12 Days of Christmas Aligned with 12 Christmas Crystals.



Christmas carols are once again making themselves known as we go about our business and also make ready for the holiday season. We hear them on the radio, in shopping centres and sometimes over the phone on call waiting. Of course many of us start playing them on our devices and singing them as well. One of these carols is The 12 days of Christmas.

‘The 12 days of Christmas’, starts off with “my true love gave to me” and on it goes until we have “12 drummers drumming”. Along the way we visited the fruits of the Holy Spirit – Nine ladies dancing. There is some religious difference here; some would claim nine of these (as in the song) and others twelve.

The nine shared in common are – love or charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control; there are also three extras: generosity, modesty, and chastity. For twelve Crystals of Christmas. I am choosing to go with the twelve.

The really nice thing about these fruits or virtues of the 9 ladies in the 12 days of Christmas is that we all like to extend them: Not only in the festive season, but throughout our lives. The other good thing is that they are human qualities and not the property of any religious group. So while we might sing of them in carols and during our holiday season – they cross all boundaries and belong to us all.

The 12 Days of Christmas aligned with 12 Christmas Crystals.

The 12 crystal correspondences are:

Charity: Pearl – is understood to support charity, purity, integrity, truth, and loyalty and is known for its calming properties.

Joy: Sunstone – has the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray. A joyful stone, it inspires self nurturing in order to be of service to others. Restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and brings a sense of abundance.

Peace: Selenite – encourages peace. It has a very fine vibration that calms and soothes, bringing a profound peace and deep sense of tranquillity.

Patience: Dumortierite – is the ‘Stone of Patience’ that can also bring order to chaos. It helps you take the necessary steps and find a solution to any problem you may be facing.

Kindness: Blue Lace Agate – calmly promotes the qualities of kindness, along with patience, wisdom and peace. It encourages creativity and confident expression.

Goodness: Emerald is a life affirming stone with great integrity that brings goodness into one’s life. It eliminates negativity and stimulates positive actions.

12 Crystals of Christmas

Faithfulness: Stichtite – encourages compassion towards our self as well as others. It engenders faithfulness, encourages empowerment and confidence and enables expansion of our emotional awareness.

Gentleness: Jasper – is known for encouraging gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. It builds inner strength and wholeness and can also balance, harmonise and bring calmness.

Self-control: Sardonyx – embodies self control and characterises the energy of happiness, optimism and confidence. It will strengthen your character, stamina, vigour and will power.

Generosity: Topaz – conjures thoughts of influence and generosity, opulence and luxury, vitality and strength. Its vibrant energy not only supports generosity, but also brings joy, abundance and good health.

Modesty: Lapis Lazuli – symbolises ability, cheerfulness, and trust, humbly bringing on happiness, love, and prosperity.

Chastity: Amethyst – transmits the spiritual energy of fire and passion, yet bears the reason and balance of chastity and temperance. It is forthrightly dedicated to curbing bad habits and overindulgence, as well as unhealthy physical passion.

The 12 crystal correspondences give us something to think about and ponder. None of us is so righteous that we can’t use some assistance with one or more of these virtues. So consider the area(s) you believe you could use some help with. Then bring its benefits and energy into your being by carrying or wearing its corresponding crystal until you feel its alignment.

The 12 Christmas Crystals Exercise:

As an exercise, you might opt to work your way through the 12 Christmas crystals. You could carry the appropriate stone for each virtue as you work your way daily through the list. Each day you may also like to ponder the effects this is having upon your whole being. Body, mind and spirit.

We have chosen what we believe to be the best match; however there are other crystals that are also quite suitable. Should you feel another crystal is a better option for you, then that would be your best choice. As long as the chosen crystal has the right properties; following your intuition is always your wisest choice.



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