Autumn Crystals Can Add To Autumns Delight


Autumn is when the nights start earlier and the temperature cools considerably. It is the season for the transition from summer into winter. Deciduous trees shedding their leaves are a focal feature as they make ready for their winter hibernation. Autumn is also a time when nature reaches fulfilment with the ripening of her fruits. Autumn Crystals can help you enjoy and make the most of this season and pave the way for further growth.

Take full advantage of this season. Reap the harvest. Employ autumn crystals to help you find and maintain balance throughout the season. Create stability in yourself, also develop clearer thinking and focus and prepare for expansion and growth.

Follow natures lead when it comes to choosing your autumn crystals. Autumn colours of red, orange, yellow, browns and greens predominate. Sometimes even purples put themselves into the show.

Autumn Crystals – Suggested Crystals

Crystals such as Red Garnet, Red Jasper and Rhodonite can help to ground you. Additionally, their rich red colours bring in abundant earth energy, helping you to stay connected throughout the season.

Orange and yellow crystals such as Carnelian, Yellow Aventurine, Citrine and Tiger Eye can increase your physical vitality. They can create emotional balance and provide passion, creativity and a strong sense of purpose.

The brown tones of Agates, Jaspers and Petrified Wood are excellent for keeping your feet on the ground and maintaining emotional stability. With a strong earth connection, they instil wholeness and an understanding of who you are and where you are going.

Growth is displayed and ever-present with the green crystals. Aventurine, Bloodstone and Jade bring in well-being and emotional calm. They aid self-expression, revitalize both body and mind and increase your ability to love and nurture and open your heart to abundance.

In addition splashes of purple and magenta add to the autumnal palette. Crystals of this tone, like Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite and Sugilite provide mental clarity, assist with making decisions and encourage creative expression. Reduce stress and dissipate negativity as well.

There is always plenty to do throughout autumn. After the summer months, autumn is also a time of harvest. With the assistance of your autumn crystals, you may also attract more of the earth’s remarkable bounty.

Some ways to bring out autumn crystals delight.

Get close and personal and wear or carry your favourites: Put some tumbled stones in your pocket. Show off some special jewellery pieces. Keeping them close and personal is one of the better ways to receive their unique healing properties.

Some embrace the opportunity to meditate or pray holding onto their crystals. Why not seek support and perception from your crystals.

Others like to place a selection in a bowl as a seasonal offering.

Bring their energy into your home by decorating with them too. You might display a few bigger pieces or make a show of several smaller pieces clumped together like a spread of autumn leaves.

Whatever you do, enjoy them to the full. Use whatever stones you already have and if more are needed you can purchase them from our online store

Remember there are many other crystals besides those mentioned that suit this season. Your best choices however will follow natures colour palette for autumn.


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