Crystals and Numerology for 2023.


2023 — A year of Curiosity and Compassion according to Crystals and Numerology for 2023.
2023 is a Universal 7 Year in Numerology because 2+0+2+3 = 7.

As a Universal 7 Year, 2023 is all about discovery, intuition, and compassion as we continue our search for understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 7 is connected to both spirituality and science.

The energy involved in a Universal 7 Year can often put us at odds with our modern pursuits and way of life. Number 7 energy isn’t about achieving more, instead, it may feel slower, more introspective and highly spiritual.

This Universal Year cycle asks us to slow down and let go of the striving. Work with its restful energy and allow for deep healing to take place. So don’t make things harder for yourself by whizzing around at a hundred miles an hour! Instead, align with 7’s energy and do things on an everyday level a little bit slower.

It’s important to go within this year and think a little more deeply. 7 favours self-inquiry and introspective pondering. Remember – all that you need is inside of you! There is no need to look outside, simply trust your inner navigation system. And remember this year is more about what gives with you than it is about figuring out others.

A 7 year is an ideal time to cultivate a spiritual practice, perhaps meditation if you don’t already have one. It provides a ‘slow down’ on a daily basis, it also connects to your inner world. There are many avenues to explore to find the spiritual practice that suits you.

It’s important to look for deeper solutions as you go through your year. Universal 7 energy does not brush things under the carpet nor does it skim across the surface of life. So, when issues come up throughout the year, look for deeper solutions. Go beyond the first remedy or explanation you’re offered. Ask questions. This number is very analytical, it activates the mind. Make the most of it.

It’s not unusual for many subliminal changes to take place during a universal 7 year. So, it is important to allow yourself the space and time to balance ordinary, everyday demands along with the inner work and spiritual quest that this year is really all about.


Crystals and Numerology for 2023 – Variscite and 7 work well together.

Having established that we are in a universal seven year, my intuitive sense is that Variscite would be a great match for this energy vibration. There are also several other 7 vibration stones that you may prefer to choose from. Here are some of the better-known crystals among them:

Agate, Alabaster, Banded Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Andalusite, Charoite, Crocoite, Flint, Fluorite, Iolite, Kunzite, Lazulite, Limonite, Petalite, Rose Quartz, Smithsonite, Sulphur, Tiger Iron, Uvarovite, Wulfenite.

Variscite has a crystal vibration number of 7, and some excellent properties to carry the year.

Under the numerological system, each letter in the alphabet carries a numerical value. This is referred to in order to determine the numerical vibration of the name of the crystal.

419913925 added together = 43, then added together = 7.


# 7 numeric value or vibration – Variscite. Peaceful Living.

Variscite has a peaceful and hopeful energy. It lifts your spirits when you are feeling down and low, and soothes when you are feeling restless and uneasy. Furthermore, it is gently encouraging and empowering. It opens the heart and inspires love for yourself and others, as well as practicing deep compassion and radical acceptance. This same heart energy helps you to connect with your inner being.

It promotes inner peace and clarity of the mind, while helping you to slowly establish control over your emotions. Variscite teaches you to simplify every situation and stop obsessing over the outcome. Especially as we have little control over anything in this world except our own emotions and how we react to them.

It also reminds and encourages you to slow down and live in the moment. It amplifies your courage and your sense of integrity, making it practically impossible to indulge in pretence or conformity. Moreover, it helps us to enjoy our life choices, regardless of the opinions of others and to be true to ourselves and what we love.

It teaches you to be more aware, and to align with the things that bring you joy and peace. Variscite inspires more involvement in spiritual matters and also expanding your knowledge and belief systems. It gently awakens you to better feel the divine frequencies of Love and Truth.

Variscite reveals the awesome power of unconditional love, it also demonstrates that great things result when you live from that space.


Extra information for working out the numeric value or vibration for crystals.

You might like to read Numerology as applied to CrystalsHere we provide a table to help work out the numerical value or vibration for crystals or names.


2023 Crystal Grid.

Making a crystal grid for the year is a great way to incorporate the energy of your chosen crystal into your life. I like to set up a simple crystal grid and then leave it in place until the end of the year. It’s easy to do.

Set some Clear Quartz points evenly spaced around in a circle or an oval if you prefer. You can use any number between four and twelve of them. Have the points facing in and place a Variscite in the middle. Alternatively, you can use Clear Quartz tumbled stones with a Variscite in the middle.

Some people also like to place their goals list for the year under the Variscite in the middle. Or you may choose to write out and put your new year’s resolutions in the middle.


Crystals For 2023. Energy, Words, and Crystals For 2023

Crystals For 2023. Energy, Words, and Crystals For 2023 is a complimentary article to this one. In it, we select a chosen crystal as an energy match to some of the keywords used in Crystals and Numerology for 2023. Alternate choices are also provided. Working with these crystals may further enhance your experiences for the coming year.


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