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Crystal Celebrations! Celebration Stones truly can enhance the quality of our lives. In recent times it seems many more people are turning to tradition when it comes to selecting gifts and themes for celebrating anniversaries of all sorts. They may be birthdays, weddings, business, or years living in their homes. Milestones or anniversaries are deserving of our attention and celebration as they mark our growth and progress through life. Recognizing and celebrating them is an opportunity to provide ourselves and others with some reward and acknowledgement. Furthermore, selecting a natural gift like a crystal or gemstone is most suitable and makes it even better.

Celebration Stones have had a role in this area since antiquity and have built up a solid tradition and acceptance as being natural gifts that can meet any budget, can add value to the recipient, and are deemed appropriate. However, there is quite a bit of variance in considering the proper stone to select. Below we are providing lists of the most commonly accepted stones for these purposes. But many more choices are also available if you do a little digging. For example, our lists are based upon Australian/American/English traditions. But there are also lists for Russian, Greek, Italian/Roman, African, South American, and still more besides.

What is reassuring for us as Crystal Healers and retailers is that more people are moving away from plastic and artificial items. Fortunately, people are returning to the wholesomeness of gifts that nature has presented. Also, pieces enhanced by jewellers, craftsmen and artisans to provide works of beauty and practicality. Items that also add healing and positive energies to our lives, and in many cases protect us from the negative by-products of our contemporary society.




Crystals are becoming a necessity in our modern high-tech world:

Today’s high-tech world makes it necessary to carry or wear crystals and gemstones to help maintain our body’s status quo. We live in a world with a chaotic energy field, created by the electronics around us. Modern conveniences such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, and microwaves emit radiation and electromagnetic waves that interfere with our body’s natural magnetic field.

Fortunately, nature has given us the gift of crystals and gemstones. These have organic energies that help us return to our natural healthy state. However, these stones need to be kept close as their energies extend approximately 30 centimetres or 1 foot away from them. They are best carried, or even worn in order for us to gain the full benefit of their energies. Carrying tumbled stones in your pockets or in a pouch hung around your neck is a most convenient way to maintain the body’s magnetic field, without invasive medical procedures. Moreover, wearing crystal or gemstone jewellery is the most stylish and easiest way to maintain our health. Crystals also restore bodily, mental, and spiritual health to their perfect natural state.


Protection and Decoration with Larger Celebration Stones.

Larger stones like geodes, clusters, bigger crystal chunks, and carved stones can also be used around our homes and offices. These help to maintain balance in our personal space and environment and of course, smaller ones may be arrayed near electrical equipment to help negate harmful effects. Selenite and Crystal Salt lamps are quite effective for this as well.

Today even more technology is being created and added to our lives. Unfortunately with little attempt to overcome the problem of it interfering with our personal energy field. And furthermore, where it is being done the apparatus tends to be expensive and sometimes limited in its effectiveness.

Fortunately, crystals and gemstones are relatively inexpensive and provide a natural solution to deal with the problems of our high-tech society.


Celebration Stones | Picking the Right Stone for Your Celebration.

We often get asked about selecting the right stone as a gift. Or, asked what is the best stone to celebrate a particular milestone such as an anniversary or a birthday? As always our first response is: go with a stone that has caught your attention. Even more so when your attention is accompanied by a strong gut feeling that it is the right one.

However, some people prefer to match their selection with a recognised list. So following are the recognised lists for birthstones, astrological or zodiac signs, weddings and general anniversary stones. All of these may be quite helpful when making a selection. It is also a useful guide for selecting stones for jewellery making and for buying gifts, especially jewellery.


Celebration Stones | Birthstones.

A birthstone is associated with your date of birth and is symbolic of the expected nature of your inner self. It is also commonly thought to bring good luck and good health. Each one has its own place in history and myth: From folklore, Biblical texts, and the annals of history, these stones have a special place in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Month                                                   Stone

January                                             Garnet
February                                            Amethyst
March                                                Aquamarine
April                                                  Diamond
May                                                   Emerald
June                                                  Pearl, Moonstone
July                                                   Ruby
August                                              Peridot, Sardonyx
September                                        Sapphire
October                                             Opal, Tourmaline
November                                         Topaz
December                                         Turquoise, Zircon



Celebration Stones | Star Sign Stones.

Supernatural powers have long been attributed by astrologers to certain gemstones. Star sign stones will match up the ideal stone to your particular star sign. This does not mean that any other stone will not work for you, especially as each sign has other alternate choices. It just simply means that this is your ideal stone, relevant to your star sign and birth.

Star Sign                                           Stones      Main Stone & accepted alternatives

Aquarius                                           Garnet – Moss Agate, Opal, Turquoise
Pisces                                               Clear Quartz – Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire
Aries                                                 Bloodstone – Diamond, Jasper, Citrine
Taurus                                              Sapphire – Amber, Emerald, Aventurine, Diamond
Gemini                                              Agate – Chrysoprase, Tiger Eye, Emerald
Cancer                                              Emerald – Moonstone, Pearl, Calcite
Leo                                                   Onyx – Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Peridot, Amber
Virgo                                                 Carnelian – Jasper, Jade, Citrine, Sardonyx
Libra                                                 Peridot – Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Sardonyx
Scorpio                                             Beryl – Aquamarine, Garnet, Ruby, Unakite
Sagittarius                                        Topaz – Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl
Capricorn                                          Ruby – Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx


Celebration Stones | Wedding Anniversary Stones.

Based on our research, there doesn’t seem to be just one acknowledged and authoritative list of Wedding Anniversary Stones. However, this is the list of generally recognized gemstones and precious metals associated with each wedding anniversary. Also, accompanied by accepted alternative selections.

Anniversary                                      Stones      Main Stone & accepted alternatives

1st                                                    Gold – Peridot
2nd                                                   Garnet
3rd                                                    Pearl – Jade
4th                                                    Blue Topaz – Blue Zircon
5th                                                    Sapphire – Pink Tourmaline
6th                                                    Amethyst – Turquoise
7th                                                    Onyx – Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl
8th                                                    Tourmaline – Tanzanite
9th                                                    Lapis Lazuli – Amethyst, Green Spinel
10th                                                  Diamond – Blue Sapphire
11th                                                  Turquoise – Citrine, Yellow Zircon
12th                                                  Jade – Opal
13th                                                  Citrine – Moonstone, Hawk’s Eye
14th                                                  Opal – Agate, Bloodstone
15th                                                  Ruby – Rhodolite Garnet, Alexandrite
16th                                                  Peridot – Red Spinel
17th                                                  Carnelian
18th                                                  Cat’s Eye – Chrysoberyl, Aquamarine
19th                                                  Aquamarine – Almandine Garnet
20th                                                  Emerald – Yellow or Golden Diamond
21st                                                  Iolite
22nd                                                 Spinel
23rd                                                  Imperial Topaz
24th                                                  Tanzanite
25th                                                  Silver – Tsavorite, Green Garnet
30th                                                  Pearl
35th                                                  Emerald
40th                                                  Ruby
45th                                                  Sapphire – Cat’s Eye
50th                                                  Gold – Imperial, Golden Topaz
55th                                                  Alexandrite
60th                                                  Diamond – Star Ruby
65th                                                  Blue Spinel
70th                                                  Sapphire – Smoky Quartz
75th                                                  Diamond



Celebration Stones | General Anniversary Stones.

Anniversaries are important and nations as well as individuals celebrate them. These stones can provide beneficial influence and add power and joy to our celebrations. It is also a useful guide for selecting stones for jewellery making and for buying anniversary gifts, especially jewellery.

1st       Sulphur                                   15th     Rock Crystal
2nd      Dessert Rose                            20th     Aragonite
3rd       Chalcopyrite                            25th     Silver, Satinspar
4th       Wulfenite                                 30th     Pearl, Chrysocolla
5th       Petrified Wood                         35th     Coral
6th       Iron Pyrite                               40th     Ruby
7th       Copper                                    50th     Gold or Labradorite
8th       Bronzite                                  60th     Diamond, Star Sapphire
9th       Jasper                                     70th     Blue Diamond
10th     Vanadinite                               80th     Tanzanite
11th     Calcite                                     90th     Pink Sapphire
12th     Agate                                     100th    Lapis Lazuli


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