As a kid I loved Christmas, it always has been a special time of year. I really enjoyed opening my presents with all the joy and surprise they brought. I guess I never really grew up, because I still have the same anticipation around Christmas that I had as a child.

As a grandparent it is wonderful to be able to share the excitement with the young. And of course there are the young at heart, all getting in and having a great time too. I loved the family gatherings of my youth and the special preparations the extended family went to. And today it’s no different. Well, except that we who are from that generation are all a whole lot older.

It has been said that this is a time for the young ones, well I have to agree. It’s their boundless energy, enthusiasm and expectation that invigorate this time of year. It also spills over to energise and spread joy to all of us in their presence. The young and the young at heart really do make Christmas all it is.

Crystals can have a role to play too.

CRYSTALS—Adding Vibrant Energies, Joy and Flamboyance at Christmas

Christmas for me has to include crystals. Their vibrant energies truly do lend to the occasion and they are uplifting and wonderful to have around at this time. They really do intensify the energies and spirit of the festive season with their sparkle and beauty.

Crystals add that something special when given as presents. Crystals make great stocking fillers, especially for children. It’s a rare child who doesn’t like crystals. We often give crystals to family and friends, especially those who like something different. It is no longer a surprise to hear that the healing properties of the particular gifted crystal were just what they needed at the time.

Why not add some glamour and flamboyance to your Christmas decorating by adding crystal charms to your tree. The captivating glint of crystals set amongst the tinsel and the baubles is bound to catch the eye. You can also position larger Crystal pieces around the house for decorative and healing purposes.

Crystals will help to ensure that peace, goodwill, love, harmony and co-operation exist in your home and at your gatherings. They will help to maintain a light and hearty cheerfulness and add their remarkable energies to make your celebrating even more memorable.

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The  12 Days of Christmas Crystals.

“The 12 days of Christmas” carol sings of 12 virtues with one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Each one has been lined up with a corresponding crystal.

This article provides something for us to think and ponder about. Most of us could use some assistance with one or more of these virtues.

Crystals for Christmas Celebrations

Here you have a comprehensive list of crystals you can employ to help bring more of the love and joy to your festivities. Make good use of them and employ their energy to support you and help create Christmas celebrations worth remembering.

Crystal Tips for Christmas

We celebrate Christmas in Australia in the heat of summer. It’s too easy to overindulge, to get caught up and forget about some of the basic requirements for our well being.

So here we list various crystals that you may find useful in making the most of the holiday season and keeping yourselves at your best.


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