Crystals for a Twisted or Sprained Ankle


Owe! Ugh! and other sounds were escaping from my mouth as I quickly fought for my equilibrium. What happened? I exclaimed as pain shot up my leg from my ankle, even though I knew the answer. Well sort of. I had twisted my ankle as I stepped off the pavement onto the grass. A twisted or sprained ankle was not exactly what I needed at that moment.

In a fraction of a second, I found myself fighting for my balance, wondering what the heck, and realising that ankle pain wasn’t pleasant. I couldn’t understand how I did it, twisted my ankle that is until I examined the grass. It appeared neatly trimmed. However, lurking underneath its covering was a dark hole, the one that found my foot and tripped me up. A sprained ankle. Ugh! 

Sue, who was with me at the time and saw the whole thing, provided little consolation. All she had to say was, “come on, get over it, it’s not that bad”. Well, all I knew at that moment was that ankle injuries hurt.

However, I’m sure her approach was to minimise things, so I wouldn’t magnify them in my mind. This is something many of us can and often do. Mentally make things worse than they are, that is. But I took a deep breath and walked on with her to where we were going. I must admit, a couple of hours later and the ankle pain had receded into the background and I hardly noticed it.

I made the mistake of not attending to my ankle as soon as I could. So at the end of the next day, it hurt, really hurt. I must have severely twisted and disturbed my ankle ligaments, judging by the pain I was experiencing.

Sprained Ankle Treatment

Now I reckon all of us have had, or will end up with a rolled ankle or a sprained ankle at some time or other. But my word of advice is not to ignore it but to look after it straight away, or at least as soon as possible.

Now that I recognised this was more than just a little twist or roll, I thought I had better get serious and do something about it.

Better late than never, I remembered R.IC.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). It is a highly recommended therapeutic first aid treatment for sprains and strains and acute musculoskeletal injuries. It helps reduce inflammation and associated swelling, as well as providing some basic pain relief.  Ideally, it should be administered as soon as possible after injury. Doing this will result in decreased pain, inflammation, swelling and tissue damage, and muscle spasms. The four components of R.I.C.E. therapy may be carried out together, separately, or in any combination.

For me, it was a bit late for the Ice. However, I did start to rest my ankle when I could. I took care of the compression by using one of those elastic ankle supports. Then whenever I could I kept my foot elevated. It was also suggested to take a rest from my regular morning walk until I was sure my ankle was properly recovered.

A little over a week later I was missing my morning walk and my ankle was feeling somewhat better, so off I went. Arriving home I realised that I had probably set things back a bit! So it’s a good idea to wait until your injury is fully recovered before resuming normal activity. Then when you do resume things, work up slowly, rather than going full out. 

Crystals for a Twisted or Sprained Ankle.

Naturally, I also went to my crystal first aid kit for some help from this department. Crystals can provide a great deal of comfort and assist significantly with pain relief and help reduce inflammation and tenderness.

My first choice was a Green Aventurine to deal with the pain. Also Malachite for pain relief and its ability for healing sprains. Fluorite as it is exceptionally restorative for muscles, tendons, and bone issues. Black Tourmaline as it will surround the injury in healing and protective energy.

These are some of the reasons for my choice:

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine – has a good reputation for alleviating pain. It also helps out by fortifying the connective tissues and is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is beneficial for long-term healing as it can be worn for long periods of time. As a gentle healer, it has the ability to soothe and balance and seems to have a very positive influence outside of the immediate pain area. It also enhances relaxation, regeneration, and recovery, by helping us to be more patient and calm, and helping to overcome anger or annoyance.


Malachite – is full of Copper Carbonate which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. It is also an excellent aid for healing physical pain. As well as being a very protective stone, it assists the body’s different elements to gather together and create balance. When we experience pain, our body’s resident vibrations rise higher. Malachite emits a steady, low vibrational frequency. So by bringing it close to the area of pain, it balances the energy field and restores equilibrium, and makes the pain more bearable. It restores strength and vitality after injury or illness. It Aids joint health and helps to heal swollen joints, torn muscles, and ligaments, and treats arthritis.

Note: Most references say to never place Malachite directly on the skin, especially an unpolished stone. Many recommend placing a cloth underneath it, or between it and your skin. Use your own judgement, I personally have no problem with using it directly on my skin. The amount of copper present or freely available, which is the reason for the advisory, is negligible.  


Fluorite – enhances your healing potential. It helps to cleanse, purify, dispel and reorganize any disorder within the body. It has great uses in healing, providing pain relief, helping to mobilise joints, and alleviating arthritis, rheumatism, and injuries. Fluorite encourages and sustains the perfect ideal of health and well-being.


Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline – has the ability to form a protective shield around the body. (However in this case I was more concerned with just my ankle). It is also capable of grounding and restoring balance and connectivity throughout the body’s energy systems; Probably shaken and disturbed when the injury occurred. It helps release both emotional and physical tensions and stress that may have developed along with the pain. Tourmaline enhances energy flow and provides pain relief, making it an excellent healer.

How to use your Crystals for a Twisted or Sprained Ankle. 

Achieve better results by keeping the crystals in direct contact with your skin and immediately over the affected area. Preferably keep them there for at least eight hours a day. Some days I forgot about them and they stayed in place for up to sixteen hours.

I found the elastic ankle support ideal for keeping the stones in position. Just tuck them into place under the elastic. If you’re not using an ankle support, tuck them under your sock.

It is a good idea, to remove the ankle support and the stones while you are sleeping unless you have medical advice stating otherwise. This gives the crystals a rest and allows for unrestricted circulation in your ankle. You are unlikely to cause any further distress or do any damage while you are asleep.    

Keep your crystals cleansed and recharged.

To help my crystals to do a great job on my ankle, I helped them out by cleansing them daily. 

To cleanse them, at the end of each day simply rinse them under running water when they are removed. Shake off any excess water and place them onto an Amethyst cluster overnight for recharging of their inherent energies.

P.S. I spoke with the appropriate people about repairing the hole in the footpath. I am enjoying my morning walks again and I am sure that my ankle healed much quicker than might otherwise have been the case without the help of my crystals. It is certain that if I had taken my own advice and reacted sooner and not over-stressed it for the first few days – things would have healed even quicker.

My Tip – take action sooner, rather than later, and stay off it as much as possible.  

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