also useful as it helps to manage anxiety, focus on the present moment, as well as reduce negative emotions.
  • During Yoga. Whilst practicing yoga, you can keep your crystals for back pain relief nearby. You can place them on your yoga mat, or set them in a circle around your exercise area.
  • Place Them Under Your Pillow at Night. Get some relief while you sleep, particularly if your back pain keeps you from getting a good sleep. The crystals will also help to relax your muscles and protect your auric field.


Using Your Crystals for Back Pain Relief Alone, or with Your Back Stretcher.

You may use each of these crystal layouts on their own, or in combination with your back stretcher. Furthermore, you can substitute the crystals for each of the layouts. For example, you could exchange Clear Quartz for the Hematite in the Grounding Hematite Ring.

In all of the exercises below, it is best to lay on your back stretcher for the recommended time of 5 minutes. However, I regularly go for ten and sometimes as long as fifteen minutes. I find that if I go longer it tends to become very uncomfortable. Once your stretcher time is up, you can always call it time. Or, once it is removed you may stay in place with the crystals for as long as you like, but fifteen to twenty minutes is optimal.


Clear Quartz to Amplify the Healing Energy.

Lay on your device and hold a Clear Quartz in each hand. Alternatively, you can place one on each side of your body level with your belly button. I like to hold onto large points or generators, but any Clear Quartz crystal will do the job.

Clear Quartz Energy Balance and Back Pain Relief.

Use six Clear Quartz crystals. Place one on each side of where your feet will end up. One either side of where your belly button will be. And one on each side of where your shoulders will be. Then move into the middle, put your device in place, and lay back, relax and enjoy your experience. This layout should sort out your energy channels and get your systems moving smoothly. Major energy channels run parallel to your spine and of course a large part of your nervous system also. Your energy moves around your body in an anticlockwise direction so it is a good idea to support this. Therefore, if you are using points line them up so that on your left they are pointing up or towards your head. On the right side have them pointing down or towards your feet.

This same method can be utilised using Smokey Quartz.

Grounding Hematite Oval.

In my case, I use eighteen large Hematie tumbled stones, but regular size stones are also quite suitable. Lay or space regularly them in an oval about 30 cm or 12 inches around where your body will be. Lay in the middle and move your back stretcher into position under your back. Laying in this energy field should help you to relax as well as ground and smooth your energy systems. At the same time restoring vitality and strength which makes it so much easier to deal with back pain.

Selenite Alignment.

You can use Selenite tumbled stones or rods of Selenite for these layouts. Four to six pieces should be sufficient. Or if you have a piece of about 30 cm, use that.

First method: You won’t be able to use your back stretcher for this first method because you will be lying abdomen. While you’re on your front, simply lay your Selenite down along your spine. If you don’t have the flexibility to do this on your own, ask a friend to assist.

Second method: Lying on your back, move your device into position, and then place your Selenite down your centre line. You may find it easier to lay them next to and alongside your body. You may even want to double the number of Selenite that you’re using. After you remove your device, you may need to reset your crystals, if you are going to lay there longer.

Selenite helps cleanse away any negative energy and helps you to be more focused and relaxed. With its reputation for helping with flexibility, bone alignment, and back pain your pain should be significantly reduced or even gone completely. You may even experience an overwhelming feeling and you might also feel that your body is vibrating.

Amethyst Bed.

It wasn’t until I was writing this article that I realised I had been using this for several years, although originally I set it in place for a different reason. And now that I think about it, it is probably one of the reasons why I notice my back more when I’m away from home. Also why I sleep so much sounder while I’m at home.

Between my bed base and mattress is a line of Amethyst natural points. These are located roughly below where I lie on the bed. The good thing about this is that I receive all of Amethyst’s healing energies while I’m sleeping. Any time I use my back stretcher it automatically includes my Amethyst bed.

Swap and Mix.

One of the joys and benefits of these layouts and crystals for back pain relief is that they are interchangeable. You can mix and change them about. Instead of holding Clear Quartz, you may choose to hold Selenite or Hematite. You may surround yourself with all of the crystals instead of staying with Hematite alone. Or whatever way you want to go about it.


What I like about using crystals for back pain relief.

I like what I call the safety factor for using crystals because they are unlike many other healing items, tools, and modalities. For example, in this article, I talk about using a back stretcher and as long as I use it properly there should be no problems. However, if I don’t place it correctly, or stay too long, there is a chance that I could do some damage. If I’m using herbs, oils, or regular medications and I get it wrong, there is a good chance that I may do more harm than good.

With crystals, should I use the wrong one, or use it for too long, or in the wrong spot, the worst that will happen is nothing. It simply won’t work, or won’t do as good a job as the right selection for my problem. I’ve never heard of anyone overdosing on crystals. I’ve never heard of anyone being harmed by using them. Another interesting thing about them is that they don’t just do one thing, so they can often cover for each other. This being said, there are still some precautions you should follow with a few crystals. These are usually noted in their description. Things like not placing a stone in your drinking water, while the same stone is OK to use otherwise. And using care when handling stones with a toxic element, like Galena which contains lead.


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