Crystal Healing Buddy – do you need one?

A crystal healing buddy is someone who can facilitate the process of a crystal layout or healing.

This article came about because of a question I was asked the other day. And it’s not the first time this question or similar has come up. In essence, it was, “Just how do I lay down, relax and get all the crystals in the right places at the right time without making a mess of it, or without getting tired from holding them in place?”

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to go about getting stones in all the right places for a Crystal Healing session? Or how do they do this short of going to a professional crystal healer or practitioner? Perhaps you have come across a really cool layout; just to find it’s near impossible to get it together on your own. And of course, sometimes holding a crystal in place for your healing, or replacing stones makes it awkward and uncomfortable; essentially defeating the purpose of the healing.

The obvious answer is that you need a Crystal Healing Buddy. But finding the most appropriate person for the task is not always so easy. So once you find a true companion—treasure them!

Who is Your Best Crystal Healing Buddy?

Your best crystal healing buddy is a close friend or family member who has respect for and a love of crystals. Who also understands their role in healing, and has the desire, time, and patience to assist and work with you. Most importantly this person is someone you can trust implicitly.

This must also hold true in reverse, as the best partnership is one where you assist each other without hesitation, in an open and caring manner.

I shouldn’t need to say this, but the last person you want is someone who is begrudgingly helping you out of a sense of duty. Or because you coerced them. Even more so if they have absolutely no idea in regards to natural healing, think crystals are just rocks, and regard you as though you must be loony.

Of course, finding the perfect crystal healing buddy is not an easy task. So you may have to compromise a bit. As long as the person is sympathetic to your cause, patient and understanding, and willing to assist and do as you ask – you’re most of the way there. This is even better if they are prepared to have you reciprocate with healing as this keeps the relationship balanced and in order.

You should take responsibility for your own healing sessions. And if your buddy is also confident and knowledgeable, they should do likewise. However, if you have a sympathetic friend helping, you may need to take on most of the responsibility for their session. Especially as they may not have the knowledge of how to go about things; or even the most appropriate crystals to use.

Some things you might like to do together to enhance this relationship are:

  • Set up the room together.
  • Select the music you would like to play in the background if any.
  • Decide if you would like to enhance your session with aromatherapy or fragrance. And make preferences for the dispersion method to be employed.
  • Smudge the room, crystals, and yourselves before commencing to clear any unwanted negative energies.
  • Cleanse your crystals before putting them away.
  • Study crystal books and articles together to learn more about crystals and their healing properties. And to discover new ways to use them.
  • Share your crystals for use during the healing session. Now, this is ok if you clearly know who owns which. At the end of the session you each have your own crystals back in your possession.


One of the great temptations is to pool your crystals. We recommend not doing this, mainly because it avoids disagreement over ownership when ending your buddy arrangement.

Most importantly make sure you have fun together and never take things too seriously. As time goes by you may well find yourself becoming quite proficient. And furthermore, quite able to hold your own with many professionals.


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Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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