Crystal Healing for a friend with a headache.

Crystal Healing for a friend with a headache. A client and good friend came by seeking some help – she was in the last stages of getting over the flu, bothered, and also had a stinking headache she just couldn’t budge. This was quite a surprise as I couldn’t remember her having had the flu and rarely did she get a headache, let alone a severe one. But you could see in her aura and by her description that this one was a doozy.

Now the methods employed and as I will be describing them here can be done by you, but this really is a fine example for having a healing buddy as described in the previous article; “Do you need a crystal healing buddy?”

It is my habit to start most healings with smudging as this clears off negativity and provides a head start, so to speak, for the session. She was concerned that this might irritate her already sore and sensitive nose. There is something unique about smudging with white sage, in that it rarely, if ever aggravates or upsets anyone. As I was wafting the smoke around her you could noticeably see her beginning to relax.

Getting started:

I dimmed the lights and put on some soft playing relaxation music and put a few drops of lavender oil and a few of basil in the diffuser. These oils work wonderfully on relieving headaches on their own and aromatherapy really contributes to crystal healing.



Once she had made herself comfortable on the healing table, the first thing was to ensure she was well-grounded. A large, as in several kilos, piece of Petrified Wood was placed under and at the foot of the table. (This need only to be any regularly sized grounding stone, or could even be left out). A large tumbled Hematite, between her feet and a Hematite on each side in the crevice where her legs joined her body, in line with her base chakra.

Moving up, an appropriate stone was placed over each chakra. Any chakra correspondence crystal could be used, but on this occasion, I worked with: Carnelian on the sacral; Tiger Eye on the solar plexus; Green Aventurine on the heart; Blue Chalcedony on the throat; Lapis Lazuli on the third eye; Danburite at the crown and a Clear Quartz a couple of inches further out.

While she was on the table this was an ideal time to restore balance and harmony to her chakras and also her energy system. To smooth out her energy flow, she was given a small Clear Quartz point to hold in each hand and one was placed below each foot. These were pointed so they directed an anti-clockwise flow of energy around her body.

Crystals Used for her headache:

A smallish blue Agate slice (or an Agate tumbled stone) was now placed on her forehead to start dealing with her headache. This may intensify it for a little while, before aiding in its removal. The Lapis is also a good crystal for alleviating headaches. A Smokey Quartz is placed beside each ear to assist in relieving the stress associated with the headache, especially any that may have come from negative environmental factors.

Large Amethyst tumble stones were placed beside her head in line with her temples.

A Fluorite and a Moss Agate are placed over the higher heart to deal with the residue from the flu. Also a Bloodstone and a Chevron Amethyst to give a boost to her immune system.

Now a couple of drops of lavender oil were rubbed over the Amethyst stones from beside her temples. These were then used to gently massage her temples and soothe away the headache for up to about ten minutes.

She was now left quietly resting there for about twenty minutes or until she indicated she is ready. But don’t leave it too long, perhaps an hour at most.

If you also happen to be a Reiki practitioner, overlaying Reiki during this quiet time is ideal.

When the time is up, remove all the crystals in reverse order, or as close as you can remember it. Wash the Amethyst and cleanse the lot, using your preferred method.

All things being equal and as it was with my friend, she got up feeling revitalized, relaxed, and headache-free.


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