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Zebra Stone Meaning – General Information and History.

Zebra Stone, also known as Zebra Marble and recognised for its zebra-like patterning. It can have a background color of white, grey, greenish-gray, brown, or tan along with black, darker gray, or brown stripes. It belongs to the Metamorphic crystal system and has a Mohs hardness factor of 3.5 to 5. Zebra Stone is a trade name, and it is a unique stone, predominantly used for ornamental or jewelry purposes. The white-with-black variety, usually called Zebra Marble also carries the energies of marble.


Zebra Stone Meaning – Metaphysical Benefits.

Zebra Stone brings balance into your life and is very grounding, nurturing, and protective. Also provides a strong sense of security and stability. It connects you to the grounding energy of Mother Earth as well as the infinite loving energy of the Universe. It is also very helpful for overcoming depression or anxiety. Furthermore, it helps you to see through illusions and come to grips with your problems. It also lends the determination to overcome apathy and motivates you to put your ideas into action. It energetically protects your aura and helps with seeing both sides of a situation. Also, it gives you the courage and stamina to be your true self. Essentially it is useful for balancing differences and reconciling different parts of yourself. Allows you to celebrate your uniqueness.

Zebra Stone provides stability as well as promoting clarity, strength, and serenity. Good for self-control. Helps with dream recall and aids meditation. Promotes feelings of wellness and self-worth. Assists with seeing all aspects of life and having the courage to take sensible steps when all has been considered. It enables you to learn patience and practicality and also aids those who have trouble finding clarity and focus. Shows that not everything is not as black and white as it may seem.


Zebra-Stone Meaning – Healing

Zebra Stone heals and stimulates physical energy and increases stamina and endurance. It also has a marvellous tendency to heal the mind, which in turn often helps to heal the body. It is quite easy to forget that emotional health affects physical health, and vice versa. Furthermore, it can also help you to see if your addictions are affecting your body in unkind ways. It is very beneficial for treating bone disorders, specifically osteoporosis. It can also be rather effective at easing heart palpitations and muscle spasms. Useful for strengthening teeth and gums. It also has the ability to improve skin conditions. Helpful with kidney and bladder problems, and can also benefit the lymphatic system. Zebra Stone is one of the better stones for dealing with pain in your body because its healing energies help ease and soothe your body pains.


Tips for Using Zebra Stone.

  • Hold Zebra Stone to help with memory recall.
  • Carry Zebra Stone when you feel the need for patience and practicality.
  • Place Zebra Stone under your pillow to enhance dream recall.
  • Sit with Zebra Stone to achieve and maintain deeper states of meditation.
  • Keep Zebra Stone with you to help manifest your life’s desires.
  • Wear Zebra Stone to make you feel safe, and ward off all unwanted negative energies.
  • At work, Zebra Stone will help you focus on your creative energies.
  • Carry or wear Zebra Stone to help with reducing pain.
  • Zebra Stone meaning
    Place in your pocket or purse to help maintain stamina.


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