Crystals and Numerology for 2018

Crystals and Numerology for 2018. 

Crystals and Numerology for 2018 — Crystal Energy can help you stay balanced and do well in 2018

At the beginning of last year, we wrote about it being a numerological 1 year and told how Obsidian could help make it a great year for you. Well, this year is a master number 11 year and it brings its own unique offerings.  

Under numerology, 2018 is a UNIVERSAL 11/2 Year. This is arrived at by adding the numbers together: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11. 11 is a master number. Then reduce again: 1 + 1 = 2. Numerologists rarely reduce Master numbers, so this will be a Universal 11 Year. Others indicate these numbers by writing them in this manner: 11/2.

All of us will feel the energy of this in some way or other throughout the year.

11 may be considered male or masculine energy merging with the number 2, which may be considered female or feminine energy.  Therefore this energetic template holds immeasurable power and a potential for the convergence of the most optimal qualities by the blending of masculine and feminine energy. 

Master numbers transmit a higher frequency and vibratory influence and generally bring along a higher spiritual purpose.  Essentially, everyone will be sensing the internal call to step it up this year. It may also be a year where the energy guiding and supporting us is somewhat intense.

2 however is the foundational energy for this year. With 2 as its core 2018 is all about love, emotions, being supportive, patience, connecting and relating to others. The Universal 2 Year is a slower and patience-building year.  Its energy offers a slower pace and places a focus on others rather than directly on ourselves.

So can you see how with the mix of energy, we might feel a bit conflicted most of the time.

2018 is a great year for getting to know yourself better and to tap into your authentic emotional life. 

It will be a time of heightened intuition and also heightened emotions.  We just have to stop our “busyness” long enough to notice it and then develop, nurture and take it in.  The vibe of the number 2 is mediative, diplomatic, loving and emotionally attuned.  Its optimal expression is service, patience, diplomacy, fair-mindedness, loving and being lovable. 

Generally speaking your assignment during this Universal 11/2 Year is to clarify the limits of your responsibility and learning to work in cooperation with balance, harmony, and mutual respect. Understand that “Master” means “Teacher” and master also means to “get on top of”. And just to complicate matters, the energy of 2018 encourages using your intuition, creativity and healing capacity for the benefit of humanity as a whole.  The double 1 is about leadership and confidence and the 2 is about harmony and love.  While this year might offer some strange and conflicting experiences, its energy presents deep and profound healing at a personal core level. 

Jade Crystal Energy can help you stay balanced and do well in 2018…

Wisdom – Health – Abundance – Harmony – Love – Crystals and Numerology for 2018

Jade is an excellent energy match for 2018… It resonates to the master number ’11’ in numerology and harmonizes with the Universal ‘2’ Year… also referred to as the Universal 11/2 year.

Jade has featured in many legends, myths, and beliefs since the earliest of days.

Chinese, Egyptian and Mesoamerican cultures agree that it has great material and spiritual meaning.

Its use as a symbol of power and for certifying that power may be seen in ancient China. As an example, the Chinese Emperor gave each of his leaders a Jade tablet, thereby granting them the power to represent him throughout the imperial territory. 

Conversely, the power of Jade extended to its use in ornamentation and other practical applications including weapons, arrows, axes, swords and agricultural tools.

Other important characteristics shared by both eastern and western cultures are Jade’s ability to achieve inner peace and gain wisdom.

Jade is considered a sacred stone that helps to achieve balance in both the physical and spiritual planes. It balances and harmonizes body, mind and spirit and helps purify your energy field.

Cultural beliefs, myths, and legends contribute to its role and its greatness as one of the most powerful and influential crystals in the world, consequently making it a perfect symbol of peace, wisdom and power.

Jade will bring blessings into your life. It will reassure your spirit and in so doing promote the necessary peace and temperance to help you attain a life filled with wisdom, happiness, harmony and abundance.

Jade can further assist in your mission for 2018

Ancient Egypt acknowledged Jade as the stone of inner peace, love, harmony and balance.

It can help you achieve your goals and dreams: instilling resourcefulness and letting you see past self-imposed limitations and manifesting your beliefs into the physical world. Jade is also regarded as a lucky and protective stone. It facilitates peace and harmony across all levels of your life, making your goals easier to reach.

Jade is historically recognised for attracting and sharing love. It also promotes compassion, generosity, humility, courage, justice, wealth and longevity. And furthermore to help you lead to a richer and more fulfilling life.

Ultimately, it is a symbol of calm and serenity; bringing serenity by releasing negative thoughts. As a stone of balance and healing, it alleviates anxiety and fear-based emotions. It resonates in perfect harmony with the Heart Chakra.


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